Vyakti Dharma

via IISH COMMUNICATION TEAM published on November 16, 2006

We think and feel proud that we are the most developed creature among the creations of the nature. It is wrong to think like that. You know we are the only animal which cannot live without a social group. 


 For everything we need other help.  A human baby needs minimum 1 year for walking by itself, it needs protection for many years, it needs study classes for communicating with others, a baby is to be taught systematically about the edible and non edible things but no such training is needed for an animal. The animals know by itself which are edible and non edible.  I just wanted to convey you the message that human beings   have nothing ‘super’ like some people think. Perhaps human beings are superior in    destructive power than any other animal.

Coming to our point again the nature has given us the mind and body with a power to think about the past, present and future of everything and anything.  And our body is the tool for undertaking the mission given to us by the nature.  So we said  sareeram aadhyam khalu dharma saadhanam ( body is the prime tool for undertaking the dharma – dharma means;  duty+ responsibility + privilege of an individual).


 So we are expected to undertake the dharma  by ourselves. Which is  known as swadharma. We have vyakti dharma,  kula dharma, kutumba dharma,  samooha dharma, raashtra dharma  and  loka dharma. 


 VYAKTI DHARMA are those which we are expected to undertake as an individual. We eat breath, walk, and sleep, wear dress, take bath, etc.  …..these are for the existence of the body (existence of us).  We can undertake our dharma if and only if our body exists (i.e. we exist). Hence vyakti dharma is very important and so we should not torture our body  at any cost, even in the name fasting for many days……. Every priest is expected to begin the  pooja    after performing  the aatma pooja by putting  three flowers on . Here ‘ I ‘  am very important. I am the doer, viewer, communicator, connector, guide, worker, manager,I am given many  jobs by the creator  for fulfilling  ‘his’ mission.


 So who am I ? nimittha maatram bhava savya saachin !  I and my body are the tools in the hands of the divine power (= nature or paramaathma chaitanya),  just like you are a tool / worker  for your manager for undertaking his mission.  For you, your body
is very important, because it is your tool for undertaking that mission. Your legs take you to the destination, hands do lot of work, tongue communicates, your eyes see the things and guide  you,  ears  take the message from others and  inform you what  are the messages told, your brain thinks for you and  guides you in  your  activities. Hence  your body is so composed as to undertake  many missions,  by perfectly analyzing  and understanding the missions.  Your organs are very crucial factors for you. You are the inevitable component in the hands of divine power.  Hence it is your vyakti dharma to  maintain your body  properly with perfect physical and mental health.


 The basic building unit of your body  is the food.  Yatho anna: thatho mana:  whatever food you take, your mind will develop accordingly. A wild beast is wild in nature because it takes such a type of food. If you take that type of food partly you also become like that.  You know what happens for a drunkard and for drug addicts. You know the cause of AIDS, the cancer, the heart problems, the psychosomatic diseases  and also for the suicides. 

None of these diseases is generally seen in animals; the reason is that human beings violate the vyakti dharma of maintaining their body. Discussion about our body continue in the next Thursday message


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