Vigilant Hindus thwarted the sacrilege in Srirangam Temple

via DIVYA DESA PARAMBARYA PADUGAPPU PERAVAI Press Release published on July 29, 2011

A little back ground information

A sacrilege in Srirangam Temple

On 22.August,2011, Friday, on the sacred month of Adi, (ashada), the  Executive Officer unilaterally stopped the Viswaroopa darshan, much against the agamic traditions, just to accommodating the crowd and increase the income. Only a regular temple goer with a keen eye for information could notice the change. This was sacrilege and against all agamic traditions followed in Srirangam Temple for ages.

Objection raised

This unilateral move by the Joint Commissionaire who is acting as Executive officer of the Temple was objected to by Sri Vasihnava Sri A. Krishnamachariyar, who also editor and publisher runs a monthly religious magazine ‘Panchajanyam’, for over 12 years. He is also a religious scholar and a keen enthusiast of History.

Editor and author

He has published a 7100 page of History of a Srirangam Temple in Tamil for which he deserves a Bharat Ratna. He has been in the forefront  of many an agitation and lead from the front.  Krishnamachari protested when the atheistic regime of DMK was in power and he was in the coalition of some 33 organisations that formed a front against construction of Statue of Dravidian protagonist, Periyar who wanted the destruction of Sri Rangantha and his temple by using cannons He is still fighting the case alone unlike many internet warriors!.

Protests 25 &26.2011

As secretary of Diyadesa Parambarya Padugappup peravai (DIVYA DESAM=108 Temples of Vishnu; PARAMBARYAM= hoary tradition; PADUGAPPU = protection; PERAVAI = great assembly).  (A Great assembly to protect Divya desams)

Sri A.Krishnamachari made an appeal to the Executive officer  to not to stop the tradition on 22.7.2011. When even after five days when the EO did not act, he requested me to tackle the issue. I took up the issue in the world wide web and in Sriranagasri and a whole lot of other groups.

Phone up T.R Ramesh by GPS & TRR calls EO and AK 28.7.2011

I had called my friend and well wisher Sri TR Ramesh who works on many important issues on behalf of HDAS to call up the EO and question him.  He did the same immediately. This was very important . But the Executive who attended the phone told Ramesh that the EO will come after 3.00 PM. Sr.T.R.Ramesh called him again . The EO was off the mark in his replies. I told Ramesh that the EO was not telling the truth, and we will have to expose his lies.

Role of AGC .(The Lord exposes the lie through AGC & GPS on 28.7.2011)

On 28th Morning Sri GPS met Sri AG Chandrasekhar during his morning walk . AGC is a devoted soul expressed his disappointment that he could not have the darshan of the Lord and was returning home unhappy. GPS immediately told him the back ground and sudden change of darshan times  implemented by the Administration.Sri AGC (a Deputy general manager BHEL) and a good friend, had gone for Viswaroopa on 28th July and found the main Sanctum closed both at Namperumal Sannithii with thousands of Devotees, waiting and also in the Thayar (mother) shrine. e expressed his grievance to GPS. GPS  requested him to give the Complaint in writing and he gave the written complaint immediately that exposed the lie of the Executive officer, when he talked to sri T.R.Suresh, the legal counsel of Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha.

(Srirangam is very big temple and it will take three days to have full view of all the shrines; the main shrine being Vishnu as Lord Rangantha and Lakshmi known as Sri Ranganayaki).

Flood of Response from across the world

A whole of group of well wish wishers, and devotees of Namperumal ( as Lord Ranganatha)  is addressed by his devotees from all over the world acted well.They responded and registered their protests, which had a salutary effect on the administration and its ill advised policies.

Within 48 hours the Executive officer had understood his folly and had to yield to the flood  responses that had reached his office, and has since issued a reversal order. The Viswaroopa seva has resumed today on 29.7.2011 at regular seva time.

Satya Meva Jayathe – Victory for Dharma

The Viswaroopa Darshan was restored with effect from 29.7.2011 a Friday and in all subsequent Fridays in the month of Adi (Ashada) .

The Viswaroopa darshan was restored on 29.7.2011 morning much to the relieved devotees.This is a great victory for Dharma.

Hindu voice has played its role by highlighting the issue the world over .

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