Time to Re-Think

via HK Correspondent published on April 14, 2007

Time to Re-Think


Every Hindu youth must have leftist thoughts. I adored Che Guevara in college.

These are not words of some Marxist leaders, but Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
and Swami Sandeep Chaitanya respectively.

Bharat has been a country that has accepted all kinds of faiths including atheism. A look into our scriptures will show active discussions on atheism and sages questioning the role of Gods in the Vedas. This is not to show dis-satisfaction but this shows our culture encouraged active discussion on our philosophy and culture. So atheist thoughts and study have been in our country long before Lenin and Marx. But they have survived thousands of years through active discussions and form these thoughts have developed even stronger Hindu philosophies that have been recognized by the world as supreme and time tested

The Marxist philosophy of the Left today is filled with hatred and coupled with violence and blind hatred towards one religion-Hinduism. They even put to shame the demi-gods of the leftist philosophy which claimed that religion is the opium of the masses by passing laws that take Hindu temples under state governance.

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) and its allies grew from a peasant struggle against fascism to leaders sporting flashy cars and good life. While their poor cadre still die from starvation, the party itself sees growth with new TV channels and modern buildings. The famous ‘bucket-collections’ of the left parties have given the party crores of rupees in its coffers. In the last one-decade or so the party ideology seems to have become vacant and the vacuum is now filled with supporters who only work with the idea of making more money though its political activism. The party leadership is now in a confused state of how best combine its poor people image wit its newfound flamboyant wealth.

The multi crore Left empire in Kerala now boasts of TV channels, news papers, hospitals, banks, resorts and theme parks. It is estimated that total wealth stands at Rs 4000 cores and more. They would easily be the biggest property owners in Kerala. Their feeder organisations like the SFI and DYFI are not far behind when comes to wealth because of the constant ‘bucket-collections’ and money collections using force akin to the ‘hafta’ collections of the underworld dons!

The AKG centre the middle of the capital city with a net value going up to crores of rupees. Its newspaper ‘Deshabhimani’ has state of the art editions in all districts and party is going to launch its third Channel ‘WE’ along with ‘People’ and ‘Kairali’. The moment the party saw opportunities in other sectors its cadres have been told to forcibly take over co-operative banks and hospitals under the parties command. The state has seen major violence also at times when elections have been held in these institutions.

Often the party has gone against its own ideology and done things with the pure intention of making money. When it staged a major protest against the Coca Cola factory for use of ground water resources, it simultaneously planned a Water Park that would use a huge amount of fresh water.

When it actively fights for farmer’s rights on one hand it sells of land to rich corporates to set up factories on farming land. It strongly supported Medha Patker’s campaign in the Narmada Valley saying her struggle was for the poor but opposes her entry into Nandigram where the same poor opposes the Left government.


 The party uses forces and threaten traders in Kerala to support its fund collections and to actively distribute its newspaper and periodicals. Its trade union is famous for its strong-arm tactics to satisfy the party’s whims and wishes. It suspends senior party leaders who question the party’s newfound love for wealth. Many senior leaders
have left the party in this regard. Many party leaders are under investigation in murder charges and for having links with liquor barons.


After the recent elections in Kerala a new dangerous trend has emerged with the Marxist cadres supporting the Muslim fundamentalist NDF to eliminate social workers and political activists.


 The party which opposed the ADB development schemes tooth and nail while in opposition is now  suddenly sanctioning the same ADB loans across the state. The SNC-Lavlin case which brought to light grave misconduct by Pinarayi Vijayan as suddenly been hushed up after this government came to power.


The Party of the poor that opposes western interest in our country sidelined major PSU’s like BHEL to award the contract to a foreign Canadian firm. Ironically when in the opposition the CPM had opposed this contract with SNC-Lavalin.While Kerala woke up one day to find CPM leaders take up the sickle and attack crops like rubber on reclaimed paddy fields, the party had no answer to why its offices and institution where build on reclaimed paddy fields!!!

While we see Marxist leaders scrambling to hide their Hindu colours, the Polit bureau is actively making plans to take over Hindu temples. The Hindus of Kerala are totally ignoring this grave danger to its very existence in Kerala. While proclaiming themselves as self made atheists the party leaders fancy sitting on top of the hierarchy in Devasom boards and temples. This is simply because they have been blinded by the enormous amount of money that comes to these temples.

Its time to think for an average Hindu  that  how a non-believer will work for the well being of the temple or its devotees? The current process of selection from PSC’s is aimed to bring  Muslims and Christians to run our Devasom boards. Since the Devasom Bill has already been passed by the Marxist party and it’s Christian allies in the congress, a new strategy needs to be adopted.

A massive campaign needs to be launched to educate the Hindus that the money they spend in the temples goes towards funding Muslim pilgrimages and paying government salaries. The Hindus must be encouraged not to pay money as offering in the Devaswom controlled temples. Our gods have no need for these material things. If its a matter of satisfaction, then pay the poojari personally for the service he renders on our behalf or put only ‘ONE RUPEE’ in the temple collection box. We must ensure our ‘ONE RUPEE’ campaign will teach our politicians a lesson two on Hindu unity.

The Marxist Ministers are competing among themselves in Kerala to denigrate and abuse Hinduism. Devaswom Minister Sudhagaran is abusing Hindus day and night , A.K.Balan another Minister recently claimed that  our temples propagate nudity and pornography.


It’s a shame that we Hindus have not yet picked up the Marxist party’s famous weapon, the sickle, to take of his head!!

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