published on October 31, 2011


Haindavakeralam was started six years ago in 2005.  In spite of all odds, we have survived and will continue to survive. From its inception, HK has very clear value positions drawn from our various spiritual backgrounds and a non-negotiable core based on Hindutva.

As you know, for centuries, Hindus had a profound impact on human kind. Hindus were the pioneers in art, literature, philosophy, music, science, mathematics, psychology and life sciences. Our Vedas, Ithihasas and Purnanas bear witness to the sheer extent and fertile nature of the Hindu genius. Hindu civilization has influenced greater proportion of mankind, over a longer period of time. Many of the finest men and women known to history have drawn their inner strength from Hinduism.   Great scholars, writers, philosophers, and political leaders found Hundutva to be a treasure house of truth, while many statesmen, artists and poets have enriched their creative lives.

Then, there was sudden, dramatic deluge of barbarians and series of raids from Arab Muslims. Islamic invasion of India was followed by Christian Colonialism for centuries. These invading murderers and colonialists have tinkered our education, destroyed our culture, looted our wealth and divided our country.

Even today, 64 years after independence, India is under siege. The majority in India (Hindus) is faced with Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, internal disturbances, psychological warfare, pseudo secularism, media manipulation, corruption, and criminal politics.

For six years, Haindavakeralam has been exposing nefarious activities of our enemies. We have lead the fight to clean up our politicians, and introduced news, critical perspective, analysis addressing our past and current problems without fear or favor. Haindavakeralam thanks writers, commentators and our readers that make the difference. Nobody y thought that HK would make a difference, but we have, and together we can again.

We, the Editors of HK need all of you to join us in the sacrifices that we have made for our culture, our and our country. Together we will make a difference and put Hindutva on the right track again.

Our readers, writers and well wishers have changed our thinking and acts to ensure that our children and children’s children have a free country to live in and an all inclusive religion to practice. All of you have an opportunity today to shape the future of Hindus and the nation.

As you read this, a relentless psychological warfare is waged around Hindus-seen and unseen-for the future of our nation and for the hearts of our children. As HK enter the sixth year, we are engaged in a fundamental change in our design and format.

Together we can take advantage of the opportunity before us and help bring Hindus back to the values and principles which made us great.

On this occasion, Haindavakeralam would request all our readers to introduce HK to your friends and become active partners in our noble mission. As HK’s readership increases, we need additional features, news, articles, and analysis.

And finally, HK will continue its mission to inform, awaken and carry the treasures of our bountiful heritage as Hindutva provides. There comes a time when it is necessary to rise above the routine daily existence and to take a rational stock of the situation around us, and to take active steps to safeguard and promote the grand heritage.

Since its beginning in 2005, Haindavakeralam has become a standard in the field, breaking new ground in Hindu affairs, to establish itself as one of the most widely read website on Hindutva.       Now, six years later, with all new contributions from our readers and noble well wishers, HK again gives voice to the most critical issues and transformative ideas of our day.

A number of Hindu thought leaders will continue writing for HK, along with some exciting new comers to offer new insights, inspiration, motivation and wisdom that will resonate for decades to come.

HK Team proudly invites students, past and present, teachers, journalists, thinkers, academicians, musicians, artists, doctors and nurses, poets and planters, scientists and technicians, and all to read HK regularly. Come all inspired and come to inspire. Come with all your mind and heart. Come to HK. And come you all only to spread out and enrich our lives and transform the lives of Hindus around the world.

Thank You

HK Web Team

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