Three Day Samskrutha Bharati National Conference concludes at Udupi

via VSK Chennai published on January 8, 2017
Samskrita Bharati three-day National Conference held at Udupi, Karnataka. Three day confluence held various discussions, seminars, cultural programs, exhibition on Samskrit manuscripts, books etc. A Special stall providing information of Samskrit Wikipedia was a part of exhibition. Both Loksabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, Puyja Pejawar Vishvesha Theertha Swamiji inaugurated the National Conference at Rajangana, Udupi.


‘The study of Samskrit helps in character building and Samskrit is the breath of the India,’ said LokaSabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan.

Speaking at the occasion, Mrs. Mahajan said, “Blessed are those who live for Samskrit. The message of the Samskrit literature is a universal one and the Vedic literature is very important in this regard. It is my own experience that chanting of Samskrit purifies one’s tongue and it also helps in building the character. Today, I cannot speak Samskrit for long but the values imbibed in the childhood are still strong”.

Saying that the modern scientists are trying to analyze the intricacies of the universe with the help of ancient literature, most of which is in Samskrit, she said, “It is possible that one day Samskrit will be the global language and Samskrit Bharati has a crucial role to play in it”.

Shri. Madhvaraj said, “Not learning Samskrit is the biggest regret of my life. This is not just mine, but the regret of crores of people. This is the richest language in the world”. He announced that 3.5 lakh students in the National Service Scheme in Karnataka will be taught Samskrit subhashitas henceforth.

Shri Shri Vishwateerth Swamy said, “The promotion of Samskrit is the duty of every Indian. All of us have our mother tongues but Samskrit is the only language that vrosses all barriers. Everyone of us should think Samskrit as our mother tongue. Today, this language is locked in the discourses of learned and pundits. Our task to release it and make it the language of the masses”.

The theme of the convention is Samskrit Bharat-Strong Bharat. In his opening address, Shri. Nandkumar said that saying ‘only Samskrit can make India strong is not enough, it must be manifested as well”. Taking a cue from this, Shri. Saluja said, “Samskriti is both, a mark and an instrument, of our strength. Samskrit is not only an ancient language but actually an eternal language. It is the language of the masses”.

“India is an eternal nation, it is the soul of the humanity. And to make a strong and virtuous India is the need of the universe. This can be achieved only through make the people understand the basic tenets of Hindu dharma and only Sanskrit can be vehicle for this change”, said Suresh Soni, the Sahsarkaryavah of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh here today.

RSS Sahsarakaryavah Suresh Soni spoke on the subject ‘Samskrit Bharatam, Samarth Bharatam’. Qquoting Will Durant, he said, “India is mother of all. In the thousand of years of journey, there are bound to be ups and downs. Today’s India is a mixture of two streams – there is a weak but thriving spiritual tradition while another stream is of the customs and beliefs inherited from the aggressors for the thousands of years. The national men and the spiritual men are the first need of a strong India”.

He lamented the fact that India is an unfortunate country where people question even the idea of nation. The Vedic literature gives us the definition of our nation. Whatever contained in the ancient literature guides us at every step to solve today’s problem. When Pittman invented the shorthand by converting sound into script, he had acknowledged that he had turned to Samskrit for this. A strong, virtuous India is today’s need, but an India that guides the world is the utmost necessity.”

He called for removing the inferiority complex from the countrymen saying that the nation has become defensive owing to the aggressions for over a thousand years. “The misconception that the Indian philosophy teaches us only asceticism has to removed. And we don’t need to bring anything new to do this. Nowadays, people talk of plularism but the pluralism is a Semetic concept because that tradition insists on the uniformity. However, we accept the plurality as a manifestation of the one”.

The nation needs to be remembered of various Sanskrit mottos of government and the various departments that our constitution makers have given to us.”

He enthused over 2000 Samskrit Bharati workers gathered all over the country saying that there was no need to be dejected by the unfavorable circumstances. Our Late President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam had once said that ‘if you spiritualize the religion and nationalize the people, all problems will be solved’.  

At this occasion,  Shri Shri Nirmalanandnath Mahaswamiji of the Adi Chunchungiri Mahasansthan Mutt said, “By the way Samskrita Bharati is working, we can certainly bring a change in the system. This is the time to change our educational system. Our university students should be taught what our ancestors have given us so far”.

Shri Vidyasagar Teerth Maharaj of the Krishnavar Mutt, Shobha Karandlaje, MP of Udupi-Chikmagalur, Shri. Pramod Madhvaraj, Fisheries and Youth Empowerment Minister of Karnataka, Dr. Chandkiran Saluja, national president of Samskrita Bharati and Nandkumar, national secretary of the organization were present during the inaugural.

Shri Shri Vishweshteerth Swamy, the pontiff of the Paryaya Shree Pejawar Adhokshaja Mutt, Udupi, Shri Shri Nirmalanandnath Mahaswami of the Adi Chunchungiri Mahasansthan Mutt, Shri Dharmapalnath Swami of the Shakha Mutt, Bhaktvatsal Sharma, the newly elected national president of the Samskrita Bharati and Pramukh M. B. Puranik, Karyadarshi of the Welcome Committee of the convention were present on the Dias. 

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