The two rupee coin bears Christian cross!

via Surinder Paul Attri published on March 18, 2007

What is the GOI up to with these kinds of marks and badges of Christianity ?


It appears like an attempt by GOI, to impose Christian badges and signs, on the Indian coins, as a symbol of their love for the composite culture in India, of which Christianity (according to this symbol) is a significant section. This is very mischievous, next step may very well be printing of Biblical quotations, on the coins and paper currency of India. What is GOI up to? Is it their intention to convert the Hindus of India, to the true religion of Christianity, armed with the word of God, the Bible ?


The Christian Organizations and Missionaries of India are already inundated with tons of money, to spread their message of hate, to the tribals and the weakest sections of the Hindu society, to finish off he Hindu society. Now GOI is joining these bandits, in their nefarious activities. Isn’t it time for Hindus to declare that they have had enough, of these devilish despoilers, who are cunning missionaries and have ruthless unlimited ambitions? Isn’t time for Hindus to declare that they will not tolerate this kind of cunning barbaric invasion?


For ten centuries, from the fifth to the fifteenth century, Christianity and its Pope ruled Europe, and what kind of Europe was this? It was the darkest age in the history of Europe. During these ten centuries, hundreds of millions of Pagan Europeans were slaughtered, by the soldiers of the Lamb (Jesus Christ), during the Christianization of Europe. Forty-one million plus native Americans (of North and South America), were also slaughtered by the soldiers of Jesus Christ, during their Christianization of Americas. Christianity’s record in other continents is nothing to write home about.


With this kind of stinking record of Christianity, is the GOI so witless and thick-headed as not to be able to see, how wicked Christianity is, and how capricious is their trust, in the pretended word of God? Bible is a book of fiction, of lies, of wickedness, it is a gospel of hate, and record of Christianity speaks for itself. It is awfully dumb of GOI to put the symbols of this gospel of hate, on the coins of India, to give it the respect, which it does not deserve.


Surinder Paul Attri

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