The Rise of Hinduism in Ghana

published on January 18, 2014

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  1. anonymous Reply

    January 20, 2014 at 6:04 am

    Hindus promoting Hindu religion in Africa should promote African religions/Gods too
    Do not eclipse African religions. They are already a lot like ours. Therefore Hindus should promote the native African religions in Ghana and the rest of Africa as well, protecting African religion from the destruction that christianity and islam have done to the native African traditions there.

    Ancient native religions are very important to be preserved as the *living* religions of the various ethnic populations. Africans have an umbilical cord with their Gods; this must be protected, preserved and promoted by all those who care about Africans. And especially by Hindus, as Hindus care greatly.

    The reason Africans are attracted to Hindu religion is because their religions are already somewhat like ours, which fact they instrinsically recognise at a deep level because Africans are closer to their ancestral religions and Gods than most Europeans are to theirs (Europe was converted forcibly to christianity long ago, most of Africa only started to get forcibly mass-converted recently, so they are closer to heathenism).

    Hindus should show respect to Africans by showing that we value their identity: their ancestral religions and Gods. Hindus must help Africans to preserve their religions, and save these from the endangerment that christianism and islam imposed on them.

    I hope this rise of Hinduism in Ghana helps to repatriate Africans who had previously been converted to christianity/islam back with their ancestral African Gods and traditions. In this way Hinduism can serve as a meaningful stepping stone in helping Africans revert to their native Gods. (In contrast, Hinduism only gets abused and subverted by western converts.)

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