The regional spirit and stupid ego of caste based nonsense destroying us

via Aghor published on July 8, 2010

We all blame the opposite parties for losing our self respect and departing from the injunctions of Santhan Dharma. We all for sure have some soft corner for our dharma or way of life but when the voting day we will vote for those who stands against the celestial belief and they make laws after laws to put the great dharma to extinct .

It is our fault, how many of us make the children to do the Sandhyavandan, respect the culture, or to speak the mother tongue or to learn the Vedic languages which is almost not existing, only in texts. There are political and social organizations of Hindus, many and they cannot even talk in a cordial way.

Some of the leaders are associated with other religions copying the divide and rule policy of British imperialism. Lot of holy texts proclaims the foolishness in Varna and the so called leaders’ unbelievable.

Adi Shankaracharya preserved and saved the Vedic culture so we still sing the bhajans of our ishta devatha, otherwise we all will sing the gospel. How many of them know the fact. what actually the organizations of Hindu Dharma did to respect the great acharyas.How many of our caste based organizations talks about the Universal spirit of Sanathana Dharma, None, It is us our foolishness, cutting down the branch of the tree we are sitting on.

If someone visit Arsha Bharatha they will only see, Punjabis, Gujartis, Malayalis, and Tamils and so on, none an Indian. The regional spirit and stupid ego of caste based nonsense is actually destroying us.

Temple’s donation is controlled by the government which expressly denies the existence of god or Hinduism and still we vote for them to be kicked again and again in our weak Prushtam. It is our fault brothers not others.

We need to grow up and learn our culture first and love the mother land and the dharma. We stand for universal brotherhood and we accept believers and non believers as equal even stated in our sacred texts but once these are gone we are in deep pit. So Bhaja Govindam Bhaja Govindam..

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