The holy man of Coimbatore Jail

via Ajith Gopal published on September 18, 2006

Answering the volley of questions from media in broken words, the 70 plus Anandavally sat beside her paralyzed son in a Shiv Sena ambulance, still baffled at the sudden media attention. As she spoke, tears ran down her face in waves, choking her sobs and cries of a soul in torment.

It was Sept 12, 2006, Thiruvananthapuram. Anandavalli had brought her son Madhusoodan to the Vanchiyoor Chief Judicial Magistrate Court in the city. Madhu had to depose before the Court as a prime witness in a 14 year old case. Madhu who is today totally paralyzed and helpless was once the sole breadwinner of a poor family. A taxi driver that he was, a trip to Tamil Nadu on that fateful day -October 28, 1992- changed his life forever. A four-member gang that hired his taxi assaulted him once they reached Kovilpetti and took away the car. Madhu was left to die on the highway. He lost his car and his future that night.

Sept 12, 2006, Chennai: The Madras High Court once again rejected PDP chairman Abdul Nasser MaAdni’s bail plea. The Court could not find justification in the argument that MaAdni’s treatment could be fruitfully done in Kerala alone and observed that it was just an excuse to get bail for the accused.

So what is the common element that links MaAdni and Anandavalli? The answer is very simple, but yet complicated. The link is nothing else but the Islamic terror network that is spreading its tentacles all over South India for the last three decades.
The only difference – Madhu is a victim and MaAdni is its patron.

The gang that hired Madhu’s car in October 1992 comprised of Imam Ali, Hyder Ali, Abdul Latif, Zakir Hussein and Abdul Kadir. The same Imam Ali, once Tamil Nadu’s most wanted militant, who was gunned down along with his four accomplices in their hideout in Bangalore in 2002. Imam Ali, police record say, was a member of the Jihad Committee, a militant organization founded by the late Palani Baba, and was a prime accused in the bomb blast at the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Hqrs in Chennai in August 1993 in which 11 persons were killed. He was allegedly trained by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and later by the Hizbul Mujahideen.

Imam Ali was also a close associate of S A Basha, leader of Al Umma, the terrorist group responsible for the 1992 Coimbatore serial blasts of which the prime target was none other than then Home Minister L K Advani. Basha is in Coimbatore central prison today, along with Abdul Nasser MaAdni. Tamil Nadu police strongly believe that MaAdni was one of the Kerala patrons of Al Umma and its moles.

Not without reason. A Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the Tamil Nadu police was after Imam Ali since his escape from police custody on March 7, 2002. Police sources said Ali was sighted in July 2002 first at Vallakadavu and Beemapalli in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. By the time the SIT personnel went there, he had vanished. According to police, Ali’s escape from Thiruvananthapuram to Bangalore was facilitated by his sponsors in Kerala. However police trail continued and in a swift operation at a Bangalore hideout, the gang’s mad run came to an end, courtesy police bullets.

Strange are the ways of destiny. As the Thiruvananthapuram CJM Court heard the account of a helpless victim of a terrorist gang, the Chennai High Court once again rejected the bail plea of a prime associate of that gang. (Sept 12th’s tryst with Indian terrorism did not end there. The TADA court in Mumbai started unveiling the verdict of 1993-bomb blast case, the same day!)

This time MaAdni’s release on bail was a foregone conclusion for many. After all there was tremendous amount of pressure all around to secure MaAdni’s release. At least two Chief Ministers and the Congress bigwigs in New Delhi were involved in the high voltage drama that took place in the corridors of power in Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram and New Delhi.

As it became clear that MaAdni is not going to breath free air for some more time to come, in Thiruvananthapuram, PDP working chairman Poonthura Siraaj convened a hurried press conference. Siraaj slammed the Court verdict and blamed it on practically everyone- from the “fascist-Zionist” forces to the “anti-poor, anti-minority mindset” of some bureaucrats in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Those who were spared were Siraaj’s new masters in Kerala- the Left Democratic Front for whom Siraaj & Co slogged it out in the last general elections in the state. Siraaj conveniently forgot that the same masters had ditched them once again.

Siraaj’s verbal diarrhea, painting MaAdni as an apostle of peace and secularism continued for some time. But there was one question that Siraaj could not answer that day. On previous occasions, when efforts to bail out MaAdni failed, it was primarily blamed on three quarters- the BJP led NDA government at the Center, the Tamil Nadu government led by ‘anti-Muslim’ J Jayalalitha and of course on the ‘anti –minority’ attitude of Kerala Chief Minister AK Antony. It was their concerted effort, coupled with the attitude of bureaucrats that kept an innocent, crippled and helpless person like MaAdni inside the prison, they had declared.

But see who is in power today. Sonia Gandhi led UPA is in charge of the Nation, (Manmohan Singh not forgotten!) “Secular” Karunanidhi has replaced Jayalalitha and in Kerala it is “our own” LDF. But MaAdni continues to be in jail. Why?

Obviously MaAdni has to explain a lot. From his ISS days, MaAdni’s speeches, action and movements matched more of a terrorist gang chief rather than a political leader. From platforms across the state, sitting pretty among a posse of armed bodyguards, MaAdni spat venom against Hindus and our Nationhood. Our cultural heritage, Hindu practices and customs- practically everything that was non-Islamic was touched upon and mocked at.

Just to take one example, one of MaAdni’s favorite subjects was the relation between Sita Devi and Laxman of legend Ramayana! His supporters roared with laughter and more sensible listened with gasped breath as MaAdni continued his rhetoric from stage to stage. It was not without reason that Kerala police registered 32 cases against him before Tamil Nadu police nabbed him.

Those who now champion the case of MaAdni, including Justice Krishna Iyer, should first have a look into the FIR and charge-sheets filed in these cases so that they get to know their friend much better!

More serious are the charges that MaAdni while trying to be the champion of the masses as ISS and later PDP leader, was in fact playing another vital role-as the facilitator of terrorist gangs from Tamil Nadu, providing them safe hideouts and operational facilities in Kerala. His leaning towards violence was evident in his speeches and action. But the first real evidence of his influence was surfaced in the Muslim stronghold Malppuram after the 1992 Ayodhya incident. The anti-Hindu violent activities in Malappuram and Kozhikkode districts in 1992 had distinct MaAdni stamp on it.

The special team that investigated the Coimbatore serial blast case may have much more to say on MaAdni. But those so-called cultural-political leaders who play to the gallery and organize fund collection to protest marches, as part of “Save MaAdni Campaign” would be doing a great service to the society comprising of laymen like us, by answering these few questions.

• MaAdni is accused not in just another criminal case among the lakhs filed in the country everyday. He is accused in a rare case of mass murder. Those 70 people killed in the Coimbatore blast that day were innocent victims trying to earn daily bread for their families. Have any of these cultural czars ever bothered to look what happened to those orphaned families or for that matter those seriously injured in the blasts?

• If it is the concern for a fellow Malayalee, that prompts everyone to jump into the save MaAdni wagon, why they are not speaking about other Malayalees like “Pattalam” Raju and Ashraff also accused in the same case?

• The Coimbatore serial blast case is not the only case where judicial exercise takes more time than expected. In such a case with so many witnesses and accused, the process is bound to get delayed. Hasn’t MaAdni and his advocates contributed to the delay of judicial process by raising various objections and complications at different stages of the court proceedings?

• Can MaAdni’s advocates say that any of the facilities given to an under trail under these circumstances were denied to MaAdni?

• An under trial is an under trial and not a convict till the Court proclaims so. Then why this hue and cry that MaAdni is innocent and justice is being denied to him? Is isn’t like accusing the judiciary itself?

• And one last question to the leaders of UDF/ LDF and PDP. When they fully knew that only the Court and Court alone can decide on MaAdni’s fate at this moment, whom they were trying to fool by promising his release?

Evidently no one is going to answer these questions. And the drama would continue. Pseudo secularists and purported champions of minorities need an icon to carry out misinformation campaign aimed at fulfilling their partisan goals. At the moment there is no one better than ‘a Jailed’ MaAdni’ to don that mantle.

Tailpiece: It was predictable. Madhusoodan’s sad plight and Anandavally’s appeal for help did not make into the headlines next day. Obviously it did not suit suite the secular agenda of our media. And Anandavally, on the brink of bankruptcy, is getting ready to take her son to Kovilpetti to appear in a local court there. At least the delay in this case- also related to a 1992 incident -seems to bother no one.

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