The Essence of Hinduism

via K. Venugopal published on June 28, 2008

The essence of Hindu teachings is that everything is divine. Which
means everything is perfect – every individual and all circumstances
are perfect. However, our experience seems to tell us otherwise. We
generally feel that our life and circumstances have so many things to
be corrected and changed so that we may, perchance, one day become at
least free from major suffering, if not actually become perfect. The
idea that we and our circumstances, whatever they are at any point in
life, is less than perfect occurs because our mind is restless.

Therefore the first (and the last) lessons of Hinduism are to make our
minds restful. All of Hinduism caters to this task of making us of
restful minds. Since each of us are restless in different ways, Hindu
culture has an array of techniques and approaches that will lead us to
the calming of our minds – from simply going to a temple and following
the rituals there to getting the higher insights by reading the
Upanishads or listening to spiritual masters. One day, in the midst of
our spiritual pursuits, we shall wake up and see it all – how perfect
everything is, has been and shall ever be. This is the promise of
Hinduism. A promise given by no other religion. Hinduism alone declares
we are divine.

Therefore we Hindus, who are inheritors of the greatest heritage
available to man, should cherish Hinduism and find therein a technique,
way, method or understanding suitable to us individually and begin our
pilgrimage of awakening to our own divinity.

Om Shanti.

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