Swamiji-A Front runner for Hindu unity

published on November 26, 2006

Tribute to Swamiji by J.sisupalan,Chairman, Hindu aikya vedi


Swami Satyananda Saraswati was a pioneer among the much revered sanyasi clan of Kerala in re-charging and organising the Hindu activists in Kerala.


 He was the founder of Sri Ramdasa mission. His powerful oratory skills and
deep-rooted knowledge of Hinduism was a great attracting force which even his pretentious enemies found irresistible.


 The critics of swamiji used to say that he was more of a politician than a sanyasi. In fact swamiji had even thought about entering politics, says Shri Sisupalan, chairman of Hindu aikya vedi who was very close to the Swamiji.


But his well-wishers advised him to stay away from the sordid world of politics.Swamiji during his religious discourses used to say that the Hindu religion is very much different from other Semitic religions. It is more of a culture. It is even a life-style. Hindu nationalism, Hindu dharma, Sanatana Dharma etc are terms which is embedded in the word ‘dharma’.


 Hindutva itself means secularism. Our land is secular not because secularism is mentioned in the constitution but because Indians are believers of Sanatana dharma. Secularism, democracy, socialism etc cannot be found in the constitution of other nations. The basis of Hinduism is ‘sarva dharma sama bhavna’.


‘Ekam sat vipra bahuda vadanti’ ‘Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu’. The Swamiji used to explain the inner meaning of these sanskrit slokas. ‘Eesha vasya midam sarvam yajkinja jagatyam jagat’ This sloka from ‘Ishaupanishad’ explains everything about Socialism.


Today secularist especially the crooked politicians with his eye only on vote bank has twisted and shaped secularism through a different perspective. Swamiji’s vision was equality for all religions and not to divide India into majority and minorities and alienate one group from the national main-stream.


Swamiji had always fought against minority appeasement by the pseudo-secular politicians. There were numerous examples of his protests against such policies. Some of the notable incidents were the Palukaachi mala issue, the Nilakkal issue, Kshetra vimochana issue, Pope vedi issue at Shankumughom and the Marad issue.


Even though he faced stiff opposition while confronting these issues, the Swamiji peacefully but sternly managed to solve these issues through mobilisation of the Hindu society.

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