Sub cultural practices and Hindu dharma

via Dr.Babu Suseelan published on May 20, 2006

Hindu Dharma and traditional spiritual practices play a central role in the lives of Hindus. Hindu religious and spiritual dimensions of culture are among the most important factors that structure individual, family and community beliefs, behavior and values. The widespread practice of Hindu Dharma significantly affects personal behavior, ethical conduct and reduces the incidence of social problems.


Among Hindus, across various regions of India, different social customs, traditional practices and rituals exist. Due to foreign invasion, oppression and tyranny of invaders, Hindus were forced to abandon several traditional customs and social practices. Under pressure, Hindus were forced to adopt many social practices inconsistent with traditional Hindu Dharma.


Today, Hinduism is assaulted with more words and images than could have ever been previously imagined. And each image-be it from television or from the other media fueled by missionaries, bogus secularists, and communists exists in denigrating our Vedic heritage. Often the message is that Hinduism causes social problems, and sub-cultural social practices are the result of Hindu spiritual belief system. The mischief mongers tries to find and tailor words and images unique for themselves to establish correlation between Hindu religion and unacceptable social sub cultural practices. More and more we find combination of words and images combining with the politics and philosophies of anti-Hindu forces.


People are constantly bombarded with reports that wife burning, dowry, child marriage, corruption, suicide, violence, sex crimes and several social practices of sub-cultural groups are sanctioned in Hindu Dharma. These anti social behavior and several sub cultural practices have not sanctioned in Hindu Dharma. Some of these practices are the unforeseen result of the social disorganization and social engineering perpetuated by colonialists and Islamic invaders.  Psycho programming, media manipulation and propaganda by missionaries make the casual connection. Indeed, their goal is to free Hindus from their spiritual heritage and enslaves them with rigid, closed dogma. The antagonists want to present fundamentalist, dualistic, pre fabricated ideologies as receipts for the ‘good life’ and ‘success’ without any social problems.


It can no longer be taken for granted. The practice is repugnant. All of this manipulation, negative caricature and deliberate denigration is to disconnect Hindus from their spiritual past. Thus the notion of social problem and sub cultural practices are intimately related to Hindu values is false and mischievous. Hindu darsana, rituals, belief and spiritual practices should hardly view as involving or a cause for social ills. 


Modern technology, consumerism, coercive religious conversion, phony secularism and transitory values are now tempting people to cut off from their Hindu past in favor of transitional, superfluous, essentially meaningless life style. One cannot blame Hinduism, when the consequences of wrong choices and dead ends come home to roost, one cannot blame Hinduism

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