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via Krishna published on August 15, 2011

Hare Krishna! Dear Bhaktas,

As you all know, a  treasure was recently discovered in the coffers of Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple, Trivandrum .  This temple is managed by Travancore Royal family.

The principal Deity, Sree Padmanabhaswamy, is enshrined in the “Anantha-sayanam” posture (in the eternal sleep of Yoga-nidra on the serpent Ananta). Long back, the Travancore Kings had surrendered the kingdom to Sree Padmanabhaswamy and  they have been functioning as `Padmanabha-dasa’ (Servant of Sree Padmanabhaswamy, the real King ).

It was a Supreme court intervention that led to the recent investigations . To clear confusion all around, as advised by the Vedic scholars, the Travancore Royal family arranged for an *Ashtamangala Devaprasnam* vedic ritual  , to find out *Devahitham* ( will of Bhagavan Sree Padmanabhaswamy) . An elite team of *Daivajnas* ( renowned Vedic-Jyothishis),  led by Brahmasree Madhur Narayana Ranga Bhat, Irinjalakkuda Padmanabha Sharma, Devidas Gurukkal, Pancha Bhaskara Bhat, Ganapathy Sharma, Jayaraj Panicker and Haridas Nampoothiri performed the Devaprasnam from August 8-10 . It’s  findings were concluded and announced on August 11th .

The Vedic Ritual,  Ashtamangala Devaprasnam

This is a scientific process of invoking the Deity on the spot, preparing Tantric square for His seating. Using eight materials such as Gold, Bettel leaves, Arca nut,  lighted lamp, cloth, coin,  etc , as well as the consecrated Dices (kavadi)  of Jyothisha, and by Vedic-analysis of  the *Nimithams* ( divine symptoms)occurring in that place, the will of Deity can be determined .

Devaprasnam begins on August 8th

As requested by the Travancore king, the Temple’s chief Tantri Brahmasree Tharananalloore Paremesvaran Nampoothiri conducted necessary Poojas to invoke  Bhagavan Sree Padmanabhaswamy .  Later *Rasi-pooja* was done by the Tantri to invoke *Nava-grahas* in to the dices.

Negative  Omens,  revealed in the beginning itself

1.    While pouring oil to the lamp, oil spilled outside.

2.    Worm was found in the rice powder which was brought for preparing Rasi-square.

3.    Water unavailable in the *Kindi* ( snake-shaped Pooja utensil) .

4.    Rasi is *Vrichikam* ( Visha or Poisonous Rasi) .

The preliminary conclusion indicated that , Bhagavan Sree Padmanabhaswamy is furious.

Detailed findings of Devaprasnam.

During the *Devaprasnam* , several *Nimthams*( divine revelations)  occurred . The Chief *Daivajna* , Brahmasree Madhur Narayana Bhat even suffered an electric shock from the microphone.

The Findings :

1.    The temple was originally owned by a Brahmana-Sannyasi and His Sannyasi-successors .  This dynasty was eliminated  centuries back by a Travancore King, while seizing control of the temple .  As an atonement to this *Brahma-hatya*, several Vedic  rituals like , *Murajapam* ( 8-day long Chanting of full Vedas by vaidic-Brahmanas) , *Chakrabja-pooja*, *Deeparadhana* ( worshipping by lamps), *Samoohyaradhana* ( mass Nama-japam) , etc were used to be held . However, these rituals have been stopped in recent years.  As a result, the ill-effects of *Brahma-hatya* are affecting  the temple. Only  the good deeds of the past , have prevented a disaster till now.

2.    Sri Vilwamangalam Swamy was the Acharya who installed the initial  Maha-Vishnu Deity in this temple. His invisible presence is still in the small Vishnu- temple in the temple premise. But, it  remains closed without any Pooja , in recent years.  The daily *Pushpanjali* for Vilwamangalam is not in place now.

3.    A Ganapathy moorthy that was found abandoned in a temple well , is now kept idle near the Kshetra-palak. This has angered Ganapathy-bhagavan.

4.    The sacred Ananthankadu nearby(The forest where Vilwamangalam Swamy had Bhagavan’s darshan) is now in a polluted state. No pooja in the small temple there. Also, in the north western part’s Sripadam palace, one pond and 2 wells are in abandoned condition.

5.    Tamilnadu  Tiruvattar temple’s Deity , Aadi Kesava Perumal is Sree Padmanabha Swamy’s elder brother. But, the related annual commemoration rituals have stopped since many years. Also, the temple’ relation with , Kasargod’s Anantha Padmanabha temple has been forgotten and related rituals were stopped . The Salagramas for this temple was brought from Nepal’s Dandaki river, but the related annual rituals and this temple’s connection with Nepal’s Pasupathynath temple were later forgotten and discontinued .

6.    The *Nambis* ( Priests of the temple) are not maintaining celibacy now a days. They are not maintaining the purity or obeying mandatory customs like *Pula,* *Vaalaayma* etc . They are refusing to obtain the mandatory guidance from Tantri . All these,  have infuriated Bhagavan.

7.    There is smell of corpse and flesh inside the temple. This is because of Temple personnel engaging in temple’s  Pooja-rituals directly after attending post-death ceremonies.

8.    The temple staff including administrative personnel are misbehaving with the Bhaktas and continuously stealing temple’s money . They are behaving like Rascals who are spreading gossips and are ready to fight with weapons. Even immoral activities have happened inside the temple . This has angered Bhagavan . The mistakes of ignorant Bhaktas will be forgiven .  But Bhagavan will not forgive the erring temple staff .

9.    There is deduction in the quantity of *Niveyam* ( food to Bhagavan) . Since the Deity is made of (12008) *Salagrams*,  768 kgs of rice ( one fistful for each Salagram)  is required according to the  tradition. But only 96 kg is offered now . Even, this is being offered without Bhakti .

10.  Mango is an important offering . But the mango offered now is insect-bitten .

11.  No videography of Photography is permitted inside the temple.

12.  Padmanabhaswamy is fond of *Nama-japam* . The noises arising from careless handling of utensils are disturbing Bhagavan .

13.  There were past attempts to steal the temple’s assets. A *chaithanya-material* was stolen sometime back  from a coffer . The present *nimithams* ( symptoms) are to prevent such incidents in future. 

14.  The *Siveli-Moorthy* had fallen down and damaged while taking it outside the temple. It should be rectified . Also, the defects on the Principal Moorthy , especially that of Ananta, must  be rectified .

15.  The temple’s  treasures are kept beneath the Srikovil ( Sanctum Sanctorum) in (6) underground coffers . This is not mere materialistic-treasure, but they are sacred items for increasing the *Chaithanyam* ( Godly presence) on the Deity . A temple’s capital assets include,  Offerings,chaithanya-materials, Gold etc. Any movement to it is harmful the temple’s divinity . In major temples, it is mandatory to install such items beneath the Sreekovil to increase Deva-chaithanyam.  Only Bhagavan has  right to this treasure . It must not be shifted or exhibited outside . Sree Ugra-Narasimha-moorthy is the teasure-custodian. If needed to protect it , He will appear in person and destruct the violators . But, such a situation will be catastrophic  not only to the temple , but the whole India.

16.  The recent opening of temple coffers , have disturbed Bhagavan . Evaluation of temple treasures must not be done by anyone. They are Bhagavan’s own property and they are for His personal use alone. They must not be used for any other purpose.

17.  The *B-coffer* ( the only unopened coffer till now) must not be opened. If anyone open it, his/her entire clan will be wiped out by Snake-bite or by consumption of poison. There are many Bhagavan related confidential  items in this *B-coffer* which has a tunnel connection to the Sree Kovil . *Sri-Chakra*  , the initial Deity ( which is *Deva-Chaithanyam* itself) are inside this coffer . Also, many *Divya-atmas* are residing there .  Opening of this coffer will invoke Sri Ugra- Narasimha-Moorthy’s anger and it will be disastrous to the whole country and it’s Rulers.

18.  Because of their failures to follow  the  temple’s tradition, the Travancore royal family’s very existence  is in serious danger. Their failure to ritually atone for sins such as the recent opening of coffers have angered Bhagavan.  Even the delay in holding this *Devaprasnam*  is unacceptable to Bhagavan. Someone in the Royal family had committed  sin by saying , “The temple’s treasure is my family’s property”. Serious problems like  death, accidents and similar untoward incidents would happen to the members of Royal family .

Recommended Remedial actions

1.    As an atonement for opening the temple coffers and handling the related items therein, 12 days of Thrikala-Pooja, Bhagavathy-seva, Ashtotharam kalkazhukichoottu to Maha-Vishnu, 24000 nos each Mahasudarshana-homam and Lakhusudarshana-homam, Mahamrithyunjaya-homam, Sukrutha-homam, and one lakh Thila-homam are to be conducted.

2.    Veda-parayanam to be peroforemd three times , every year.

3.    *Murajapam*  to be conducted at least once every year.

4.    Chakrabja-pooja to be restarted. Also, Pooja for Vilwamangalam installed temple to be re-commenced.

5.    The Ganapathy-moorthy to be installed in Kavadiar palace along with three other Ganapathy-moorthies there. A Pooja to be done by Thrissur Naduvil Matom Mooppilmar ( successors of Vilwamangalam Swamy) .

6.    Yearly rituals related with  Tiruvattar Aadi Kesava Perumal temple, Kasargod’s Anantha Padmanabha temple and  Nepal’s Pasupathynath temple to be re-commenced .

7.    There are possibilities of major theft attempts including tunnel-digging in the future to loot the temple’s treasure . To prevent it, adequate security to be provided . Bhaktas should perform Nama-japam and Veda-japam to invoke Bhagavan Sree Padmanabhaswamy’s  ‘s blessings for ensuring the temple’s welfare.


On the final day , Bhagavan’s opinion on the completed Devaprasnam was sought . The answer was *Karkkidakam* Rasi . This means , Padmanabhaswamy is happy with the *Devaparasnam*.

Om Namo Narayanaya!!!!

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