Specialities of Hindu Dharma

via Courtesy: M Nandakumar published on June 8, 2010


Hindus have never claimed that their literature / gods/ methods of worship / pathways /knowledge / saints are the  only ONES   which/ who is/ are true and perfect.

They have never claimed that only through their pathway one can attain heaven.

 They have never  converted  people from other religion to Hinduism for giving them salvation.

 They have never said that the god will punish those who follow other religions.

They have  never said the god will sent  people with other type of belief to hell on the final day of verdict.

Hindus have specifically declared that  god is only one and one can worship through any pathway.

They have never said one ˜god is superior or other ˜inferior ˜better or  ˜bad.

They have said that  the concept of god means a great omnipotent omnipresent  natural phenomena with out any negatives like revenging/ anger / enmity / ego / jealousy /  etc.  

All the sin and glory (papa and punya are not contributed / given / bestowed by the  ˜god but they are the karma phala /  result of the  bad and good actions of human beings.

According to Hindus, god is not a judge to evaluate human  actions.

The concept of god itself is different in Puranaas,  Itihasaas,  Vedas and in  Upanishads, even though the ultimate aims of  all these concepts are  elevating human  body, mind and soul  from lower level to higher level.

 The knowledge about god is  disseminated depending upon the  intellectual capacity to digest it.

  The Upanishadic level of god is the highest and from there  the level can be brought down.

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