published on July 13, 2011

To:  The Prime Minister of India, The Chief Minister of Kerala, Cabinet Minsiters Govt.of India, Ministers of State Govt.of India, Ministers Kerala State

Padmanabha swamy temple wealth belongs to the temple and to the Hindus alone and it should be preserved

The estimation of wealth in the Padmanabha swamy temple under the direction of the Supreme Court has become a subject of intense discussion in India and abroad. Although it is clear that the wealth belongs to the temple and to the Hindus alone, there are certain vested interests with ulterior motives trying to create confusion among the public with their false and distorted claims on the temple wealth.

Historians specialized in the Travancore history are of the view that this wealth was accumulated over centuries through the offerings of devotees, members of royal family of Travancore and various other kings in India. They also refute the claim that the treasury money of the erstwhile Travancore could form part of this. They endorse that the treasury account and the temple wealth was audited separately and the royal family never ever touched even an iota of this temple wealth thanks to their unparalleled allegiance to the principles of Sanathana dharma.Hence nobody other than Hindus have the right to prescribe how to utilise this wealth.

This wealth has religious, cultural, historical, archeological, antique and spiritual value and it is the duty of every patriotic Indian to preserve it for future generations. Items that have no religious and ritualistic significance can be displayed in a museum built in the temple premises and the revenue generated through this can be used for propagating the principles of Hinduism which upholds the ideals of universalism, peaceful coexistence, non-violence, equality, justice, environmental protection and sustainable development. In addition to the money received through donations of devotees, a portion of the wealth can be kept separate to generate revenue to meet the day to day expenses of the temple, expenses on festivals, charity, salary of the temple staff and routine maintenance of the temple and its premises. The management of the temple should only be vested in a Trust consisting of prominent Hindu spiritual leaders, head of the royal family, head priest and representatives of Padmanabha devotees.

In view of this, we the people of India request you take all necessary measures to protect this invaluable asset from the hands of people with evil designs and make an effective ,efficient and permanent mechanism to preserve it for the millenniums to come. The wealth should only be utilized for preserving temples and for the promotion and preservation of Hindu culture.

We also take this opportunity to request you to make a permanent arrangement for preserving the wealth of all temples in India as temples are the main centers where religious, cultural, spiritual and moral education is imparted which are essential for any society to survive and to make a lasting contribution to the human civilization.

The places of worship of Hindus should also be free of any government control like religious institutions of other communities and any interference on the affairs of the temple by any state governments in India or any central government body should be termed as a violation on the religious freedom of Hindus and it should be made legally binding by enacting a comprehensive law.

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