Sapthaha yajna in NewDelhi for real experience of ‘Godliness’

via Navodayam Press Release published on March 26, 2007

New Delhi:Navodayam (Regd) is organising Srimad Bhagavata Saptaha Yajna at Sri Ishta Sidhi Vinayaga Mandir, Mayur Vihar Phase III, Delhi – 96, from 1st to 8th April 2007.


Bhagwaan Vishnu has taken nine avatars (incarnations) so far to eliminate the devilish forces and to save the Sanaathana Dharma. We are in the tenth incarnation period, Kaliyuga. Now diminishing of Dharma, i.e. deviation from the Right Path has resulted in Tension,Sickness and Unhappiness for the entire humanity all over the world. Suffering and inflicting sufferings upon others is a universal experience now. To get rid of all these, the only way out ( marga ) is to be as much spiritualised as every body can.


Bhakti Yoga deals with the method of realizing the Lord through divine love, unassociated with mundane cravings. KarmaYoga tells us how the individual soul realizes its oneness with the universal soul by doing one’s duty without attachment to the fruits there of. “SHREEMAD BHAAGAWATA SAPTAAHA YAJNAM” enables us to hear and practise a lot of good things lying hidden in the Bhaagawata Mahaapuraana. Sapthaaha Yajna will be a training programme to all real devotees who crave for a real experience of “Godliness”. Shreemad-Bhaagavatam describes God Krishna in detail through 18000 verses, and gives a detailed account of various forms/names of the Almighty God, his nature, personality, devotees , activities, and much more.


The Bhaagawatha Sapthaaha Yajnam will be conducted by the world renowned YAJNA ACHAARYA Shri.Mannady Hari and his team belonging to National Association for Science and Arts, Trivandrum. The seven days Bhaagawatha Paryana will be continued with Bhaagawatha story Pravachanam (Speech) in every evening in Hindi and English languages by the Yajna Aachaarya. Several VVIPs / Dignitaries / Scholars also will take part in the Yajna.


 A procession is being organised from Mayur Vihar Phase I (Uttara Guruvayoorappan Temple) to Mayur Vihar Phae I (Sri Ishta Sidhi Vinayaga Mandir) on 1st April 2007 at 9 AM. Anantha Vibhushit Sri Jyotish Peedhadhiswar Jagadguru Sankaracharya Swami Madhavashram Ji Maharaj, Badarikashram, Himalaya will inagurate the function at 11 Am. Dr. Baladevananda Sagar, Sanskrit News Reader, All India Radio, Shri Ram Madhav ji, Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh, Akhila Bharatiya Karya Karini Sadasya, will address the gathering on the same day at 7 PM.


On 2nd April Poojya Swami Bhoomananda Thirtha, All India President, Hind Navothan Prathishtan, will deliver spiritual discourse.


On 3rd April Himachal Wale Baba Acharya Giri Kishan Maharaj, of VHP will deliver the Spiritual discourse.


On 4th April, Swami Ghanashyam Das , Mangal Ashram, Mathura Vridavan, will deliver the spiritual discourse.


On 5th and 6th April the Yajna Aacharya, Shri Mannadi Hari will deliver the spiritual discourse and on 7th April Sher Singh Sher B.L. Sharma “Prem”) will deliver the spiritual discourse. The Yajna will be concluded on 8th April 2007 by Laksharchana, Parayana Samarpanam and Amritha Bhojanam.


All are invited in the name of Lord Vishnu for this great event. Shri R.S. Kurup, President, Vice Presidents: Shri PK Nair, Shri Sajilal, Shri K. Prabhakaran, Secretary, Joint Secretaries, Shri PK Suresh, Shri VJ Unnikrishnan, Shri PA Sajeevan, Shri AR Balakrishnan, Shri CM Madhusudhanan, Shri Mahesh, Smt. Prema Mohanan, Smt Sunanda Ramesh, Smt Anita Babu, Smt Bindu Gopi, Shri Madhu Nair, Shri K. Balakrishnan, Shri Sekhar Adiyodi, Smt Girija Panikkar, Smt Omana Pillai, Smt Indira Balachandran, Shri VB Prasad, Shri Mohanan, Shri Anil Kumar, Shri KP Unnikrishnan, Gopi, Treasurer: Shri Vinod G Nair

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