Ramayana Masam : Be Good, Do Good

via Mohan Nair published on July 20, 2007

Karkadakam, known as Ramayana Masam, started on Tuesday, July 17, 2007. I could not find any authentic write-up describing why Karkadakam is declared as Ramayana Masam. 


 However, circumstantial evidence guide us to infer that our forefathers must have felt that this month was the most ideal period for people to devote more time for the rejuvenation of their body, mind and intellect. “Oushadha-kanji” for the body and “Ramayana-parayanam” for the mind and intellect, thus providing a sumptuous feast for the whole month – incessant rain, difficulty in travel, fear of death and disease, flood and famine around, there is no better way to pass the month than leading a modest life with simple food and spiritual pursuit.


God has given us a body which is more complex and powerful than any computer. Vedas, Sastras, Gita and Ramayana are manuals that show us how to lead a meaningful, purposeful and careful life thus making it gracious and beautiful! Among these, Ramayana is the simplest scripture that teaches all human values lived by an ideal incarnation in human form. In fact, Ramayana is considered to be a scripture worth chanting throughout the year in order to guide us from slips and bondages.


However, the reasons that could have influenced our forefathers to select Karkadakam as Ramayana Masam could be that the external exigencies of this month were more conducive for the purification of our body, mind and intellect, thereby preparing us to be fit to live an ideal life during the rest of the year. Recitation of Ramayana at least once in a year can remind us that there existed a virtuous period – Rama-rajya – based on Satyam (Truth), Dharmam (Righteousness) , Ahimsa (Non-violence) and Brahmacharya (Self-control) and remind us to make an assessment by ourselves as to how far we have moved away from the human values enshrined in our scriptures.


Whatever may be the other reasons, Karkadaka-masam, like Mandala-kaalam, has all the atmospheric content to make it an ideal month for providing us a unique spiritual experience, ecstasy, elevation and exuberance. 

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