RAKSHABANDHAN-Festival of Bonding

via HK published on August 24, 2010

Rakshabandhan the name itself symbolises a bond of protection. Rakshabandhan is widely celebrated as an icon strengthening the relationship of a brother and sister. Sangh pariwar has taken the festival to a new level of universal brotherhood.Rakhsabandhan comes during the month of Shravan, the monsoon month.

We can trace back its roots  vedic period and and been mentioned in Mahabharata.Greek history mentions about  the  Alexander’s wife who presented a rakhi to king Puru to save her husband. References are also made of how Queen karnavati presented King Humayun a rakhi to prevent Bahadur shah from attacking Chitoor.
All Indian festivals celebrate relationships. Rakshabandhan also hold its place in the world as the only festival that celebrates the cementing of relationships.The Sangh has taken this day as one of its main celebrations to promote a feeling of universal brotherhood forgetting caste, regional and language differences. As our other festivals Raksha Bandhan also  a cultural, natural, philosopihical and scientific importance.

The Swayamsevaks tie the rakhi to the Bhagawad Dwaj promising to protect the Sanathana Dharma, our Hindu brothers and the Hindu nation, Bharat. The Sangh swayamsevaks are commited to the Sangh ideology of organising the nation and the Hindu society to uphold dharma and raise the nation tot its pinnacle in comparison with no other nation ever. So the Rakshabandahn festival celebrated by the sangh is above the natural idea of the promoting of a brother-sister relationship and that of the promotion of a brotherly affection among the Swayamsevaks of a Shakha. Its about the Swayamsevaks commitment to every Hindu in our nation.When I say Hindu, i am not going to contain that term to a group of people who believe a few hundred Gods. I am taking about a group of people who follow a culture of a land that has gradually evolved as a nation.
The Hindus has always been the icons of tolerance and acceptance. We have accepted Christianity, deceived by their trade. Accepted Islam as fate due to the invasions. Accepted Jews, as a society that has been persecuted. So we have accepted all types of people and made a bond with them. Unfortunately today we face an attack on our culture, traditions, modesty and intelligence by these very people. And yet again and again we are ready to bond a rakhi with them provided they accept that this our nation and that we build it by preserving our cultural and traditional values. And on this Rakshabandan as we tie the sacred rakhi to the Bhagawad Dwaj we make the solemn promise to die fighting to uphold the dharma of our nation.

A study by an amateur writer who studied and criticized the sangh methodology finally had to admit that the only way to break the Sangh is by stopping its daily shakhas. She says the sanghs bond is created by meeting daily for an hour. I would say to her that she needs to learn her journalism and increases the sharpness of her intellect. The Sangh has been banned before and shakhas have been closed down by political muscle power,But the Sangh Swayamsevaks are as strong as they were since Doctorji established this organisation. The reason is our commitment to our nation and our dharma. Our festivals reinforce this oath. She further complains that the Sangh hijacked Indian festivals. Yes, we have hijacked them from a certain community and taken them all over the country and now, all over the world! is that a bad message? They complain that we do not celebrate the independence day in  our shakhas. Firstly its a wrong statement as the Sangh celebrates the Hindu Samrajya Divas, which stands for the day the Hindus has a real warrior who fought the religious attacks on us. Secondly why would Swayamsevaks celebrate one of the most sorrowful days in history when our country was sold for one man’s dream? When our country was cut to bits and pieces by our own saviours….      

Today as we face countless attacks every day, every hour, i wish to recall Shri Deorasji’s words….the Sangh does not come to serve society at times of crisis alone but serves
society in peace time day to day life

As Swayamsevaks and people who adhere or respect the Sangh ideology we must be ready to commit ourselves a Rakhi to this Nation and  to pledge to Bharat Mata that we dedicate our   minds and r body for her in thestruggle against those who oppose her and her most valuable gift the Sanathana Dharma.


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