Pasupathi Nath Temple or Kanyakumari Temple, We speak the same spiritual language

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on December 4, 2009

Sanathana Dharma is spiritual freedom, our values, moral principles, ethics and all includsive, clear-correct-comprehensive Darasanas. Hindutva is an ideology that protects, preserves and Promote our eternal santhana Dharma. Rashtra (Hindu Rashtra) Dhrama is based on the value system, moral principles and ethical guidelines based on Sanathan Dharma. For our survival and to practice our Dharma, and promote it for peace in Bharat and around the world, we need to have to protect our Dharma. To protect our Dharma, we need a Rashtra based exclusively on our universal principles of santhana Dharma. To preserve it, we need Hindutva and assertive Hindus who believe, practice and protect it.
Whether we are in Nepal, Kerala or Kanyakumari, we are all Hindus. Whether we speak different language or practice different cultural tradition, in front Pasupathi Nath Temple in Nepal or Kanyakumari Temple in Kanyakumari, we speak the same spiritual language.
We were invaded, oppressed, subjugated and colonized not because of our all inclusive, eternal Santhana Dharma. Because we forgot the real messages of Hindu Dharma. In the name of tolerance, we began tolerating intolerant Dogmas paraded as religions with few ecclesiastical terminology. Our leaders have been misinterpreting and promoting ahimsa Paromodharma, vasudeva Kudumbhakam, ekam sad viprah bahunti. We became moral relativists unable to make a distinction between enemy and friends, good and bad, right and wrong. Moral grayness pervaded the though system and our enemies had an easy walkover with swords, bombs and guns in hand and mischievous ideas in their mind. we are paying a heavy price for our misguided tolerance and compromise with evil. Criminals, vagabonds, miscreants, jihadis and missionary mafia need to be identified and confronted. We should not make compromise with evil. Do we tolerate poison or deadly viruses? Do we have to compromise with burg lagers and terrorists?

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