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Marxists in Kerala are on a running rampage against Hindu temples and cultural institutions. Beneath all the Marxist verbiage and destructive political rhetoric, what is the driving force of Marxists against Hindu temples?

“Atheism is the natural and inseparable part of Communism.” says  Lenin

“We must hate. Hatred is the basis of Communism.” says  Lenin again

“I wish to avenge myself against the ONE who rules above.” “We fight against GOD to snatch believers from Him.” says Karl Marx

At the heart of Marxist psychology is the hatred of GOD, the principle driving force, more fundamental than all of their political and economic pretensions. 


 Unfortunately, in Kerala the atheist Marxists are only against Hindu temples, rituals, worship and traditions. Militant atheist Marxists have made an unholy alliance with Muslims and Christians against peace loving, spiritual Hindus and its temples.


To achieve their diabolical ends, Marxists want to control Hindu temples and loot temple wealth. The goal is to destroy Hindu culture and institutions. To achieve Marxist objectives, Marxist government in Kerala has implemented Devaswom Ordinance for the complete take over of Hindu temples.

What are Hindus to conclude about the atheist Marxists plan to manage Hindu temples, not Mosques and Churches?

Why they justify Hindu temple management not Mosques and Churches?


As planned, soon Godless Marxists will take over the daily operations of Hindu Temples in Kerala.Hindu Aikya Vedi has planned a protest march in Kerala against the evil anti Hindu practices of Marxism.


 Hindus need to ask:
• Why Non religious, atheist Government should handle religious affairs of Hindus not Muslims and Christians?
• Why secular, irreligious government interfere with the place of worship of Hindu devotees and pilgrims.?
• Why the government does not provide the religious rights of Christians and Muslims for Hindus?


1. The Travancore-Cohin-Devaswom boards lost their power when the Devaswom ordinance has been approved by the Governor. Approximately more than 1800 temples under the Devasom Boards will be administered by the Govt. Secretary or otherwise the Government ,until a new government appointed board comes into effect. It is against the religious freedom since this rule is applicable only for Hindu religion. The law is not applicable for Muslims and Christians.
2. What emergency situation in the state provoked the government to decide to takeover the rule of governance of the Sabarimala, Chottanikkara, Vaikom,Ettumanoor, Thripryar, Kodungalloor etc temples by a Government Secretary? Was there any hindrances in religious administration in Kerala? Who entrusted power to the Government which consists of persons who declare themselves as non-believers? Why the Devaswom minister who is unwilling to Swear under God to take such an action? Has the people given the mandate to do so?
3. If it is Corruption which in turn made them to adopt these new regulations and policies, why a judicial enquiry not ordered?
4. â€œChurches for Christians, Mosques for Muslims,
Temples for the Goverment”– Is it justifiable for a non-religious country to accept this rule?
5.  As per the Public Establishment Enquiries Act, the Government already has the right to appoint a commission to inquire the facts related to corruption. So What is the specialty in this new ordinance? Since the terms and conditions of the Corruption Prevention Act is applicable to the Devaswom also. Is the existing Government got no right to take action against this? What method the Government has adopted to prevent corruption in the new ordinance? Is the Government ready to prosecute those who are engaged in corruption?
6. Is the LDF/UDF Government responsible for not providing importance for Scheduled castes as well as Feminine organizations in the Devaswom boards? Has the pilgrims ever disagreed to favour them?
7. Is the new ordinance issued as an attempt to nullify the power of the court gradually on the Devaswom Boards? Can it be treated as the first step towards making temples as a playground for the Government and the Politicians at the same time to grab the whole income from these Temples ?
8. Whether the devotee got any right to ask for the details of usage of his offerings to the temples such as money, materials and the like? Or are they statues?
9. For the Muslim religious body, Wakf board, recruitment power exists with them. Why a public recruitment board is appointed for the recruitment in Devaswom boards?
10. If recruitment of the board is assigned to PSC, Will the construction works of temples be assigned to the PWD in future?
11.    Why can’t the scholars and devotees well versed in the rituals of the temples be included for considering the appointments for the Devaswom board?
12. As per the new ordinance, the Government will appoint all the members of the Devaswom board and they should swear in front of the Government secretary. Is it not an attempt to control the power of the board?
13. Why the freedom of religion and freedom to worship is prohibited for Hindus? Why the government is not interested in restricting Islamic and Christian institutions and their corrupt practices?
14. At this age of Decentralization of power, why don’t they handover the responsibility of managing temples to devotees?
15. Will the directives for Devaswom board to submit the administrative and auditing report to the Government lead to a loss of independency of the board?
16. Why only Hindus are restricted when the Christians and Muslims have the freedom to administer their places of worship?
17. Why the Rent Control Act is applicable only for temples, when Islamic and Christian places of worship are exempted?
18. Why control for loud speakers for devotional songs from temples when there is no control on the prayer daily from the mosques?
19. Is it fair to impose income tax only for income from
Temples? Is it not religious indiscrimination to instruct Sabarimala and Guruvayoor temples to file income tax returns when Christian Churches
and Mosques are exempted from Income Tax returns?
20. As per the Supreme court verdict, the usage of musical instruments, stage shows and fireworks after
10pm is prohibited which in turn made various festival committees in trouble. Why the govt. not file a suit to get Back the freedom to conduct such types of festivities which are of cultural importance to our country? 

Let all Hindus join together and march against the evil results of the Marxist Devasom Ordinance. May Hindus be steadfast and brave in their opposition to Communist take over of temples.

March with Hindu Aikya Vedi against atheist Marxist. Fight against lawlessness and march for righteousness.
– Hindu Aikya Vedi – Kerala –


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