“No-principle is the basic principle of the party”

via Seshadri Rajagopalan published on May 15, 2007

Dravidian Parties – Part 3

“No-principle is the basic principle of the party”

Author: Seshadri Rajagopalan


In 1919, Indian total population was only 30 crores.


The British never bothered about the development of Indian agriculture and industries. So, there was only shortage of everything. In Bengal nearly 30 lakh people perished due to shortage of food, à famine alone.


Government had to import most of our requirements, like rice from Burma and Thailand. In those days, Trains, buses and lorries were driven by Coal or Charcoal due to shortage of Petrol and diesel, so the forests had to be destroyed for fuel purposes, thereby resulting in shortage of rainfall.  What little agriculture could be done, it was also all paralysed.


In the Madras Province, worst situation prevailed. Justice party, the stooges of British with their chelas, the Dravidians did nothing to alleviate the sufferings of people.


The task of Rajaji Government became very onerous once his Congress Party swept to power in 1937. As he was a born Brahmin, these Dravidians abused him in worst possible insinuations against him and against all the Brahmins.    


All apparent surfaced problems, which Justice Party never bothered or just ignored, had to be solved in the interest of people of Madras Province.                            


In those hard times, due to shortage of essential items, the Rajaji Government had to resort to Rationing of food distribution and distribute gruel to the poor at required places. As a long measure for rainfall, the Government then took up “Vana Mahothsav” i.e. mass

Planting of saplings among other measures taken for the upliftment of people of the Province. 


But these Dravidians poked fun at the Rajaji Government for the gruel distribution as “Gruel Pots” and about the Rationing of essential food items as “Government of 5 (five) ounces”, in the most derogative terms, and called “Vana Mahothsav” as “Goat feeding festival ” in their political meetings and writings.


As early as in 1922, Devadas Gandhi opened Hindi Prachar Sabhas at Thygaraya Nagar, Madras and Tiruchirapalli. That time EVR Periyar was in Congress Party.  He never objected even for namesake for opening of Hindi Prachar Sabhas at Madras Province.


Rajaji made Hindi as a compulsory language in schools.  Now EVR and his Dravidians after joining in the Justice Party, shamelessly called Hindi as “Red–Hot-Fire from North to torch Tamilians”. (This subject of Hindi came in handy in 1967 to capture the power in Madras State. Let’s see this when we discuss the details of ‘How they captured Power in Madras State’) But now they learn Hindi in classes arranged thro’ Parliament.


EVR Periyar when he was in Congress Party, he carried woven-Khadi from Erode and sold at Pollachi town.  The very same man scoffed at Khadi later on and told his audience of Dravidian party meetings that whoever wears Khadi is a “donkey”.


In Kanchipuram conference on 22nd May, 1959, when someone asked EVR Periyar “how come you became a leader for Tamilians being a man from Karnataka” for which he replied, “none in Tamil Nadu deserved to a leader so I have to lead such people”.


Dravidians who claim now ‘Tamil’ language as their sole property, the claim as if it is their very life today and they alone had contributed to its rich heritage from the time immemorial to this day, (their real contribution to Tamil as Literature is next to NIL) but EVR Periyar stated categorically that Tamil Language is the language of Barbarians and English is the best language of the world and everything should be done as per the British customs.


I refer to page 1227 of “Periyar’s thoughts” the following is so stated:


“How many have died of drinking. Even when there was prohibition, people were drinking; those who want to drink would always invent ways and means to drink.  None can stop it. By prohibition, Government alone would be the loser of revenue. Prohibition could make people lazy. It is better to drink Toddy or Arrack than going for a cinema’. (Cinema became an entry point for Dravidians to enter into politics).


I can only compare this as follows: “killing a cow and use its skin for shoes to be given in charity”


Their heroic slogan ‘Adainthal Dravidanadu illai enil sudukadu’ – meaning ‘we have to get a separate Dravida Nadu or else the next alternative is only cemetery (as death is preferable)’


This blood-curling slogan is smartly jettisoned now and became just a small balloon burst or passed as whisper and their avowed greatest principle of that day they ranted out in shrill tone in every political meeting and writing just ‘gone with the wind’ [presently only, liable to be reviewed or revived at a convenient future].


Eating words had never given them any indigestion.


Dravidians also call themselves as Atheists. For Dravidians all recitations in Sanskrit are abominable, for, it is dear to Hindus and Brahmins, but they take Dr. Ambedkar for propaganda purposes, as Dravidians prefer Buddism than Hinduism.  Buddist religion believes in the existence of God. All their recitations of prayers are in Sanskrit, like “Buddam Saranam Gachchami, Sangam Saranam Gachchami, Dharmam Saranam Gachchami”. 


They have no answer or are silent when asked about their duplicity about Buddism.


Nor they can ever dream of stopping the Muslims worshiping in Arab Language. They know what will happen to them. Yet they call themselves as very honourable Atheists.


They help spread of Christianity because it is not Hinduism. 


They swear by Thiruvalluvar and his Thirukkural now, who was an out and out Hindu ‘Theist’, and whose book of couplets opens with ten Prayers to God, yet they call themselves as Atheists.  They conveniently avoid any questions on this point about Thiruvalluvar and Thirukkural.


Dravidians also call themselves as Atheists and their movement they call it as “swaya Mariyadai” movement in Tamil Language meaning self-respect in English. Both the words “swaya” and “Mariyadai” have Sanskrit roots. They are never Tamil words at all. (Here Pakuththarivu – is different from Swaya Mariyadai) 


It seems that they cannot find words equivalent in Tamil Language for these two words of Sanskrit!! Yet they use these two Sanskrit words to describe themselves. Yet another duplicity!!  Why the hell they resort to use Sanskrit Language when they hate that language so much?  Yet they call themselves as very honourable Dravidian Atheists.


Dravidians now hobnob with the practising Roman Catholic Sonia Maino, the Italian wife of ex-Prime Minister of India, with an Italian Passport to this day, who had become the President of Indian Congress Party. Her only qualification is: she being the wife of murdered Indian PM and nothing else. (What else – you tell me if there is any other)


As long as she has these Tanjore dolls like Manmohan Singh, Mani Shankar Iyer, Ambika Soni, Mu. Karunanidhi, Lallu Prasad, with Comrade Karat, et al., she need not worry at all. *****Birds of the same feather flock together. (See at the end tailpiece). Now she wishes her son also holding an Italian Passport, to continue the dynastic rule of Nehrus in India.


It is a tragedy that she occupies the same place where many eminent patriotic Indians like Lokamanya Tilak, Sardar Patel, MK Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Rajaji, Kripalani and et al once nurtured the very same Political party and undergone untold sufferings for the sake of Mother India.


At no time Dravidians had any Basic permanent principle of their own but will never hesitate to change their hues to any principle if it suits them contrary even to the ones, which they just now hold on to for the present.  So, “No-principle is the basic principle of the party”


That is why I call them as Chameleons.




Many patriots sacrificed their everything belonging to them for the creation of the present Hindustan and these Dravidians who know absolutely nothing called Indian Nationalism or patriotism nor contributed any damn thing for the Mother India. Yet they are the rulers of an enlightened people of Tamil Nadu from 1967 to this day. What a tragedy?!


On the contrary, they were not only stooges of the British oppressors but also made fun of patriots in every breadth and they glossed over it. 


They sang threnody (Plakkanam in Tamil) at the time when the British had to leave India for good, begging them to rule at least the Madras Province alone from England.


Now, they enjoy by chewing not only all the fruits of the labours of our patriots for a long time partnering with the foreign and enemy elements even to this day and they cannot abandon their in born-trait of betrayal to Indian Nation i.e., sleeping with the enemy called LTTE, who are banned in India.


These Dravidians facilitate suitable environment for LTTE for abusing peace in the region. These Dravidians arrange for killing of Indian Leaders in Indian Soil.  They go down to any lowest level of indecency.  They find vicarious pleasure in hurting the sentiments of Hindu majority of Hindustan and still thriving. 


Now nincompoop Dravidians want to smash Ramar Palam, an ancient man-made Wonder Bridge across the sea venerated by all Hindus throughout the world, to facilitate future infiltration of LTTE into India easily and quietly.


Dravidians’ dream of creating a “Tamil Nation” to be carved out of my Mother India and the merger of “Tamil Eelam’ with “Tamil Nation” in the future is the ‘HIDDEN AGENDA’ at present in the process which many in India fail to understand, notice and appreciate. I am not a prophet, but this is my intuition as 1 +1 = 2 (only). It cannot be otherwise.

Now, you can know why the

*****Birds of the same feather just flock together.


I am very sure of what I have stated above and it is now confirmed by none of other than the Dravidian Party Supremo Mu. Karunanidhi at Chenni Legislative Assembly on 14th May 2007 in the following words unequivocally and un-ambiguously:


(Source: Dinamalar – 14th May 2007) Translated into English:

Chennai: M. Karunanidhi declared this in the Legislative Assembly.

There is no point or use in discussing about water sharing with the neighbouring states.

Earlier, we had thrown overboard our demand for partition of the Country (for Dravida Nadu) to keep up the oneness of the Indian Nationhood. Everyone notices you only when there is a hue and cry on any subject.

So, we can also reverse very well and renew our decision for demand for a separate Nation, called Dravida Nadu


What an irony of fate for Indians!!


It is dangerous to be silent when we know that the hostile elements are allowed to rule us. It calls for another uprising of Patriotic Indians alone.


Awake! Arise!! Stop not till we throw these people out from our midst to thwart their designs!!!


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