Nation ignores ‘The Prince among patriots’ on his birthday

published on May 28, 2012

Savarkar was born on 28th May 1883 at Bhagoor, a small village near Nasik (Maharashtra). He gave his everything i.e his life, intellect, courage, talent, education, his entire family to the service of his motherland ‘Bharata Mata’. He suffered his entire life for the sake of his motherland, while ‘political pigmies’ enjoyed power and pelf.      
The following is a brief account of his life. He passed away on 26th February 1966.

Veer Savarkar was the first Indian political leader to call for Swadeshi, and the first Indian leader who publicly made a bonfire of foreign clothes (1906), many years before Gandhi.

He was the first rebel leader of India who refused to recognize the authority of a British Court of Law.  He was the first political prisoner in world history the issue of whose arrest was fought out in the International Court in The Hague. Savarkar was the first political prisoner in the political history of Bharat who was sentenced to 50 years’ transportation. He was the first poet in the world who, deprived of pen and paper, composed and wrote his poems on prison walls with thorns and pebbles, learnt with Vedic tenacity more than ten thousand lines of his poetry for years till they reached his country through the mouth of others, and showed how, since the dawn of humanity, sacred Vedas were passed down from generation to generation. Unlike Gandhi and Nehru who were given Class A prisoner status, Savarkar was given Class C and was made to drive an oil mill. He had to mulch coir and make ropes out of it with bare hands.

Veer Savarkar said a Hindu is one who considers India as his holy land; he fights for his country, his fatherland. Non-Hindus don’t consider India as their holy land. They stay here but their holy lands are outside India. These people came to India to spread their religion. Hindus will never tolerate that. Christians converted people in the guise of preaching to them. So Savarkar opposed them.

On the issue of minorities and nationalists, Savarkar gave a slogan at that time, ‘If you [Muslims and Christians] come with us [Hindus], it is well and good. But if you don’t come with us, Hindus will go alone and achieve Independence.’ Savarkar opposed Jinnah when he asked for Pakistan.

After the arrest of his brother, who also was given a life term in the Andaman Islands, and banning of his books in 1909, the British confiscated all his family’s property and belongings. Even their utensils and clothes were thrown out on the street. His family had no belongings except the clothes they were wearing at the time. All this while he was in Europe. This victimization of his family made him return to London where he was arrested.

The book Savarkar worked the longest on is ‘Six Gloriuos Epochs of Indian History’- This book has nearly one thousand references. This is the true Indian history, not the canned ‘British’ version of history. All Indians should at least read this book to know their true history.

Savarkar said that if Pakistan came into being it would raise an army and always disturb the peace and progress of India. It came true. Four wars with Pakistan. We have Kashmiri terrorism supported by Pakistan.

On Feb 3. 1966 Savarkar decided to surrender to death and simply stopped taking any food or drink other than water. He had stopped taking any medicine a month before that. Savarkar in his will asked that nobody should observe hartal or close his business to mourn his death to avoid inconveniencing common people. He was cremated in an electric crematorium as per his wish because he considered it more clean and efficient.


In every age the nation that had access to superior force defeated the nations that did not have that advantage. Our country should have access to a superior device, weapon or force. Bharat should believe in noble principles for the progress of humanity but keep her superior weapons ready for her own survival.

We humbly salute your unforgettable,
daring achievements for our motherland.

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