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via Narayanadas published on November 16, 2007

Krishna , Guruvayoorappa ! Dear Bhakthas ,

Ground Realities

Although there is a paper-Municipality called Guruvayoor , it is just a satellite of the main “Chavakkad” Municipality . The name “Chavakkad” came from the word “Shapa kkad .” Thomas the Apostle visited the area, converted Namboodiris to Christianity, and converted a Temple into a Church . Vedic Brahmanas considered this as a “shapam”, or curse, so they named the city “Shappakad”, later Chavakkad .

Now Chavakkad is a Muslim majority area . It is known as “Mini-Gulf” because of the sizeable NRI Muslim population . Although majority of the “Locals” are wealthy , they are Selfish and not Compassionate to the sacred Land . “Hatred & Exploitation” is their cultural policy . As a result , the infrastructure facilities in place are very poor . Influential people sabotage the Government schemes and grab the allotted Land & Funds.

In recent times, there has been several efforts to divert the Guruvayoor Temple Funds to develop facilities for Chavakkad . M.K.Muneer initiated this concept during his tenure as a Minister in the previous Government and it is still being pursued by current Leader . Now, P.T.Kunju Mohammed represents the Guruvayoor constituency . He is a Writer , Film director and a Leader of the so called “Purogamana Kala Sahitya Sangham” ( Progressive Art and Literary Society) . Recently, he attracted media attention with the statement :

” Onam can not be called as a National festival . It is just a “Feudalist Ritual ” .

Almost 90% of Shops , Hotels , Auditoriums and other Business Establishments around Guruvayoor Temple is owned by the Muslim community . The previous Devaswom Boards have had initiated several projects to acquire more land around the Temple . Even the Court-verdicts were in favor of the planned Land acquisition . Unfortunately , the various Government-Authorities , have refused to act always, only because of Selfish reasons .

Thus, having failed to put in place a “Secured Township” like other Shrines ( Thirupathy , etc) , the only Security barrier in place is the “Single point ” Security screening in front of the Entrances to the Temple .

Guruvayoorappan’s Divine Helping-Hand

Bhagavan is fully aware that , everyone except His Bhakthas are against the Temple . The Devaswom Board is constituted of Government nominated Chairman and Members, an Administrator ( Govt. Employee) , and (3) Traditional Members ( Zamorin, Thanthri & the Head of Mallisseri Namboodiri Family) . Often , only the Thanthri opposes the anti-Temple resolutions .

Whenever , the Selfish authorities tried to sabotage the Temple by corrupting the “Kshethra-Acharas” OR diverting the Funds , Bhagavan intervened through His chosen Mediums . Some of the recent events in this regard , are listed below :

* When Anil Kumar ( former Administrator) tried to amend the “Udayastamana Pooja” disregarding the Thantri’s objection , a Court order terminated his service.

* When the former Devaswom Board in collaboration with Muneer decided to divert the Temple Funds , both the Board and Muneer were kicked out of power .
* When the current Devaswom Board isolated the Thantri Bhagavan intervened through the unexpected “Devaprashnam” .

Selfishness Spoils Darshan

Many People seeking Darshan are impatient and selfish . They view fellow-seekers as Enemies . It is alright to desire Darshan of Guruvayoorappan ., but it should not be by pushing and pulling .

While seeking Darshan , one must adhere to the following without fail :

1. Exercise Patience and Restraint .
2. Use the time productively to chant Bhagavan’s Namas .
3. Perform `SEVA’ by giving possible help to needy Bhakthas . If you behave rudely with a Bhaktha , you are misbehaving with Bhagavan Himself .
4. It is a fine “SEVA” to lend a helping hand to keep the Temple clean . If any rubbish is noticed , you can safely place it in the dust bin . Since the entire Temple premises is Guruayoorappan’s body , when your remove a dirt, you are cleaning Bhagavan Himself .

Unlike similar Major Shrines elsewhere , Guruvayoor Temple is compact . The charm of a “Guruvayoor Darshan” is it’s unpredictability . A faithful Bhaktha gets an opportunity to evaluate own Bhakthy-Yoga . It is Bhagavan “Leela” to test His Bhakthas . Sometimes, you don’t get a proper darshan . When you start lamenting the lack of Bhakthy , suddenly Bhagavan takes you inside to give a good Darshan . These are such divine “Leelas” to be experienced and enjoyed in Guruvayoor Temple . Remember , Guruvayoor is not a mere shrine . It is “Bhooloka Vaikuntam” ( The “Vaikuntam” on Earth) which is the abode of Maha-Vishnu’s “Vigraha-Avathara” (Deity Incarnation) .

Om Namo Narayanaya!!!

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