Marxist historians decieved India-Michael Danino

via HK published on August 14, 2006


“Marxist historiography of Indian history accepts in practice the broad framework of the erstwhile colonial historians, even as it throws new insights, some of which are often valuable.”

Michel Danino, convener, International Forum for India’s Heritage, slammed Marxist Historians for their servile attitude shown towards their Colonial masters.

Micahael Danini was speaking on `A thematic view of Indian civilisation’,at the Pudukode kendra of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

“the history of India that we study for our examinations is really a nightmarish account of India. Our real ties are with `Bharatavarsha’ that lie outside textbooks. If the history of this tie is lost, our soul loses its anchorage.”

A noted Indologist,Danino continues, “colonial-Marxist” view the history of India from a purely materialistic, social and economic definition of man. Since no spiritual dimension is acknowledged, India’s religious and spiritual movements and evolution are interpreted purely from a materialistic standpoint.

“Indian spirituality and religion are therefore of no value, as are India’s great spiritual figures. To a Marxist historian, Swami Vivekananda’s or Sri Aurobindo’s or Tagore’s understanding of Indian history and civilisation is of no relevance. Thus India’s cultural continuity and identity are basically denied. Artificial breaks are introduced in time (for instance, the imaginary Aryan invasion of India) or in society (the Brahmins vs. the rest of India),” he said.

“We do hear of India’s `diversity’ but not what constitutes its `unity.’ India’s cultural bond, for instance the reach of epic and Puranic lore to the remotest corners of the country, is not thought to be a worthwhile object of study. Thus Indian education is neither Indian nor education.”

“India’s civilisational achievements and contributions to the world in science, technology, philosophy, spirituality, religion, art, literature, scripts, etc., are consistently underemphasised. Failing to work out an Indian historiography of India, this perspective in effect promotes a de-Indianised view of Indian history, which can logically lead only to the atomisation of India, since one is left to wonder what can hold together this bewildering medley”

Michael Danino convened International forum for India’s Heritage in 2001 with160 eminent founder members, whose mission is to promote the essential values of India’s heritage in every field of life.

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