Marxist Conspiracy against Hindus

published on April 9, 2007




Dr. Babu Suseelan


Recently I was having a conversation with a Marxist academician from India who was on a speaking tour in the U.S. He was invited by a college under the management of a Christian fundamentalist group. During our conversation, he accused “Hindutva Vadis” of being “mean-spirited, hateful and, judgmental.”


The conversation was instructive that led me to ponder the question why atheist Marxists have an affinity for Islamic and Christian fundamentalists.  Why they hate peace loving, tolerant and passive Hindus who believe in coexistence and universalism? Why have they established an unholy alliance with Islamic fascists and Christian fundamentalists in India?


Marxist hatred of religion is inherent in the philosophy of Marx. For Marx, “religion does not reflect the productive process, and it diverts people’s attention from their miseries, which are consequences of exploitation. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless condition. It is the opium of the people.”


The passage clearly states Marx’s view that religion is the resulting conditions of the historical systems of exploitation. Marx’s theory of religion was an aspect of his general theory of society that prevailed in Europe in his era. For Marx, Christianity was the cause of human suffering in Europe. For him, Christianity appeared as an unmitigated evil, a superstition. He saw Christianity as the greatest obstacle to human progress. For the European communists, the Church had “extinguished the torch of progress in the blood of Christ.”


For European communists, hatred of religion proceeds from their belief that fundamentalist religions like Christianity has been a hindrance to progress and has resulted in much evil. In fact, Marx was even sceptical of Christianity’s ability to serve the interests of the working class. The reason for Marx’s hatred towards Christianity was the historical evidence that Church has always supported the maintenance of the legitimacy of the exploiter. Thus, to create a classless society, religion as a tie to the past must be eliminated. Marx suggested that Christianity, with its concepts of salvation, reflects the outlook of utterly despairing people, of slaves, who lost their battles with their masters.


Marx’s opposition to religion may reflect the social conditions prevailed in Europe. Marx was trying to solve the problem of duality of egoistic individualism and the religious society that exploited the poor masses. He advocated the need to emancipate the Christian world which opposed the proletariat.


In spite of number of problems with his ideology, Marx’s theory of society and of religion while in many ways controversial has nonetheless provided great insight into the oppressive nature of Christianity.


Indian Marxists have departed from Marx and made a grotesque alliance with Islamic fascists and Christian fundamentalists. Their goal is to comfort the comfortable Imams, Jihadi terrorists, Bishops and the Church and wage a relentless war against Hindutva that comfort the afflicted Indian masses. Indian Marxists make Hindus the eternal scapegoat.  At the same time, they are pleased to tolerate Islamic poison and Christian hatred.


Marxist intellectuals are not interested in studying the all inclusive, universal philosophy of Hindutva. Rather than understanding Hindutva, the social fabric that keeps India together, they prefer to study social history of Europe and ignore the cruelties and immoralities of Christianity and forget butcheries committed by Islamic Jihadis. Dogmatic Islam and Christianity and their regressive, rigid and irrational belief system are dear to Indian Marxists. In India , Marxists have made an unholy coalition with Islamic fascists, Christian fundamentalists and anarchists against Hindutva.  Indian Marxists never view Islam and Christianity as the creation of bourgeoisie and they are unaware that they serve the interests of bourgeoisie and are against the interests of the proletariat.  They seldom study their historical exploitation, divisive nature and brutality.


Age old Hindu customs, temple practices, spiritual traditions, personal freedom have been revalued under Marxist perversion. They can’t seem to fathom freedom, spirituality and culture in the same sense as Hindus. The frame of-mind of Marx was more in tune with the realities of the Christian fundamentalists. Indian Marxists stand in stark contrast and make partnership with Islamic Mullahs and the Church. When Indian Marxists speak of freedom today, they are acknowledging the defeat of freedom for Hindus and license for Jihadi terrorists. Hindus are defeated in almost every corner in the Marxist ruled West Bengal and Kerala. Under Marxist rule, Jihadis and evangelists obtain more liberty, and their anti-Hindu activities are protected.



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