Mangalamayi Mahayagam

via published on December 8, 2006

Thiruvananthapuram: Mangalamayi Mahayagam has started from today in Putharikkandam Maidan.From Today December 9th to December 17th Maidan will turn to a yagabhumi. The yagam was started with Maha Ganapathi Homam  at 5 am IST.The Yagam is organised by Viswa Sanathana Vedanta  Trust which has its activities based on Indian Darsanas, is propagating Sanathana Dharama. C.S.Harikumar a successful entrepreneur and an active social figure is the Founder Trustee of VSVT.


This is going to be the first Mahayagam in Kaliyugam. The Yaga offering prayers to Mangalamayi Devi, the giver of all glories is termed Mangalamayi Mahayagam.

Several delegates from all states of India as well as from all most all countries from abroad are expected to participate in this Yagam.


In the presence of Uthradam Thirunal Marthandavarma,Jnana Sambandhadesika Paramacharya,Professor G.Balakrishnan Nair ,Narasimha Agida Acharya Thilak Adhipathik,Govinda Agida,Balakrishna Maharaj,Mahaguru Balaprajapathi Adigalar,M.G.Radhakrishnan,Mahesh kakthar Sringeri yagam will be inaugurated today evening.


Kanchi Sankaracharaya Swami, Bharathiya Vicharakendram Director P. Parameswaran,BJP Leaders Sushama Swaraj and O.Rajagopal, Dr. Baladevananda Sagar,Pondichery Chief Minister N.Ranga Swamy,P. Govinda Pillai etc will participate in the seminars organized in connection with the yagam.


Mookambika Temple Melshanthi Narasimha Agida is the Yagacharyan.Other Vedic Scholars will be in charge of main poojas.


Organizers had arranged food for all who are present at the Yaga Bhoomi (Annadana) and VSVT expect three lakhs of visitors every day.

Every micro unit of the Universe will be vibrant with the power of the Mahayaga. Many Pooja and Yagnas and Homas that Indian tradition prescribes are also held in the Yaga Bhoomi.Yaga Bhoomi is a Kamadhenu that gives everything on demand. In short, the
whole world is going to receive a divine energy through Mangalamayi Mahayagam. Though quite materialistic in its form, it will lead to the spiritual or metaphysical stages ultimately. The vibrations emerging from the Yagabhoomi will reach the whole world and cure it of its material handicaps to step into the spiritual path in due course. The Mahayaga in itself is not an end. It is only a means to help us decline the lust for the material objects and crave for the higher values.

Special features of the Mahayaga

Mangalamayi Mahayaga was held long back in Dwaparayuga. Since then it is for the first time, this is going to be held in the Kaliyuga. Every individual exposed to Mangalamayi Devi the omnipotent’s glow, gets his woes and worries cured. All comforts and amenities we crave for at the material level, she grants. The chanting at the yagabhoomi amidst a pious atmosphere spreads to the whole universe and its impact is felt in every atom. Those who participate in the yaga are bestowed with academic gains, virtuous offsprings, housing, spouse, vehicles, property, prosperity, fame, immunity against diseases and poverty etc. It gives salvation to the seekers. Of course the Mahayaga provides immense spiritual bliss above all material accomplishments. This Mahayaga prepares every participant for self recognition and introspection. He becomes capable of bearing the meaning of Spirituality, by which he can merge himself with the “Nadabodha Brahma Swaroopa”, the supreme self. A comprehension of the fact about the universe, conveyed in the formula “Consciousness + Names & Forms = Universe”, helps every man attending the Mahayaga merge himself in to the Parabrahma.

Poojas, Yajnjas & Homas

Close to the main Yajnjavedi where Mangalamayi Mahayagam is to be held, in another vedi, eight relevant poojas that Indian tradition prescribes are held in eight days. They are Aiswaryapooja, Mahalakshmi pooja, Bhagyasooktha pooja, Saraswathypooja, Mangalamayipooja, Maha Saubhagya pooja, Dampathipooja & Mathrupooja. In addition to these, in the Poojamandapam other offerings like Archana, Naivedyam, Mangalapooja, Kumkumarchana, Thirumadhuram, Panchamruthabhishekam, Sreerudrabhishekam, Sreesookthabhishekam etc. are also materialised. A variety of Poojas and Yajnjas like Ashtadravya Maha Ganapathi homam, Sukrutha homam, Kanakadharayagam, Lekshmikubera Dhanakarshanahomam, Navagrahasanthi homam, Mahasudharsanahomam, Mahasaraswathayajnam, Vasthuhomam (Panchasirassupooja), Karthaveeryarjuna yagam, Mahamrithyunjaya havanam etc. are also offered. These are meant to uplift man in his material pursuits and hence participation in them opens before him the door to fulfilment of his desired end. Yagabhoomi is a Kamadhenu that gives everything on demand. Those participating in the pooja with complete submission and strong will power will have first hand experience of this.


Kudumbapooja is performed to keep the family graceful and peaceful. All members of the family can take part in this pooja. It provides welfare and glory to the family. Industrial and commercial progress, better income and higher status are also the benefits of Kudumbapooja. All priests at the Yagavedi together performs this. This pooja is also performed on behalf of people who cannot directly reach the yaga. Submission of ‘Havissu’ at the yaga wins the family special care and grace of God. As part of the Kudumbapooja, Sreesookthahomam is performed. Those who participate in the Kudumbapooja will be given Sreesooktha Yanthra as Yajnjaprasada. As a result of Kudumbapooja, in addition to the immense material gains, each individual is made aware of the presence of the abstract, yet all powerful, consciousness within him.

The participation of the public in the Mahayaga

Both the Indians and the people abroad can benefit from this yaga. All who present themselves at the Yagabhoomi will be given chance to witness the Yaga.

The chanting of spells emerging from the Yajnjasala, get echoed in the whole universe in all living and non-living organisms and even in the solar system. Hence those who fail to reach the Yagabhoomi too can avail the impact of Yaga, provided they remain in their abode in deep meditation.

The impact of this Yaga is beyond the experiences and pleasures of senses. Those who observe their Karma while engage themselves in prayers with a focussed mind can take part in the yaga and share its results. In short, participation in the Yaga, directly or indirectly, gives one both material prospects and spiritual accomplishments.


The devotees who are present at the yagabhoomi can saddle their thoughts, acquire concentration and engage themselves in meditation at the Dhyanamandapam. Having filled their mind with the Pranavamanthra emerging from the Yagavedi, they find their way opened to assimilation with God through meditation.


Yagabhoomi is vibrant with chanting of spells. Inspired by this atmosphere, if you feel like chanting namas, you may retire to the Namajapamandapam. Chanting of namas brings the devotee close to Brahma. Ultimately he finds himself turned part of the nameless eternity.

Kalasamskarikavedi (Saraswathimandapam)

Art and cultural programmes that bear marks of Indian tradition are performed in yagabhoomi all day long. Renowned artists participate in this. Saraswathimandapam will be remarkable, for it lets loose the talents of children.

Talks, Symposiums (Vachaspathy Mandapam)

Learned men and sages deliver speeches on a variety of subjects at the Yagabhoomi in Vachaspathy Mandapam. These speeches add to your knowledge on Indian tradition and Vedanta. Symposiums discuss a variety of contemporary issues.

Parking, Stalls

Separate areas will be provided for parking four wheeler, two wheeler and three wheeler vehicles. Throughout the yagabhoomi there are commercial stalls run by organizations functioning at the spiritual level and otherwise. A laboratory that studies and analyses the effect of the yaga set up within the premises makes use of the reliability of modern science.

Annadanam (Annapoorneswary Mandapam)

Another feature of the yaga is that it provides food for all who are present at the yagabhoomi. Annam (food) is Brahma. Feeding thousands of people who are participating in the yaga is the very part of yaga rituals.

Yagacharyan, Yagapurohitan

Yagacharyan, Yagapurohitan and their train are Rishi-like sages who always remain in prayers, strictly observing Brahmanya Karmas and with complete submission to God.



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