Malaparamba Narasimhamoorthy Temple Arises Like The Somnath In Gujarat

via By Ghatotkacha Nair published on June 29, 2011

The Malaparamba Matummal Sri Narasimhamoorthy Temple is situated in Malappuram District, a Muslim majority district in Kerala. The miniscule Hindu population in Malappuram District is discriminated against in every walk of life including employment and in receiving social services. Now Taliban-like organizations enforcing Islamic fatwas have sprung up in Malappuram. They are targeting Hindu women with Love Jihad and the Hindu men with violence and extortion. The tiny economically deprived Hindu population in Malappuram is fighting with their backs to the wall.

The Malaparamba Narasimhamoorthy Temple was destroyed by Tippu Sultan’s jihadi army using artillery guns during the dreaded “padayottam”. This was rebuilt by Ramasimhan in the early months of 1947. In the mid of the night, the local jihadis made a well-planned slaughter of Ramasimhan and every family member/friend/retainer they could find in his house. Using the unsettled conditions during the Transfer of Power from the British Crown to the Indian Government, the local jihadis in an unprovoked savage attack demolished the Malaparamba Narasimhamoorthy Temple.

Narasimhamoorthy Temple demolition occurred in post-Independent India but we don’t hear any of the hysterical, high-decibel females in the print and electronic media making any mention of it anywhere.

The valiant Hindus of Malappuram are rebuilding their sacred temple in an act reminiscent of the historic reconstruction of the Somnath Temple in Gujarat by Hindu stalwarts like the Sardar Vallabhai Patel, President Rajendra Prasad and Union Minister K.M Munshi. These great men saw in Somnath Temple reconstruction, the fruits of freedom and the reversal of injustice done to Hindus. This sacred act of Temple reconstruction by the Hindus of Malappuram District is an act of defiance of Islamic oppressors and assertion of Hindu right to cultural continuance and democratic existence.
I am giving below the English translation of the Letter from the Malaparamba Mattummal Shri Narasimha Moorthy Charitable Trust in their Brochure issued in connection with the re-consecration of the Temple. The Temple Trust is conducting various religious rituals and cultural programmes leading to the re-consecration of Shri Narasimhamoorthy Temple. You can find the Programme Listing after the Letter.

Mattummal Sree Narasimhamoorthy Temple
Somnath of Kerala

Naveekarana Kalasham
Punah Pratishta

1st July 2011 up to and including
                13th July 2011
Punah Pratishta on Sunday 10th July 2011
Malaparamba, Angadippuram – 679321
Ph: 9847359967


Whenever Bharatham experienced foreign invasions, the invaders have always attempted to attack famous Hindu temples. These attacks on temples have occurred because the invaders had perceived our National Spirit as being rooted in Hinduism. Several instances in history point to such ideologically motivated attacks on temples. Several documentary evidences cite the dreaded ‘Padayottam’ of Tippu Sultan as the primary cause for the destruction of temples in Malabar. In the recent past, we can see that the Hindu resurgence and the Movement for reconstruction of temples commenced with the Hindu struggle for freedom of worship at the Angadipuram Tali Temple. This struggle was carried out in 1968 under the leadership of Sri Kelappaji. There is a similar history behind the ongoing reconstruction of Sri Narasimhamoorthy Temple in Malaparamba, a mere 3 Kilometers to the West of Angadipuram Tali Shiva Temple. This Temple which is considered to be over 3000 years old had been destroyed three times. This Temple was destroyed completely in 1947 in continuation of the Ramasimhan family massacre by local jihadis. Two Muslim brothers, Uneen Sahib and Alipu who accepted Sanatana Dharma and came to be eventually known by the names Ramasimhan and Dayasimhan undertook the sacred endeavour to reconstruct the Mattummal Narasimhamoorthy Temple. They were slaughtered as sacrificial offerings of Muslim terrorism and the soon the Temple properties came under Muslim control.

Detailed history of this Temple can be found in

Later it was in 1992 that the Temple reconstruction efforts commenced. After 13 years of protracted legal struggle the Sri Narasimhamoorthy Temple Trust received the lands on which the Temple once stood and this event marked the beginning of the sacred endeavour to physically reconstruct the Temple. In January 2008, Swami Chidanandapuri conducted the Shilanyas for the Temple. With blessings and benedictions of Jagadguru Shankaracharyas of Kanchi Mutt and Sringeri Mutt, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Late Shanker Shastri of Poona, Dr Rampal of London and other great men, the sacred task of temple reconstruction has entered its final phase.

A beautiful temple edifice is constructed at the same place where the ancient temple once stood. An indestructible memorial to those who had to lose their lives for the sacred cause of protection of Sanatana Dharma! There is no doubt that after performance of the punah pratishta and naveekarana kalasham of this Temple carried out with contribution of the devout public, this Temple complex will turn out to be a major pilgrim centre in Malabar.
Acharyas, vedic pundits, cultural leaders and artists of Kerala will be participating in various programmes that will blend religious ceremony with joyous celebrations as an integral part of a harmonious and colourful tapestry of an age-old culture.

This maha-yajnam involves a large financial outlay. Devotees can become partners in this sacred endeavour by taking on specific responsibilities or otherwise contributing in the Temple construction activities that are yet to be completed.

Please contact the temple authorities for further details.

C.P Janardhanan  (Chairman)  Punah-Pratishta Kalasha Samiti
Mattummal Sree Narasimhamoorthy Temple Charitable Trust
Angadipuram, 679321                     Telephone: 9847359967
Contributions may be sent directly to the Temple Trust bank account which is as follows:
Contributions may be sent directly to the Temple Trust bank accounts which are as follows:
Vijaya Bank, Perinthalmanna Branch
A/c Number:     203001010008646
IFSC Code:     VIJB0002030
SWIFT CODE:     VIJBINBBCHN203001010008646


Poojas, Rituals and Programmes

Day One:  
 1st July 2011, Friday
07:30 AM     Panchavaadyam instrumental music.
03:30 PM    Programme for honouring the shilpis.
04:00 PM    Cultural Meet inaugurated by Mananeeya K. Suryanarayana Rao.
Formal request made by Temple Trustees to the Acharyas for commencing the various rituals. Ankoora-arpanam, Asthra-Kalasham.
07:00 PM    Dance program by Kumari Sriranjani, Kolathur.

Day Two:    2nd July 2011, Saturday
05:30 AM    Temple rituals commence with Abhishekham, Ganapathy Homam,
        Dhaara etc
10:30 AM    Sangeeta-archana.
06:00 PM    Deepa-aaradhana, Bhagawathi Seva.
07:00 PM    Triple Thaayambaka instrumental music.

Day Three:    3rd July 2011, Sunday
05:30 AM    Temple rituals commence with Abhishekham, Ganapathy Homam,
        Dhaara etc
10:30 AM    Poojaneeya Swami Dayananda Saraswati addresses the Meeting.
        Meeting presided over by Shri K.R Bhaskaran Pillai.
        Narayaneeyam-paarayanam by Thali Narayaneeya Samithi,
06:00 PM    Deepa-aaradhana, Bhagawathi Seva.
07:00 PM    Sangeetha-Kacheri by Smt. Sreedevi Vasudevan.

Day Four:    4th July 2011, Monday
05:30 AM    Temple rituals commence with Abhishekham, Ganapathy Homam,             Dhaara etc
Mahapanchakam,  JalaSamprokshanam, MahaaKalashaKumbhaPooja
08:00 AM    Shilpies formally hand over the moorthies meant to be consecrated in Maalaparamba Maattummal Sri Narasimhamoorthy Temple. Moorthies are taken in a Ceremonial Procession consisting of decorated chariots and escort vehicles to the accompaniment of instrumental music and received formally at various prominent temples en route to Maalaparamba. Procession reaches Narasimhamoorthy Temple on 6th July.
10:30 AM    Speech by Shri Valsan Thillenkeri.
        Meeting presided over by Dr Kumari Sukumaran.
        Narayaneeyam-paarayanam by Thali Narayaneeya Samithi,
04:00 PM    Paathakam (a Temple Art) by Kavapra Bineesh
06:00 PM    Deepa-aaradhana, Bhagawathi Seva.
07:00 PM    Thaayambaka by Vinesh, Angadipuram.

Day Five:    5th July 2011, Tuesday
05:30 AM    Ganapathy Homam, MahaKumbhaKalasha Abhishekham etc,.
10:30 AM    Speech by Shri K.V Madanan (VHP, State Vice President).
        Meeting presided over by Shri N.M Kadamban Namboothiripad
(Temple Protection Samithi, State President).
        Narayaneeyam-paarayanam by Thali Narayaneeya Samithi,
06:00 PM    Deepa-aaradhana, Bhagawathi Seva.
07:00 PM    Katha-Kali-Ppada Kacheri  by Kumari SriRanjani, Kolathur.

Day Six:    6th July 2011, Wednesday
05:30 AM    Ganapathy Homam, Prayaschita Homam, AdbhutaShanthi Homam
10:30 AM    Poojaneeya Dr Dharmananda Saraswati Swami addresses the
Meeting presided over by Shri V.C Parameshwaran
05:30 PM    Ceremonial Procession of the new moorthies of Lord Narasimha and upa-devas formally received at Maattummal Temple. Jala-Adhivasam.
        Narayaneeyam-paarayanam by Thali Narayaneeya Samithi,
06:00 PM    Deepa-aaradhana, Bhagawathi Seva.

Day Seven:    7th July 2011, Thursday
05:30 AM    Ganapathy Homam, Tatva Homam, TatvaKalasha Abhishekham, AnujnaBrahmaKalasha Pooja,  etc,.
10:30 AM    Speech by Dr R. Ramachandran Nair.
    Meeting presided over by Shri P. R. Krishnakumar, Coimbatore
        Narayaneeyam-paarayanam by Thali Narayaneeya Samithi,
06:00 PM    Deepa-aaradhana, Bhagawathi Seva.
07:00 PM    Oottan Thullal  by Kongattu Achyutha Pisharati.

Day Eight:    8th July 2011, Friday
05:30 AM    Ganapathy Homam, AnujnaPariKalasha  Abhishekham, etc,.
10:30 AM    Civic Reception to honour
1. Brahmashri Puthillath Mana Ramanujan Akkithiripad
(Yajamaan of the April 2011 Athirathram conducted at
    2. Shri Balan Pootheri, Award winning author of books on Temple Histories, including the Maattummal Temple.
06:00 PM    Deepa-aaradhana, Bhagawathi Seva, Anujna Bali.
07:00 PM    Akshara Shloka Sadassu

Day Nine:    9th July 2011, Saturday
05:30 AM    Abhishekham, Ganapathy Homam, Samhaara Tattva Homam, etc,.
06:00 PM    Deepa-aaradhana, Bhagawathi Seva.
07:00 PM    Speech by 1. Prof V.T Rema
2. Shri Gopalan Kutty Master (RSS, Saha Pranth Prachaarak)
    Meeting presided over by Shri S. K Shankar, DIG (retd.).

Day Ten:  
 10th July 2011, Sunday
9:30 AM    Consecration of new moorthies of Lord Narasimha and various upa-devas, Punah Pratishta, Jeeva Kalasha Abhishekam, Pratishta Bali.
07:00 PM    Kathakali, Story Prahlada Charitram.
Day Eleven:  
 11th July 2011, Monday
05:30 AM    Ganapathy Homam, Bali-kkal Pratishta, Parihaara Pratishta, etc,.
06:00 PM    Deepa-aaradhana, Bhagawathi Seva, Sarpa Bali.
07:00 PM    Chakyar Koothu cultural programme
by Pothiyil Narayana Chakyar.

Day Twelve:  
 12th July 2011, Tuesday
05:30 AM    Ganapathy Homam, BrahmaKalasha Pooja, Tattva Homam etc,.
05:00 PM    Smarana-Anjali presided over by Shri C.P Janardhanan
    ‘Reminiscences’ by Ra Venugopal- Ex Working President Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS).
06:00 PM    Deepa-aaradhana, Bhagawathi Seva, Adhivasa Homam, TattwaKalasha Pooja
07:00 PM    Dance programmes by Kalamandalam Madhu & party.

Day Thirteen: 13th July 2011, Wednesday
05:30 AM    Kani Kaanickal, Oil Kalasha Abhishekham, Sahasra Kalasha
07:00 PM    Triple Thaayambaka by Padmasri Mattanoor Shankaran Kutty, Mattanoor Srikanth, and Mattanoor Sriraj.

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