In Kerala, RSS is the only common enemy for all anti-national groups: J Nandakumar

By ET published on August 7, 2017

Quoting former DGP, Kerala’s FM Thomas Isaac has said that more CPM cadre have been killed in the last decade than BJP and RSS cadre. Your comments?
The political violence in Kerala should not be attributed to CPM-RSS alone. It is CPM vs the rest. In every political murder in the state, CPM is involved. The victims include the workers of Congress, Muslim League, socialist parties, radical Islamist outfits, etc. CPM has killed the workers of its own allies like CPI. CPM has killed the workers of its own allies like CPI. CPM has come up with a list of ‘martyrs’, many names have already proved to be fake. According to a police document, only 15 political murders were registered in 2016, with CPM claiming that their 14 members were killed in the same period. What are they trying to prove? No RSS-BJP workers were killed? Who is lying? CPM or the Police or both?

The CPM politburo has said RSS-BJP were the first to start violence in 2016 after P Vijayan came to power…
It’s a blatant lie. As per Kerala Police data, the first murder in 2016 was of Sujith on February 15. He was hardly 26. Even BBC published it after interviewing his mother Sulochana. He was pulled out of his house and beaten to death by CPM goons in front of his mother. She was severely injured when she tried to save her son. The second political murder was of a Congress leader, Sunil Kumar, from Alappuzha. CPM-Dyfi goons killed him. If they are referring to the murder of Raveendran, a CPM worker, according to the media reports, he was killed in an accident during a CPM victory procession. Reportedly, he was a part of the frenzied CPM cadre which was attacking RSS-BJP workers and their houses in the garb of procession. Whenever CPM comes to power, they unleash their cadres with the full support of the state machinery. In the last one year, 14 RSS-BJP workers were killed. Annihilation of political adversaries is CPM policy and that is evident from the hate speeches delivered by CPM leaders from time to time. Senior CPM leaders like MM Mani have openly declared that they kill party enemies in his infamous “one-two-three…speech”.

CPM has also accused the Centre of doublespeak on political violence in Kerala…
I assume that your question is about the Kerala CM’s statement after his interaction with the Union home minister. Following Rajesh’s brutal murder, the Union home minister expressed his concerns to the Kerala CM over phone. It was unbecoming for a CM to misrepresent the telephonic conversion to save the face of his government. After CPM came to power, the party state secretary gave a speech in Kannur urging cadres “if someone comes to attack us, they should not go back as they came”. The knee-jerk reaction of CPM central leadership was born out of panic. I fail to understand the logic behind their argument. They seem to have irked by the response of BJP-RSS to the brutal killing of our swayamsevak. According to CPM, don’t we have even the right to protest against the brutal killing of our workers?With Vijayan at the helm, Kannur has shifted to Trivandrum — his politics, his organisation and the violence.

You were among the first to raise voice against the killing of RSS workers. How do you feel about the issue being discussed in the Parliament?
There has always been a consistent effort to raise the issue of Communist violence in Kerala at the national level ever since the murder of Vadikkal Ramakrishnan in 1967. Even in the late 1970s and early 1980s, veteran RSS-Jan Sangh leaders like P Parameshwaran Ji had taken up the issue with the national leaders like Jayaprakash Narayanan. They have written series of articles and open letters over the growing political violence in national newspapers like Organiser and The Motherland. But mainstream media, especially the communist dominated local Malayalam media, have always tried to suppress it and downplay the atrocities of CPM. It is good that the CPM atrocities are now before the public and it has been discussed in the parliament. In the last one year alone, we have lost our 14 workers to the swords of CPM. If the media and successive ruling parties took up the issue early with due importance, we could have saved hundreds of lives. Hundreds of families would not have been rendered orphans.
How do you see reports that indicate growing Islamic terrorism in Kerala?
LDF doesn’t have any nationalist perspective. We have seen that the Kerala CM and CPM state secretary have condemned the Indian Army in tune with the allegations of J&K separatists and Pakistan. So there is no surprise that Islamist terrorists and fundamentalists found Kerala a fertile soil for anti-national activities. Last year, the NIA busted an ISIS module in Kanakamala, a ‘Party Village’ in Kannur. The terrorists find CPM party villages as safe heavens. These are not mere allegations but a reality which has triggered a series of heated debate at national level. As far as Kerala is concerned, RSS is the only common enemy for all anti-national groups. They are working hands-in- glove with each other against RSS. Especially in Kannur, there is a pattern in every political murder. They way they kill their enemies is highly obnoxious and abhorrent. This vicious nexus of Islamo-Leftists should be probed and this unholy nexus be brought out.

How are people in Kerala responding to their state being called a “god forsaken” country. As a Malayalee do you feel the state is violent and barbaric.?
Kerala is hailed as God’s own country. But nowadays, Kerala hits the headlines for wrong reasons. Who is to blame? We all are proud of the rich cultural and intellectual legacy of Kerala. It is a communist propaganda that the image of Kerala is being tarnished. There is a concerted effort on the part of communist-islamist outfits to instigate regionalism and casteism in several regions to create a schism in the society. The class politics of CPM has given way to identity politics. In Kerala, the CPM is sawing the seeds of regionalism by raking up such baseless allegations. Because for them, Kerala is the last resort as it has already been wiped out from rest of the country. They conveniently forget that patriotic Keralites do not entertain any sort of secessionist ideas. CPM is fighting their last battle in Kerala. And what we all want to restore the lost glory of Kerala, make the state again the ‘God’s own country’.

There is a criticism that the secular ethos of Kerala is being altered with political propaganda considering CPM too has lost several lives in this violence….
Sarva Dharma Samabhavan is a principle which is which is dissolved in the blood of Indians. It is not the monopoly of any political parties which were mushroomed in post-Independent India. We have been cherishing and preserving for millenniums. It is not the secular ethos, but the very essence of our civilisational ethos. Yes, the spirit of the secularism has been diminishing in Kerala for various reasons. Kerala is now known as the den of Islamist terrorism. According to reports, at least twenty one Muslims youth have joined ISIS. Many of them were reportedly killed. Last week, an ISIS terrorist-suspect was arrested from Kerala. Growing Islamist terrorism in Kerala poses a severe threat to the national security. Unfortunately, the CPM led LDF Government turns a blind eye to this dangerous scenario. Even various investigation agencies and top brasses of Police and Judiciary have said ‘Love Jihad’ is a reality. While hearing a love jihad case, now the Supreme Court has sought the response of NIA over the radicalization in Kerala. The statistics show the major victims of Love Jihad are the girls of Hindu families with the Communist background. Recently when a former DGP raised these concerns backed by evidence, he was called communal. Now he has been witch hunted by the state government. If anybody stands for the rights of Hindus in Kerala, he or she will be ridiculed as Communal and persecuted.

Despite such an emotive issue like murders of RSS workers why do you think the BJP or RSS could not mobilise voters in 2016…? Do you see the situation changing in the next few years?
RSS has emerged as a formidable force in Kerala. Electoral gain is not the object of RSS. The mission of RSS is organising the society. Nationalist organisations are getting a wide popularity and acceptance these days. Every year, RSS is registering a strident growth in Kerala. Now we have more than 4000 Sakhas in Kerala. CPM is alarmed by the growing popularity of RSS and BJP. The Kerala politics is very complex. It has a very sensitive demography so that various political parties with minority-support can easily achieve electoral gain. Two major political coalitions called LDF and UDF have been ruling the state alternately for the last many decades.

Both Congress led UDF and CPM led LDF are yielding the benefit of the caste and religion based vote-bank politics. But BJP is the only growing political party in Kerala and has made political gains in the recently held elections. While observing you can easily understand that BJP is the only political party which is expanding its base in each election while CPM and Congress are on a retreat. The Communist Party which ascended to power in 1957 all alone, could never retain it without half a dozen allies. In order to cling on power, now it has gone so far as to seek the help of Islamist radical outfits and other fringe organisations. The people are now realizing that the UDF-LDF duo was deceiving them. It looks like there is a mutual understanding between the both fronts, as if sharing a sort of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” relationship.

Now for the last one year, pushing aside the Congress, the BJP has emerged as the main opposition to CPM A nationalist political party will surely emerge as a major political power in the coming years, especially when CPM has no political future in a vibrant democracy as Communism contradicts the very fundamental principles of democracy.


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