Kalimala Pilgrimage- Symbol of Hindu awakening

via HK published on April 28, 2007

Thiruvananthapuram: Holy pilgrimage to the famous Hill Temple at Kalimala started started yesterday.The Temple is located at Pathukani near Vellarada at the Kerala-TamilNadu border.


Kalimala and the temple was grabbed by the Christian Missionaries and named it as “Kurisumala”.The Land and Temple was originally maintained by Hindu Tribals in the area.The land was given to them by Marthandavarma to local Tribals in the area.Cunning Missionaries captured this holy land of  Sahyan as well.Thanks to the efforts of Hindu awakening, after long legal struggle the Temple and land was

Restored to Hindus.


On “Chitra Pournami” day of the Malayalam month of Medam, women considered as part of the Devi herself, offer Pongal on Her Holy Earl. With the Nilavilakku’s lighting, the NiraPara and the playing of the Chenda the atmosphere turns into eternal blissfulness with the Devi blessing her devotees as Sakthi, Vidhya, Sthithi and Smrithi. Scores of ladies take part in this “Mathrupooja” that takes place once a year.This years Chitra Pournami falls on May 2nd.


Elaborate arrangements are made to adreess the needs of lakhs of Pilgrims who pay visit to this Holy Temple during this occassion by the Temple Authorities.


As per Temple History Sri AgasthyaMuni, underwent Thapas( deep meditation) at Kaalimala. Pleased with his devotion, Shree DharmaSastha & Shree Durga Devi revealed their divine forms to him and have ever since continued to shower their blissful blessings at Kaalimala to devotees toiling in worldliness.


The devotees observe severe fasting and come for the blissful dharsan with “Irumudikettu”. They offer ghee, symbolizing the power of their soul to the idol and coconuts to the fire, to attain ‘Moksha’.


Kaalimala has Kaalitheertham situated near to a place where Sage Agasthiya is said to have done his Holy Thapas. The Kaalitheertham which never gets dried up is considered sacred, on par with the Ganges. This water is used by thousands of women during the “Pongal Mahotsavam”.


“Santhana Sowbhagya Pooja” is the most important pooja offered to Shree Nagayekshi. Crowds of people from various states eagerly take part in this auspicious pooja.


For More Details visit: http://www.kaalimalai.com/about.htm

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  1. Concerned Hindu Reply

    April 28, 2007 at 10:01 pm

    Re: Kalimala Pilgrimage- Symbol of Hindu awakening
    This is wonderful news! All hindus must fight hard to give honour and due respect and weight to sc/st hindus and adivasis and tribals and give them their dues at the top of hindu structure.Afte all, Sage Valmiki was a chandala or of lower caste by birth and even lord Krishna was born in lower caste Yadava community. Sage Vyasa, the greatest intellectual ever born on Earth was not a person of high caste and was a son of a Shudra woman! Anti-national and anti-indian vested interests,supported by powerful vested interests have tried their best to cheat and mislead the sc/st hindus and adivasis and destroy their centuries-old culture and practices.Members of majority community must do their best to give maximum possible help to sc/st and adivasi hindus and make majority vibrant and strong than ever before.RSS and hindu organization deserve all credit to restore the pride of sc/st and adivasi hindus and in making them proud and confident indians again. 5

  2. Kesav Reply

    April 29, 2007 at 12:16 am

    Re: Kalimala Pilgrimage- Symbol of Hindu awakening
    Good, excellent my brothers and sisters of Kerala. May the Kalimala Matha Bhavani bless us with Sakthi and Veeram to live happily in this great Thapobhoomi. 5

  3. shibu v s Reply

    July 28, 2007 at 9:09 am

    Re: Kalimala Pilgrimage- Symbol of Hindu awakening

    Very glad to see Kalimala in Haindava Keralam.I am residing near by Kalimala.I will sent u some more details and photos recently. u can also include the details about poojas on Durgashtami.

    I wish all the very best to your step.

    shibu 5

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