Join GOW-GRAM YATRA : 108-Day 1 Million 20 thousand kms. Cross-Country Marathon starts rolling on Sept 30, 2009 from Kurukshetra

published on September 27, 2009
Vishwa Mangal Gow-Gram Yatra

(World Welfare Cow-Village Cross-Country Marathon)

A Historic Movement for

National and Global Holistic Happiness, Health, Prosperity and Blessedness

(1) The world must appreciate that the pro-Cow movement is not anti-anybody but a rational and respectable movement from every standpoint.


(2-i) Theme: Cow is the mother of the world (“Gaavo Vishwasya Maatarah”), not of any one people or country. Grateful man should say: “Vande Gow Maataram”- Salutations to Mother Cow! After Mother Earth, Mother Cow is the greatest giver on planet earth. In Sanskrit, both Mother Earth and Mother Cow are called “Go” (cow – macro and micro respectively) for good reason. The generous cow gives milk and cream, yogurt and cheese, butter and ice cream, ghee, buttermilk, lassi, Panchgavya, fuel, medicines and so much more. According to Guru Nanak Dev, cow is the right representative of the whole dumb creation and nears the most man’s sensibility and power of discretion. This environmentally friendly reason has also in recent times been propagated for cow respect that the cow represents the entire animal kingdom and is man’s link to the dumb animals of Creation. In respecting the cow, we are showing respect for all living things, a view that ties in deftly with Ahimsa and vegetarianism. Gandhiji much loved this point of view. The cow represents life and the sustenance of life to the Hindu. Cow is worthy of respect because it is Altruist (Parahitavaadi/Paraarthavaadi) – it so giving, taking nothing but grass. It gives and gives and gives! The cow is so vital to life, the virtual sustainer of life for humans. In a society if you only had cows and no other domestic animals or agricultural pursuits, you could still survive and the children could survive with the butter, the cream and the milk to feed the children. The Rishi tradition recognized the Panchgavya (an Ayurvedic blend of five products obtained from the cow, i.e. milk, curd, ghee, urine and cow-dung juice) as a panacea and made its intake essential prior to performance of daily Yajna. The Rishi-Krishi culture calls cow & progeny “Aghnya” (i.e., not to be killed) for all good reasons. The cow is a complete ecology, a gentle mammal, icon and hallmark of abundance. She is virtual wish-giving Kaamdhenu and “Akshay Paatra” (Inexhaustible Container/Pot) to man. Bullock is efficient & compatible driving force for potential Green Revolution (proliferation of organic farming, bio-diversity, bio-fertilizers & bio-pesticides; no place for chemical fertilizers et al here) on 400 million acres of land in Bharat as indispensable Friend of Small Farmer. Cow is originator of Ksheersaagar (Ocean of Milk/a flood of milk) and initiator of White Revolution (Operation Flood/national milk grid based on proliferation of Gokuls; no place for oxytocin injection here). Her Dohan (Dohan means milking only two mamillae of cow; the other two are for the calf) is allowed, but no Shoshan (exploitation) is allowed. As is the case with Mother Earth, if we lovingly approach her, she can lovingly provide for our needs, but if we indulge in ‘greed’, there will be curses on humanity and retaliations and boomerangs in forms of ecological & environmental disasters and intercontinental diseases causing mass deaths. It is a great sin to look upon cow and her progeny as mobile hamburger. The altruistic job of this picture of piety must not go thankless. Man should understand and appreciate the divine nature of cow and its exalted status as the micro form of Mother Earth. It is believed that the cow with hump and Galkambal embodies 330 million Devtas (Deities = dimensional manifestations of cosmic divine energy to address various purposes) and is a great gift of God to act as a motherly benefactor to mankind. It is not considered an ‘animal’ but a ‘sacred mammal’ and member of family in our Dharma and Culture and for very good reason. Gow-Mata’s (Mother Cow’s) altruistic qualities, very much like those of “Dharitri Mata” (Mother Earth), are those that man can emulate. Succinctly (Sankshipt) speaking, Cow is the Axis (Aksha) of holistic (Saakalyavaadi; Poornataavaadi) & syncretic (Samannwayvaadi) Rishi & Krishi Culture (Kulaachaar).


(2-ii) During the golden period of Bharatiya history, says the ‘Golok Khand’, one was designated Upnand who owned 500,000 cows, Nand was one who maintained 900,000 cows, Vrishbhaanu was one who maintained 1,000,000 (One Million) cows, Vrishbhaanuvar was one who maintained 5,000,000 (Five Million) cows, Nand Raja was one who maintained 10,000,000 (One crore/Ten Million) cows. During the times of Bhagwan Mahavir over 2,500 years ago, Jain Shraavaks (mendicants/monks) maintained 53 Gokuls in the periphery of Shravasti city. A Gokul was defined as a place that housed 10,000 cows. Anand – a millionaire – received initiation and vows of Shraavakhood from Lord Mahavir, and one of the oaths was to maintain 8 Gokuls.


(2-iii) Village is the soul of Bharat, farmer is its light and cow is his life. But today farmers’ overdependence on chemical fertilizers and machines has led to the neglect of indigenous cows and bulls. The food they produce has become toxic, the soil has turned infertile, the ever-increasing loans drive them to commit suicide (Over 185,000 farmers committed suicide all over India in last 15 years) and young farmers are migrating to towns. The answer to all these problems is to return to the cow-centred way of life. This Yatra is
a wake-up call given by spiritual leaders of the nation to save the cow, save the village, save the nature, save Bharat and the world through a positive action.


(2-iv) Even, people in general in Bharat and abroad appreciate the great value of Go-Ras (cow-milk) and consider its total deprivation as suicidal. The famous Yaksha-Yudhisthir Question-Answer episode in the Mahabharata declares unadulterated cow-milk as virtual Amrit (nectar/panacea) on Earth. The Mahabharata also records Bhagwan Krishna and the Pandav brothers including Dharmaraj Yudhisthir as loving cow-milk and butter and Duryodhan as loving buffalo milk. Before the first world-war (1914 CE) army recruitment in Bharat required minimum 45″ chest measure. But as more and more cows were slaughtered, reducing thereby milk and ghee availability to the people, the construction and physique of the Bharatiyas deteriorated and as a result today the army has to accept recruits with minimum 29″ chest.


(2-v) It is about time the billion strong nationalist Pootraroop Samaj of Bharat asserted the three-point national agenda of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, i.e., (1) Protection of Dharma (the righteous, holistic and syncretic sustaining principles of the people and the country), (2) Protection and promotion of Govansh (Cow & its progeny) and (3) Protection of the Poor and Modest. This was verily the national agenda of Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Mahatma Gandhi, Sant Vinoba Bhave and other national heroes as well.


(3) Resolve : Saving the cow is my sacred duty (“Mama Dikshaa, Gow Rakshaa”)


(4) Slogan : Cow saves those who save her (“Gaavo Rakshati Rakshitah”)


(5) Goal : Gopaalan (cow tending) will lead to Graamoday (holistic development and affluence of Villages), Gramoday will lead to Raashtroday (holistic development and opulence of the Nation) and welfare of the world.


(6) Medium : Gow-Mata (Mother Cow)


(7) Message:

* Save the Village; make it a basic unit of Ram Rajya (maintain the holistic rural charm combined with urban amenities and Gram Swaraj). Reassert the soul of Bharat.  


* Back to Mother Nature. Ensure holistic worldview and paradigm.


* Save Govansh (Mother Cow & her progeny). Cow is the real asset of India and the movement for its survival would be the second freedom struggle. We don’t have Poorna Swaraj as yet including cultural Swaraj et al.




(8-i) Grand Inauguration & Flag Off of the 108-day long Yatra with Vijaya Dashami blessings on Ashvin Shukla Ekadashi, Vikrami Samvat 2066 (Yugabda 5111) (Wednesday, September 30, 2009, 3.30 p m) Theme Park, Kurukshetra, Haryana, Bharat. People will take oath to protect cow.


(8-ii) Grand Finale with Makar Sankranti blessings at Nagpur on January 17, 2010. The closing function is not to wind up the cow protection movement, but it will carry forward the movement with more vigour. Cow should get rights to live naturally and die without any anxious moments.


(8-iii) The organisers of the Yatra cordially invite one and all, including friends and family members, to witness and participate in the historic event and register their steady support for the holistic futuristic cause.


(8-iv) The following distinguished Saints, Scientists and Experts from different disciplines will Bless the Inaugural Ceremony and flag off the Yatra at “Dharmakshetra Kurukshetra”:


*Jagadguru Sankaracharya Jyotishpeethadhishwar Swami Vasudevananda Saraswatiji Maharaj

*Jagadguru Madhwacharya Pejawar Mathadhish Swami Vishweshteerthaji Maharaj

*Jagadguru Sankaracharya Gokarnapeethadhish Swami Raghaveshwara Bharathiji Maharaj

*Gourishi Swami Dattasharananandaji Maharaj [maintains 250,000 (2.5 Lakh) cows at his Ashram at Pathmeda, Rajasthan]
*Pujya Didi Ma Sadhvi Ritambharaji

*Pujya Swami Chidananda Saraswatiji

*Pujya Swami Jnananandaji

*Pujya Acharya Baldevji

*Mahant Mandas Maharaj Ji (Maharshi Valmiki Ashram, Haridwar)

*Sant Jnandas Ji Maharaj (N.S.Guru Ravidas Sampradaay)

*Ven. Dr. Virendra Heggadeji, Dharmasthala Dharmadhikari, Karnataka

*Ven. Rinpoche Lochen Tulkuji

*Bhikku Vishwa Bandhuji

*Chhote Miyan Moinuddin Sabariji

*Nawab Mazada Ali Khan Hussein Tikariji

*Dr. A. Maisy

*RSS Sarakaryavah Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi

*Kalyan Ashram President Shri Jagdevram Oraon

*Jalpurush Shri Rajendra Singhji

*Padmashri Kutti Menonji (Gandhian & Organic Farming Expert)

*Film Star Shri Vivek Oberoiji

*Sardar Joginder Singhji (Ex-CBI Director)

*Dr Shirley Tellesji (Yoga Scientist)

*Smt. Santosh Yadavji (First woman in world to climb Mt. Everest twice & first woman to climb it from Kangshung Face)


(9) Motto : Gow Samrakshan (Cow Protection). The Yatra would spread the message of cow protection and promotion of Indian breeds of cow and unite people in the movement.


(9-ii) Out of the 70 distinctive Indian breeds/species of cow (the hump, Gal-Kambal, long ears and bushy tail distinguish the Indian cow), 37 have been mindlessly slaughtered into extinction by the beef exporters and eaters that consider it a mobile hamburger, and some of the surviving 33 breeds are on the verge of extinction.


(9-iii) The foreign rulers of pre-independence India had opened some 300 abattoirs in the country. The ‘secular worthies’ of independent (?) ‘India that is Bharat’ today are running over 36,000 ‘approved’ slaughterhouses (official number), of which 10 are highly automated including the Alkabir (Hyderabad, Andhra), Frigorifico Allana (Aurangabad), Hind Industries (Aligarh), Allana Sons (Delhi, Andhra, Maharashtra), Deonar (Mumbai), Kolkata Abattoir, etc., where everyday 250,000 animals and 20,000 cows & her progeny are hacked for export and domestic consumption. They employ inhuman processes and tortuous ways of getting meat and skin. The unapproved slaughterhouses are over 30,000 in the country that also slaughter cows in thousands. This evil design and its daily religious execution have reduced the cow population by over 80% in the so-called “Swatantra Bharat”. More cow slaughter takes place in two states, namely, the communist dominated states of West Bengal and Kerala. Cows are routinely shipped to these states for slaughter, even though it is forbidden to transport cows for slaughter across provincial borders.


(9-iv) The root causes of all this are (1) The Government policy to promote slaughter of Govansh (the advisers and babus trained in Macaulayite and Communist ethos misguide the Government and its Ministers; ‘Vote Bank’ politics is also responsible), (2) Thinking of animal killing and agriculture experts [Their logic: Killing the retired or non-milch ones (it is immaterial to these so-called ‘experts’ if this utilitarian bovine is sentient  and has the power of discretion to a respectable degree, and, nonetheless, gives commercially valuable bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, bio-gas, medicines, et al, in forms of dung and urine till the end of its life) would provide beef for the beef-eaters and at the same time spare fodder for the milch ones; the extension of this logic would one day convince man to kill his/her ‘retired’ parents and other ‘unproductive’ members of family and himself/herself would in turn have to deservingly await butchering by his/her children motivated by ‘profit’, who might at least deliver some commercial dialogue like: “My dear parents, I owe you much and I love you, but I am sorry, this knife does not recognize you!”), (3) Thinking of Forest Officers (Their logic: Govansh damages the forest by grazing it. It should therefore be kept confined to cowsheds.), (4) Thinking of Finance Authorities (Their logic: Beef export brings in foreign exchange. Non-milch cows are a liability on the country’s resources. Its killing is financially profitable. Consequently, therefore, slaughter of Govansh is in national interest. The Hindu thought to stop slaughter of Govansh is anti-national. They succeed in convincing the government leaders and officers through all sorts of misplaced and misdirected facts, figures and statistics), (5) Result of bureaucratic wrong thinking (When the brethren that agreed with our school of thought, come to occupy the seats of power, fail to stop slaughter of Govansh due to their being under pressure from bureaucrats), (6) The true tender and protector of Govansh – the Kisaan (farmer) himself is now off track (Today we see the dangerous consequences of the thinking of all the above-mentioned bureaucrats, pseudo-experts and leaders-turned-dealers. The soil-fertility standards of the country are declining by the day. The soil that once produced golden crops, now gives cheerless and dismal performance. The bureaucrats projected a dreamy picture of agriculture before the farmers. As a result he took his traditional farming practices to be totally wrong and began to farm according to foreign agricultural science. The government projected this ideal before them. As a result, the Govansh became irrelevant for westernised modern practices of agriculture. The thinking of the farmer also changed. He also began thinking in milch and non-milch terms. Consequently, today no Govansh is visible at farmers’ homes. The true Govansh tender no longer remained so), (7) Cow tending at every home stopped (Due to the misdirected and misplaced thinking of the national policy makers, the practice of tending cow virtually in every home of the country has vanished), (8) Protest by society (Macaulayite ‘education’ has made cow irrelevant and useless in modern man’s worldview. In ancient Bharat, the State encouraged and cooperated in cow-tending in view of the importance of Govansh in agricultural work, its tending in every home for health & nutrition purposes, its importance for religious and purposes of hygiene, and its importance for preservation of environment and ecology. Every citizen of the country understood and appreciated the importance of Govansh. Now, unfortunately, the cow is out of sight from the farm lands and homes, and, therefore, out of mind of individuals and society. The misdirected government thinking and the compartmentalised western worldview and paradigm only are responsible for the slaughter of Govansh.)         


(9-v) The agonies of cows start long before they are dead. They are brought to the abattoirs in trucks, from far away places. For economy, over 30 cows are stacked up in each truck. Nobody cares to give them food or even water while in transit. They are packed so tightly in the truck, that they are hurt by each other. By the time they arrive, they are no more capable of standing on their own feet. Their tails are cut and chilli powder is rubbed into their eyes to make them move. They are brought into the final ground, where at least a thousand mute creatures are stored. This is their last open air. They are kept here for four days, hungry and thirsty. Then their legs are broken and eyes poked, so that a ‘certificate’ can be obtained about their uselessness. The hunger and thirst of four days cause the hemoglobin to move from blood in to fat. The meat with higher haemoglobin fetches better prices. Now these mute creatures that cannot raise a protest are pushed into washing showers. Extremely hot water (200 degrees!) is sprayed on them for five minutes, to soften their skins, so they will be easy to remove. The unfortunate creature faints at this point, but it is not dead yet. Now it is hung upside down with one leg, on a chain-pulley conveyor. Then half of the neck is slit. This drains the blood, but does not kill the animal. After death, the skin swells thick, which sells for a poor price. But the skin of a live animal is still thin, which has better economic value. On one side the blood is dripping from the neck, and on the other side a hole is made in stomach, from which air is pumped inside. This causes the body to swell, making it easier to peel the skin. After removing the leather, the animal is cut into four pieces: head, legs, body, and tail. The machines remove bones, and pack small pieces of meat into cans for shipping. Most of the importers are Gulf Countries.


(9-vi) The Yatra calls upon cow lovers to join the world’s biggest movement. The Yatra also asks the cow lovers to remain prepared for any sacrifice to put a halt to the devilish practice of cow slaughter. Gow Yatra would not stop until the slaughter of cows and crossbreeding come to a halt.


(10) The countrywide Marathon with Gow-Mata as the presiding deity will cover 20,000 kms. 15,000 tributary Yatras originating from villages, blocks, sub-divisions, district centres covering 10 lakh (1 million) kms will welcome the principal marathon when it negotiates through their area. There will be Five Conferences per day – Four at day-transit cities/towns and a mega one in the evening at a place that will host the Yatra overnight. The programme highlights will be Prayers, messages, processions, cultural activities – all in a festive mood. Distinguished Saints, Acharyas, Kathakars, Scientists, Agriculture Experts, Environmentalists, Panchgavya Vaidyas, Veterinary Scientists, Water-Harvesting Experts and Rural Development Activists will address 400 mega congregations enroute for public awakening to be grateful to altruist cow as she & her progeny have long been doing a thankless job and now must be given all respect and protection. Public response will be solicited to address the sorry state of affairs of Govansh. Virtually all the 600,000 villages of Bharat and over one billion people will put their hands to the wheels of the 1 Million 20 thousand kilometers of Yatra – most of them directly and the others by proxy (Paroksh). (See enclosed hereby the Main Yatra route with centres for rendezvous with the public. One should feel blessed if one’s native place figures on this list).



(11) Objectives of the Yatra –


Immediate Purpose of the Journey


(11-i) Abhay Dham (Fearless Abode, i.e., Home of Gopaalak/Cow-tender);


(11-ii) Abhay Graam (Instituting Fearless Villages – with 70% of families being Gopalaks).


(11-iii) Formation of representative Committees for cow protection, with members from all religious folds.


(11-iv) Go Banks : Starting safe havens for cows at Tehsil and District levels that would take care of stray and abandoned cows; preventing such cows from being sent to slaughterhouses.


(11-v) Declare Cow a National Mammal: Over 500 million people to participate in the greatest ever signature campaign (10 Signature Collectors per 10,000 people) calling for the end of cruelty to cow and declare it a National Mammal.


When the Bharatiya Kisaan (farmer) gives a “Vachan” (word), he keeps it and doesn’t break the commitment. His/her signature would mean that he/she would never sell or give Govansh (cow & its progeny) to any abattoir/slaughter house/butcher under any circumstances. Only this Vachanvaddhataa (standing firm on promise, come what may) would complement the laws for cow protection. Otherwise, mere laws on paper may not be enough.


The crores of signatures with a Memorandum will be presented to the President of Bharat on January 31, 2010 at New Delhi.


(11-vi) Demand for a separate ministry to handle the issues related to cow.


(11-vii) Demand the state governments to take responsibility of cow protection and development activities.


(11-viii) Have a Central Law for protection of Govansh.



(11-ix) Cow Literacy Movement on the lines of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.


(11-x) Govansh-based Employment prospects, Good Health and promotion of organic farming and bio-diversity.


(11-xi) Govansh to proudly reclaim its respected key status in GDP & GNH (Gross Domestic Product and Gross National Happiness)


(11-xii) Total ban on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


(11-xiii) It is not only a movement to arrest slaughter of Govansh, but also arrest steady decline in national health, arrest growing barrenness of agricultural lands and poisoning of ground water tables due to chemical fertilizers & pesticides, address unemployment problem and uphold the Deva Sanskriti (Divine Rishi & Krishi Culture of holistic and syncretic Aahaar, Vihaar, Aachaar, Vichaar).


(11-xiv) Gaiyya Bachegi To Desh Bachega (If Cow survives, the country will register integral growth and blessedness).


(11-xv) Demand government action for protection and growth of the remaining 33 breeds of indigenous Bharatiya cow and protection of its purity by stopping its cross breeding.


(11-xvi) Demand to ensure wide range of cow-based employment for the youth and propagate among them the “Look Village, Look Agriculture Policy”.




Long Term Purpose of the Journey


(11-xvii) Conserve Gochar Bhoomi (grazing lands/meadows/pastures), reclaim it from encroachers, extend it as may be necessary and feasible.


(11-xviii) Show the path of organic farming and check farmers’ suicide. (Over 185,000 farmers committed suicide all over India in last 15 years)


(11-xix) Stop uncontrolled migration of villagers to towns and cities.


(11-xx) Educate the farmer that cow is not giver of milk alone. It is important that it is the farmers’ responsibility to care and protect the cow.


(11-xxi) Educate the farmer about the gains of using oxen for farming and positive effects of organic farming. (For 400 million acres of small land holdings of small farmers in plain, hilly, mountainous and forest regions of Bharat, oxen is still the only means to till these small patches of land and maintain bio-diversity)


(11-xxii) Set up Grass Banks


(11-xxiii) Forming Gochar Bhoomi Praadhikaran (Grazing Lands/Meadows/Pastures Authority)


(11-xxiv) Sensitise the society to the menace of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides/insecticides and replace it by home-made preventive combinations prepared from cow urine and dung. Reassert bio-fertilizers/manure/compost/pesticides based agriculture (farming, crop-growing, gardening)



(11-xxv) Develop products related with cow. Create market for products from cow milk, urine and dung.


(11-xxvi) Conduct serious research on the above.


(11-xxvii) Initiate Gow-Premi (Cow Loving) Families


(11-xxviii) Encourage Farmers/Planters/Cultivators/Growers to adopt, breed and cherish the cow that will lead to green revolution and white revolution


(11-xxix) Gow-Samvardhan –


Promotion of “Micro Go” (Mother Cow): Advance cow to again become the central figure in rebuilding and restoring villages, agrarian economy, including agro-based cottage industries, bio-diversity, agriculture related handicraft, et al


Promotion of “Macro Go” (Mother Earth) : To sensitize the people about the holistic, environment & ecology friendly equation and management of the “Panch-Ja”, viz., Jal (water resources), Jungle, Jaanwar (animal kingdom), Zameen (land) and Janata (people) for the good of all.


(11-xxx) Cow-based hale and hearty, wholesome, nature & life friendly non-violent and non-exploitive way of life & living will make man happy, healthy, prosperous and blessed.


(11-xxxi) Cow products in forms of milk, butter, ghee (clarified butter), curd, Lassi, butter-milk, medicines will benefit and enrich the people and make them self-reliant with sense of fulfillment and high self-esteem.


(12) Divine Resolve : HH Jagadguru Sankaracharya of Gokarnapeeth Shree Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji, Shree Ramachandrapur Mutt


(13) Divine Inspiration : HH Go-Rishi Shree Shree Dattasharanananda Swamiji Maharaj of Gopal Govardhan Goshala, Pathameda, Rajasthan who maintains 250,000 (2.5 Lakh) cows at his Ashram.


(14) Promotion :

* HH Sri Sri Ravishankarji Maharaj (Art of Living)

* HH Swami Baba Ramdevji Maharaj (Yogacharya)

* Shrimad Acharya Muni Vidyasagarji Maharaj (Digambar Jainacharya)

* Shrimad Vijay Ratan Sunder Surishwarji Maharaj (Jainacharya)

* Ven. Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche (Prime Minister of the Tibetan Govt. in Exile)

* HH Satguru Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (M.A. Math)

* Shrimad Acharya Mahapragya Ji Maharaj (Head of Jain Swetambar Terapanth)

* HH Swami Dayananda Saraswatiji Maharaj (Arsha Vidya Gurukulam; President, Hindu    Dharma Acharya Sabha)

* Ven. Shree Morari Bapuji Maharaj (Manas Atirathi)

* HH Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji Maharaj (Spiritual Head of Namdhari Sikhs)


(15) Organisers of Vishwa Mangal Gow-Gram Yatra :

Honorary President (National) of Yatra:

– Dr. Pranav Pandya, MBBS, MD (Med.)(Director, Brahmavarchas Shodh Sansthan, Gayatri Teerth – Shantikunj, Haridwar)


Working President (National) of Yatra:

– Dr H.R. Nagendra, Former NASA Scientist (Vice-Chancellor of S-VYASA University, Bangalore)


(16) Support from : All cow lovers


(17) Cooperation Solicited –

* Cooperate with Tan-Man-Dhan (Manual-Intellectual-Cash and/or Kind – whatever of your assets you can afford to the cause of Gow-Mata and receive her blessings)

* Encourage acquaintances, friends, kith & kin to join the countrywide movement

            Sign the Resolution, help get signatures, devote time for signature campaign.


(18) Yatra Routes and date-wise list of Overnight Transit Camps all over the country –

            Please see pdf files attached above. You may feel fortunate if your native place in Bharat hosts the Yatra.


(19) For more details, please visit the website:


(20) For any information, you can contact the following address:


Vishwa Mangal Gow-Gram Yatra                   

Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhan Sansthan

Eknath Bhavan, #19, Gavipuram Circle,

Kempegowda Nagar,

Bangalore – 560 019, Karnataka, Bharat (India)

Phone : (00-91)(080) 32922900, 26612669

Telefax : (00-91)(080) 26608645

Mobile : 09632485704, 09449595206

E-Mail : [email protected]


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