IISH Heritage Learning Lesson – YUGA concept of Measuring Time and Age

via IISH Communication Team published on August 22, 2015

One kalpa is equal to 14 manwantharas which is said to be equal to the day of Lord Brahma.
One Manwanthara is equal to 72 Mahayugas. Each Manwanthara has a specific name like Vaivaswatha manwanthara……

One Mahayuga is equal to 43,20,000 years. This include all the below given four yugas
I.e one Mahayuga is composed of Krutha yuga, Threthaa yuga, Dwaapara yuga and Kaliyuga.
Krutha yuga is equal to 4,32,000 x 4 years
Threthaa yuga is equal to 4,32,000 x 3 years
Dwapara yuga is equal to 4,32,000 x 2 years and
Kaliyuga is equal to 4,32,000 x 1 years
All the above added together becomes 43,20,000 years.

The present Kalpa is named as Swetha varaaha kalpa.

After the beginning of this Kalpa, 6 manwantharas + 27 Mahayugas + from the 28th Mahayuga Krutha yuga, threthaa yuga, dwaparayuga are over and 5116 years of Kaliyuga are also over. And the running Kali year is known as Manmatha naama samvathsaram

Thus from the beginning of this Swetha Varaha Kalpa i.e the day of Lord Brahma how many years have been elapsed. Just calculate

6 x 72 x 43,20,000 + 27 x 43,20,000 + 4,32,000 x 4 + 4,32,000 x 3 +4,32,000 x 2 + 5116 years over = ? you calculate

When counted back, this period is known according to modern science Archezoic era, the period during when the life started emerging on the globe earth.

If we use the Gregorian calendar value and back calculate; the Kaliyuga started in BC 3102 February 17th Midnight 11.55 pm during when the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn came to the same line of Alpha Aeries point.

Learn thoroughly and teach others the above mentioned points and become an expert.

(The above can be calculated from ……Swetha varaaha kalpe, vaivaswatha manwanthare, ashtaavimsathi thame, kaliyude, prathama paade ……. Manthra from Mahasankalpa)


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