If “HINDU” is a dreaded word,What is “RAM”?

via HARAN.B.R published on April 27, 2007

A few days back, I came across an article titled “The dreaded word ‘Hindu’ ” in the ‘Hindu Voice’, UK, written by Shri. Anis Shah. In that essay, he had dealt in length about the psyche of individuals & various cults, who practice everything Hindu, but claim that they have nothing to do with Hinduism. This unfortunate mindset prevails with not only NRIs, but also with a large section of our countrymen. The sustained campaign by leftist liberals and the ‘secularists’ have created a sort of inferiority complex in the minds of Hindus, which prevents them from openly & proudly telling, “I am a Hindu”. The invasion of western culture is also an added reason, along with the dirty politics played by pseudo-secular, Dravidian & self-styled Dalit leaders, aided & abetted by Christian Missionaries & Islamic outfits. We are in a very sad & unfortunate situation, where in, the Dalits have been brainwashed to such an extent that, they have started to say that they are not Hindus, and this unwanted division is also fanned by the leftist & minority controlled media.


In this kind of an atmosphere, If “Hindu” has become a dreaded word, what will be the fate of the word “Ram”, which is almost synonymous with “Hindu”? Vedas & Upanishads not withstanding, the two great “Ithihaasaas” Ramayana & Mahabharatha have got anything & everything for us to learn, through which, we can lead a moral, healthy, wealthy & peaceful life.


“RAM” RAJYA: The epic Ramayana can be termed as the backbone of our moral, cultural, religious, spiritual & traditional heritage. That is why, the various Emperors  & Kings, who ruled their own Empires & Kingdoms in our Bharatham, wanted to establish ‘Ram Rajya’. Talking of Ram Rajya, Lord Rama had not framed any new ‘Raja Neethi” to rule his Rajyam. He was correctly adopting the ‘sastras’ and the ‘norms’ & ‘procedures’ established by his predecessors. He simply followed the footsteps of his predecessors right from Mandhadha to his father Dasaratha. He also respected the feelings & aspirations of his people, listened to their representatives with all his ears, considered them, discussed them with well-qualified ministers & advisors, before making his decisions. All his decisions turned out to be acceptable & satisfactory to every one. It is said that he consulted even the ‘Milechas’, who were against the ‘Vaideekha Dharma’. He had never discriminated in taking the opinions of the concerned people and he had also never opted for a referendum as involving people directly in policy matters & administration will be bad for governance. This kind of Rajya Paripalanam was going on in our country before & after the period of Lord Rama, till the time of medieval kings.


Whereas now, in an era of governance based on a Constitution, which is an almost copied version of another country’s (Brittish) Constitution, and which is subjected to hundreds of amendments carried out by unqualified & undeserving Ministers & governments, where is the question of establishing Ram Rajya? We can’t even dream of it.


“RAM” TEMPLE: If we cannot even dream of a Ram Rajya, can we at least build a Ram Temple in his birthplace of Ayodhya? This desire of millions of Hindus remains as a dream due to the issue being subjudice for years together. The Archeological Survey of India has proved beyond doubt that a Temple existed in the disputed site and that the Babri Masjid was built after demolishing that Temple. Even though the Temple could not be built, we at least have the satisfaction of having the idol of Ram Lalla and worshipping Him there. But, what is disgusting is the trauma & ordeal one has to undergo while visiting Ayodhya, which is under the administration of pseudo-secularist Maulana Mulayam. While on a pilgrimage a few months back, I had a sad, disappointing & disgusting experience at Ayodhya.


After taking bath in the holy river “Sarayu”, which is situated in a serene & beautiful location, we went straight to “Rama Janma Bhoomi”. The security was very tight and the police officers did not allow us to take our personal belongings such as wallets, purses, handbags, etc. We all had one pocket sized booklet of “Nama Ramayana” with just ten pages, to recite while standing on the Rama Janma Bhoomi and even that small booklet was not allowed to be taken inside. We were also not allowed to keep “Vhiboothi” (holy ash) packets in our possession. With plans of bringing a little “holy soil” from the Janma Bhoomi of Lord Rama, we had one small plastic carry bag and even that was not allowed inside. The approach to the Janma Bhoomi was terrible with narrow passages covered by ‘iron-net’ railings leading to the point, where “Ram Lalla” has been placed. We could not get a clear view of the deity as we were allowed to stand at quite a distance from it. We strongly felt that the harassment of the devotees by the police officers, on the instruction of the state government is intended to discourage & curtail the inflow of the Hindu devotees, who are thronging the Janma Bhoomi. It is extremely painful that, in a Hindu country, a Hindu God is kept in almost ‘imprisonment’ and his faithful devotees are being harassed as if they are ‘terrorists’. The security concern of the state government is understandable, but what are happening in Rama Janma Bhoomi in the name of security drill are an “insult” to Lord Rama, his devotees & this great Hindu country. The fact of the matter is, we are still dreaming of constructing a grand Ram Temple in his Janmastan and we do not know if the dream would come true.


“RAM” SETHU: If Ram Rajya cannot be established and Ram Temple remains only as a dream, what about Ram Sethu? We need not build & establish, as it already exists. But, we have the task of proving its existence and the period of its construction. We Hindus, have to prove our own history, in our own country, to protect our own divine & historical monument! How fateful! The SSCP (Sethu Samudram Canal Project) has been undertaken hurriedly ignoring the valid objections voiced by the environmental experts, fishermen community, Hindu Acharyas & organizations and the main opposition parties of both the state & central governments. The effect of the project was not analyzed, particularly in the aftermath of Tsunami and the world-renowned tsunami expert Mr. Tad Murthy has pointed out the importance of the ‘need’ of the presence of the Ram Sethu to minimize the effect of future tsunamis. Apart from the environmental factors, the realignment of the canal without affecting the Ram Sethu has become essential in the security point of view as well. It is reported that, the ‘historical waters’ being used by only India & Srilanka may be transformed in to ‘International waters’ because of the SSCP, which will result in the waters being used by other countries. In this scenario, the huge deposits of thorium, as confirmed by the Baba Atomic Research Centre, may go waste and in the event of another tsunami, the thorium deposit along with the entire coastal Kerala & TN, may get damaged. Geographical experts, epigraphists, NASA and the vast Sanskrit & Tamil literatures have proved the existence of the Ram Sethu beyond doubt. It is also asserted that the Ram Sethu is man made and hence deserves to be the world’s oldest & best archeological monument and the most supreme ‘wonder’ of the world. The non-Hindu central government and the anti-Hindu state government have been bent upon destroying the Ram Sethu and despite the heavy loss of materials, money & even men, they are continuing the dredging works with a vengeance. But, as Lord Hanuman is protecting the Ram Sethu, the dredgers could not make any progress and in the meantime, the protests have gained momentum and a great movement has been launched in the name ” Rameshwaram Ram Sethu Protection Movement”. Let us pray Lord Rama & Lord Hanuman to give us enough strength to protect our ancient heritage monument of Ram Sethu.


RAMAYANA: Hindu Munnani leader Shri. Ramagopalanji has undertaken a “Ram Rajya Prarthana Yatra” starting 3rd of March 2007 from Rameshwaram, which will culminate at the same place on the 13th of May. The yatra goes around the entire state of TN with the slogan of “Ram Rajya is our birth right & we want Ram Rajya”. The yatra is to create an awareness among the people to celebrate Shri Rama Navami as a festival of art, culture & literature and during the yatra, awareness is also being created on the various dangers being faced by Hindustan, through cultural programs like Street Plays, Puppet Shows, Folk Dances, etc. Shri. Ramagopalanji, in an interview during the yatra, came down heavily on the state government for its proposal of utilizing the Temple lands for its ‘free land’ scheme. He had warned the state government that it might have to face protests like ‘Nandigram’ if it attempted to lay its hands on the Temple lands. He also lambasted the Tamil Nadu government for removing the “Kamba Ramayana” from the school syllabi. The Hindu Munnani has been giving portraits of Lord Rama to all the households during the yatra. While I was writing this essay, I received news that, a dacoity had occurred in Shri.Ramanathaswami Temple, Rameshwaram last (26th April) night. When the authorities opened the doors of the Temple this (27th) morning, they found three huge ‘Hundis’ broken and the money & jewels missing.


It seems anything connected to Lord Rama is treated with disdain in this country, whether it is “Ram” Rajya or “Ram” Temple or “Ram” Sethu or “Ram” Hundi or “Ram” Texts.


So, If “Hindu” is a dreaded word, what is “Ram”? DANGEROUS? Be it.


Let the word be an imminent danger to the Pseudo-Secularists, Anti-Hindus, Atheists, Rationalists and Leftists. Let them succumb to that danger.


Let us spread Ramayana! Let us protect Ram Sethu! Let us build Ram Temple! Let us establish Ram Rajya!


                    SRI RAM! JAYA RAM! JAYA JAYA RAM RAM!


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