via Proud Hindu published on December 2, 2010

The pre planned and organized killing by the Communists in Kerala continues. We heard the killing horror stories from our childhood onwards. Even after more than 40 years they continue brutally killing their political opponents particularly the unorganized Hindus.

It was in Kannur before and now it is in Palghat. More than 200 people lost their life and more than 1000 people permanently injured by the Communist brutality. Tomorrow it could be anywhere in Kerala.

Why they kill Hindus?

  • It is planned killings because of their intolerance against the Hindu uprising and it is with the knowledge and blessing of their Stalinist corrupt leaders.
  • They target the RSS functionaries and it is against Hindus and Hinduism as RSS is organizing the Hindus to a greater extent.
  • The Sangh has made in-roads into the Marxist strongholds of Kerala especially in the Kannur district. The Communists are very much worried that their comrades are joining RSS/VHP/BJP.
  • It is a strategy to terrorize the people to refrain from joining RSS/other Hindu organizations by killing innocent people.
  • They even terrorize the students and kill them not to join ABVP/RSS(Remember the brutal killing of Sri.Jayakrishnan Master)
  • They want to appease and convince the strong United Minorities that they only can protect the minorities and these Communists are getting political and monetary supports from them.

There is no ending to this problem?

What are the best available solutions to stop the Marxist brutal Killings?   
We can not expect fair justice from the biased officials and Govt. as it is controlled by the so called Communist syndicate. We need to stop this with immediate effect and we have to find our best ways of solve this menace.   
Practical Solution

1.The leadership of RSS/BJP/VHP/Hindu Munnany/other Hindu organizations joins hands and jointly informs the RSS/BJP/VHP/Siva Sena national leadership the seriousness of the issue.

2.The state level RSS/VHP/BJP/Siva Sena leadership should meet the Marxist state leadership and convince the seriousness of the issue and inform them about the national level consequences.

3.The database of the Marxist killings should be prepared in a presentable form. Wide media coverage should be given and the brutality should be revealed to the public with facts and figures.

4.The RSS/BJP/VHP/Siva Sena national leadership should intervene in this and meet the national leadership of the Marxist parties and discuss the issue and the warn them the possibility of retaliation in the same coin can be expected to the Kerala communist leaders anywhere in India “by the people”

5.The RSS/BJP/VHP Siva Sena leadership should raise this issue in the national level and to be discussed in the Parliament.

6.All possible efforts should be made to intervene the judiciary/police in this genocide with proof and evidences.

7.Strict warning should be given to the leaders about the consequences in other parts of India “by the people” if they do not stop the brutal killings.

8.All necessary steps and actions should be taken by the RSS/VHP/BJP/Siva Sena leadership to convince and force the Marxist leadership to intervene immediately in the issue and stop the brutal killing of Hindus in Kerala.

9.Once their criminal, looter leaders should get a test dose in Delhi or anywhere in India, they will realize the seriousness of the problem and will somehow convince their lower level cadres to stop the inhuman brutal killings.

We have the right to join RSS or VHP or any other organizations of national integrity. Nobody can stop us. We have to protect ourselves. JAI HIND…VANDE MATHARAM.

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