Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held sucessfuly at Tripunithara

published on November 9, 2009

To bring to light the atrocities faced by the Hindus and to awaken Dharmatej in them, a Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha was successfully conducted by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti at Tripunithura on 7th November 2009. Hindu Dharmabhimanis enthusiastically participated in the program and resolved to follow Dharma (Dharmacharan) and protect it! The Dharmasabha was held at N.S.S. Union Mannam Smriti Mandapam Hall, Tripunithura.The main aim Hindu Dharmajagruti Saha is to unite Hindus all over and awaken them to unitedly fight against the attacks on Hindu Dharma.

This historic event was marked by the recitation of Vedas. The auspicious lamp was lit by the chief guest Shri. K.B. Surendran, State Organising secretary of Bharateeya Vichar Kendra. Shri. Pradeesh Vishwanath, co-ordinator of Hindu helpline, Shri. Balakrishnan of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Kum. M.P. Rashmi of Ranaragini, the women’s wing of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and the chief guest spoke on the different attacks taking place on Hindu Dharma by anti-Hindu elements of the society. This was a real eye opener to all. They also guided the assembled crowd on how to protect Dharma. The Samiti stressed on the need for Dharmacharan, which will increase our faith in God and give us the mental and spiritual strength needed to fight against adharma!

A small meeting was conducted after the Sabha wherein many participated enthusiastically.

Speech of pramukh vaktas in Dharmajagruti Sabha at Tripunithura, Kochi

Mukhya Vakta Shri. K.B. Surendran (Bharteeya Vichar Kendra, State Organising Secretary) : While speaking about ‘Conversion of Hindus’ he said that in year 2005, America had given 130 billion dollars for converting people of 61 countries in Africa and Asia. One lakh crore rupees is being spent in India itself per year for conversion. The North-East states have already been converted to Christianity. When a person from North-Eastern state goes to New Delhi he says that I am going to India. This itself shows that they have got seperated from us. A report in 1989 tells that 7.5 lakh crores were given by European countries for conversion of Asians to Christianity. 40 lakh full time missionaries are working in Asia for this. This figure is even bigger than the American Army. 4000 crore pamphlets are printed per year. There are around 1500 Christian religious universities all over the world, 930 research centres. Many good cultures e.g. Greece, Zorastrian etc. were destroyed by Christianity and Islam. Today conversion of Hindus is going on at a very fast rate not only by christians but also by Muslims. If we think that Sanatan Dharma will never get destroyed and keep silent, then truly sanatan dharma will never get destroyed but we Hindus will not last any more. To stop all this atleast now we should unite.

Vakta of Hindu Helpline Co-ordinator Shri. Pradeesh Vishwanath : While speaking on the topic of ‘Love Jihad’ he said that it is a new and dreadful form of Jihad. The Islamic terrorist group Lashkar-E-Toiba in the year 1998 started its work with the name Love Jihad. Between 1998 to 2000 the youngsters working for this mission made thousands of girls from the state U.P. and Bihar fall prey to their trap. These girls were converted to Islam and ended up at Heera Mandi in Pakistan were females are sold. But because our great Dharma this could not sustain longer in those states. The Islamic organisations then started there work in Pune in Maharashtra where 10,000 girls fell prey to this and are still suffering. Love Jihad came to South Indian cities Mangalore and Bangalore in 2004 and reached Kerala in 2006 in the
districts Kasargod, Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram. There are many Islamic organisations which are funding these Jihadi Romeos. Uptil now we have rescued around 76 girls from this trap. I have myself spoke to these girls. We have the copy of a letter sent by K.P. Farooq from one of the Islamic organisations. This letter tells the whole technique of trapping Hindu girls. There are committees in every district that work for Love Jihad. A list of Hindu girls in various institutions are first drawn and then the girls who can easily fall prey to love and marked seperately. These Jihadi Romeos try to contact these girls. Farooq says that 70% of Hindu girls fall prey when given attractive gifts, icecreams or latest mobile phones. The next step is to send emotional messages and then to have a physical relationship with the
girl, photographs of which are taken with the girl not at all aware of it. After this they blackmail the girl and then convert her. Once she is converted, she is sent to madrassa where she undergoes immense sexual abuse. Some are sold to Gulf countries, some other end up as workers in brothels or orphanages. Some girls are even brain mapped by them. And if
the girl is rescued it takes around 6 months to 1 year for the girl to come back to normal state with the effort of the best psychitrist. While brain mapping they feed into the mind of the girl that Islam is the only religion and many other things about Islam and hatred about Hinduism.

We had presented all facts and figures about Love Jihad in Kerala to the DGP, but he declared that no organisation with the name of Love Jihad is working in Kerala. Such pathetic is the state of Hindus in Kerala. But remember that whenever we have stood together we have taught a lesson to these enemies. In the city of Ahemadabad in Gujarat the cases of attrocities against women was very high. But after the Godhra incident, when Hindus stood together and gave a tit for tat answer to these muslims, not a single incident of attrocity of Hindu girls was reported. Even now if we all come together we can fight this great danger.

Vakta of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti Shri. Balkrishnan, spoke on the current pathetic state of Dharma and Rashtra. Our nation is facing the problems like attack by Jihadi terrorists, Naxalism, Distortion of True Indian History by NCERT, corruption etc. And Hindu Dharma is facing attack from all sides by Christians, Muslims, Communists etc. The reason behind all this is lack of education about dharma in Hindus and HJS is putting efforts in Educating Hindus about Dharma. Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha, i.e. only if we protect dharma, will dharma protect us.

Vakta of Ranragini Ku. M.P.Rashmi,
spoke on the attrocities being faced by Hindu women. Because of the influence of western culture, hindu ladies do not wear sarees, dont put kumkum and dont do dharmacharan. That is why the dharmatej in us has reduced and because of this the attrocities on women has increased. To overcome this ladies should do dharmacharan and learn self-defence to protect oneself as well as dharma.

Compiled by Shri. Sudish Puthalat
Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Kochi

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