High time for Kerala society to ponder over Communist sponsored political murders: Kummanam

By Press Statement published on March 20, 2016

In spite of there being numerous political parties in a nation as large as Bharat, general society should definitely evaluate reasons behind instances of political violence being a regular feature in the states of Kerala and West Bengal. The sole reason for these political conflicts is the presence of Communist/ Marxist party in these regions. If you look at the Kerala scenario, you come to understand how on one side, there inevitably happens to be the Communist/ Marxist party. And it is not just BJP- RSS workers who have been victims of Marxist brutality. Members of political parties like Congress, Muslim League, Janata Dal, Kerala Congress, along with members of other Left groups like CPI, RSP etc have also been victims of CPM blood bath spree. To date, in Kerala, the Marxist party has done away with as many as 267 RSS-BJP workers. Out of these it has been observed that 85 murders have been committed in party strongholds of Kannur. In fact Pinarayi Vijayan, who has been credited with leading the Marxist party in the state for the longest period, himself, stands accused in a murder case. Members of party politburo, central committee members and other senior members are equally involved in plots of murder. No other party has ever suffered such evil fate.

A stage has come now where CPM, which has been the apostle of the politics of bloodshed, stands facing those boomerangs of cruelty they had sowed till date. Things started going out of hand for the Marxists with the murder of Kathirur Manoj, the RSS Shareerik Shikshan Pramukh of Kannur district. Their panic, when CBI took over investigation procedure, was too obvious. The High Court ruling states that CBI should investigate Ariyil Shukoor murder too. In fact the murder of Shukoor stands unparalleled in gruesomeness, with Marxist marauders having resorted to the Taliban model and taken Shukoor’s pictures via mobile phone and circulated the same for easier identification of the victim, in order to execute the crime. Police have concluded that CPM leaders P Jayarajan and TV Rajesh are prime accused in the case.

The Marxists tried to cast the blame of Fazal’s (Thalassery) murder on to RSS quarters. And for this, they resorted to the spreading of blatant lies. However, police investigations showed that CPM criminals were behind the murder and that Karayi Rajan and Karayi Chandrasekharan were arrested for the same. Even with regard to the murder of TP Chandrasekharan, Marxists stand face to face

with every single resistance tactic failing to be of use, with every weapon in the armory boomeranging back. A crime, which can never be forgiven in infinity is the murder of Pannyannur Chandran, the BJP district secretary of Kannur, when Marxist goons dragged him from his bike and hacked him to death in front of his wife. It is the same Communist savagery that hacked Jayakrishnan Master to death in a classroom full of innocent young students. And finally now, it stands at the murder attempt on a group consisting of former BJP state president, in Kattayikonam. All these stand unparalleled. Amal Krishna, the Taluk Pracharak who stands grievously injured, is in a critical state.

And in times as these, the stand taken by BJP towards their apparent and evident marauders should be exemplar for CPM. It now stands clear why CPM scoffed and shoved aside in utmost vehemence, the proposal put forth by RSS Sarsangchalak, about the need to resolve all political differences through peaceful talks.

On the other side, we see Congress encouraging these political brutalities. They have even proceeded to make political alliances with CPM, with the sole aim of stalling the progress being made by BJP. The aim is to secretly implement the same union here in Kerala, the alliance which has been formed publically in Bengal. This is the reason why the state government refuses to have a meticulous approach towards cases related to political murders involving Marxists, and the very same reason why P Jayarajan is being helped in leaps and bounds.

On one side, as CPM makes sterling performances on the arena of violent politics, the Congress ruling front ensures that they stand steeped in corruption. And with regard to this, Oommen Chandy has made sure that even UPA II is to shame. Solar Scam, Bar Scam etc have made storming headlines. But behind the scenes are other stories of corruption by other state ministers of UDF, which are now being unfolded slowly. The latest example being the state govt. decision to illegally gift Metran Kayal (Metran Lake) and Karuna Estate to private companies. The current government has also ensured that the state Chief Minister, for the first time ever in Kerala history, has been interrogated by a Judicial Commission. A Chief Minister, who shoulders blame and shame of every single case of corruption and fraud being indulged in by his ministers, is a real shame to Kerala society. It is the

first time in Kerala that a Chief Minister has been accused in a vigilance case, along with 18 other ministers. And not only this, the reign of Oommen Chandy alone has witnessed the office of Chief Minister being used for corrupt practices. Kerala stood witness to the arrest of a Chief Minister’s personal staff and gunman, all for the first time. Two ministers had to resign following Court intervention, exposing the shame of two ministers having taken graft from bar owners. Both High Court and Vigilance Court have made stern references to the Chief Minister regarding the same.

It is in this juncture that the Third Front being spearheaded by BJP becomes a beacon of hope for Kerala. To stake equal claims on food, water and land and ensure equal justice to all, stake claims for land sans corruption, usher in projects and policies that take Kerala to realms of growth and development, to stand by those who have been sidelined, kept at bay, ridiculed and secluded, to give companionship for those who have been labeled as outcasts and to give back self esteem to those who have been humiliated, a new leadership should come in. Political workers should ensure that always retain political credibility. General public should realize that only BJP can ensure a political working style that is devoid of any false countenances.

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