Guruvayoor- Intensify “Prarthana” and “SEVA”

via Narayanadas published on November 14, 2007

Guruvayoorappan’s Decree

1. Present violations of “Kshethra-Acharas” might lead to destruction and mass deaths in or around the Temple , by Bomb , Fire or Riots .

2. Thanthri is the custodian of “Kshethra-Acharas”. His instructions must be strictly followed . No change to the “Acharas” . Non-Hindu entry and Churidar are forbidden .

3. All the “Prayachitthams” ( Atonements) and Remedial Measures given in the “Devaprasnam” must be implemented within the specified time frame .

4. Guruvayoor Temple should be treated as an important Shrine in the whole Country and any adverse thing happening to the Temple would have its fallout on the entire Nation .

Bhakthas are Deeply Worried

In the wake of Bhagavan’s unhappiness , Guruvayoorappa-Bhakthas are deeply worried. The following possibilities are frightening :

1. Refusal of the Devaswom Board and other concerned Persons to accept the recommended Atonements and Remedial Measures . If accepted, any failure to complete the specified Actions on time .
2. Further violation of the “Kshetra- Acharas” .
3. Zero Political Support for the Temple .

(Note : Not even a single Leader of any Political / Social / Spiritual/Cultural Organization has issued any public statement to support Guruvayoor Temple in this crisis . In fact the entire Organizations ( except Yogakshema Sabha and NSS) wanted to amend the “Guruvayoor-Acharas” to allow Non-Hindu entry . All of the them are interested in their personal gains at the cost of the Temple .

“The Guruvayoor Kshetra Paramparya Paricharaka Samithy “, consisting of the traditional Temple –Staff of Guruvayoor, is the only organization that fights against the “secularization” of the Temple .

Bhagavan Himself has warned that , the implementation of His Instructions , will face oppositions by the Authorities and certain other People.

In this regard , the following recent events disturbs the Bhakthas :

1. National Security Adviser’s recent emergency visit to Guruvayoor and his warning about the Moves to destroy Guruvayoor Temple .
2. A.K.Antony (Central Defence Minister) has warned this week, the “well-equipped” Network in place , to create “trouble”.

If Gurvuvayoor Temple is destroyed, it will affect the existence of the Nation . (Remember the “Nostradamus” prediction on Annihilation of India by China ) .

Official Responses to Guruvayoor “Devaprasnam”

G.Sudharkaran ( Kerala Devaswom Minister)

” Women-Devotees will not believe that Churidar is prohibited by God inside the Temple. Let the Devotees debate about it . “Devaprasnams” are used by people for many purposes . In the past , Devaswom Boards have ignored many findings of “Devaprasnams” . “

Thottathil Raveendran ( Chairman , Guruvayoor Devaswom Board)

“We have received the “Prasna-Charthu” (Devaprasnam’s Recommendations) . Devaswom Board Meetings will discuss about them in due course ” .

Deshabhimani Newspaper ( Official Medium of Kerala’s Ruling Party)

Article written by an official Party-Writer, using penname “Swamy Viswabhadrananda Sakthybodhy .

“The Religious Leaders are intolerant about the entry of “Democratic-Progressive Forces” to Religion . They are trying to keep the Religion “anti-Democratic”. What is revealed in the “Churidar” issue is God’s stance or the “Parties of vested interests” dirty efforts to prevent, the efforts of “Democratic Forces” to modify the Religion to suit with the times ? . Real Devotees must think about this .

The Left Government and Democratic Youth Organizations like DYFI are trying to timely democratize the “Religious Faith” by standing with the Public , but, those who are unable to get People to fight , are adopting “Mamools” ( superstitions) like “Devaprasnam” to come forward ; and this is absolutely ill-motivated and evil .

For sure, if the One in Guruvayoor is Samoothiri-Raja’s family Deity Krishna , that Devtatha will have Caste-Religious-“Narrow Acharas” based Rigidities , just like the obsolete Kings of yesteryears . On the other hand, if he is Vyasa’s Krishnan , nothing might be unacceptable to him . So , the next “Devaprasnam” should be held to find out which Krishna is in Guruvayoor ; Whether it is Samoothiri-Raja’s Krishnan or the broad minded Krishnan of Vyasa . Which of these Krishnan is being worshipped in Guruvayoor ? . Let the Thantris come forward to clarify this . “

Bhakthas Intensify “Prarthana” and “SEVA” , to Save the Temple .

A Temple resembles a Human body . After the Soul departs, the lifeless-body is destroyed by Fire . When “Deva-Chithanyam” ( Aura) on a Deity gets affected , that Temple is burnt to ashes by Fire . Since the “Guruvayoor-Deity” is immortal , it will be duly shifted for later use by the Devathas , Themselves .

Such bad “Omens” were indicating a serious threat to the “Devaprasnam” it self . As advised , all Bhakthas and Temple-staff led by Thanthri conducted a “Social Prayer” ; And it immediately pacified the angry Guruvayoorappan . ( Like Prahlada’s pacification of the furious Narasimha Deva ) .

Being encouraged by the above lesson , Guruvayoorappa-Bhakthas all over the world are daily praying for the welfare of their life-air Guruvayoor Temple . Many are reciting daily, the first “Dasakam” of Narayaneeyam , (Guruvayoor Mahatmyam ) , as a prayer to Bhagavan for ensuring safety of the Temple .

May Bhagavan Guruvayoorappan listen to our Prarthana and protect His Temple!!!

Om Namo Narayanaya !!!!

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