Guruvayoor Devaprasnam Completed on 7 Nov…( The Final Details)

via Narayana Das published on November 8, 2007

Krishna, Guruvayoorappa ! , Dear Bhakthas ,

The Eight day long Guruvayoor “Ashtmangala Devaprasnam” was successfully completed yesterday ( 07 Nov. ) .

What was performed yesterday was verifying Guruvayoorappan’s will on the proposed remedial measures . As solution to each of the discovered shortcomings , an offering was proposed with a prayer to the concerned Devatha , and verified His/Her acceptance or rejection, through the analysis of “Rasi” .

1. At first , praying Guruvayoorappan , it was proposed to submit at His Sopanam, “Bhadradeepam” in Silver pot with “Suvarnakshatha” inside it , Palpayasam worth Rs.1001, “Thrikkaivenna” , “Thrumudimala” , Milk, and Sugar . These will be submitted by the Temple’s Ooralan , Othikkanmar , Keezh-Shaanthis, and Other traditional Staff . And after submitting it they all will admit their mistakes to Bhagavan , apologize to Him , and prostrate at His feet , seeking Bhagavan’s forgiveness . In the “Rasi” , “Vyazham” ( Guru) was found in the 9th house . This auspicious revelation confirmed that , Guruvayoorappan is satisfied with the proposed Offerings and Remedial Measures .

2. In the Mammiyoor Temple , “Rudradhara” & “Pinvilakku” to Siva, “Palpayasam” to Vishnu , and relevant offerings to the other Devathas in Mammiyoor and to the Deities in associated Temples , other nearby Temples, Kannur Idakkad Temple, and Irinjalakkuda Koodal Manikyam Temple , were proposed . It was found to be acceptable to Them .

Remedial Measures

The following Remedial measures were proposed and found to be acceptable to Bhagavan and the Upadevathas :

1. The Defective Golden Flag Pole shall be replaces with a New one , within next (13) months .

2. In the Devawom Guest house compound , a “Valkannadi ” ( Mirror Image) to be consecrated on the “Karimkali Thara”( Platform for Karimkali Deity) . And yearly Pooja to be offered there after laying Padmam ( lotus) .

3. On the Ekadasi day , the procession to the East should halt at it’s previous end point ” Theeyyar Ambalam” , offer salutations there before proceeding to the Parthasarathy Temple for “Irakkiyezhunnallathu” .

4. To eliminate the “Sarpa-Dosham” ( ill-effects caused by Serpents) , a golden Sepent-image , and “Puttum” shall be submitted at “Pambumekkavu Mana ” ( Temple-Abode of Serpents) .

5. Symbolic Offering of Elephant to be performed .

6. To eliminate the ill- effects for the misdeeds of all those associated with the Temple , Devaswom board should conduct every year, “Maha-Sudarshana Homam” ( 96,000 chants) , “Thila-havanam” (1,00,000 chants) , “Sukrutha-Homam” and 12 days long “Ganapthy-Homams” . Also , “Kalkachikichuttu” ( with 108 “Ashtothara shatanamam”) and “Vilichucholli-prayachittham” will be carried out . As a remedy for various types of Curses , “Murahomam” will be performed every year . Also “Maha-Mrithunjaya Homam” and “Bhagavathy Seva” shall be performed every year .

7. Every year , a “Sukrutha-Homam” shall be performed with 24, 000 chants of Gayathri-Manthra , to increase the “Sukrutha” of Temple .

8. Thanthri , himself shall decide and perform his “Prayachittham” ( atonement) to Bhagavan .

9. Any money offered on the “Thrippadi” ( step to Sreekovil) , belongs to Bhagavan .

10. As an atonement of Go-sapa ( Curse of Cows) it was first proposed to offer a Cow to Bhagavathy . But , it was not found sufficient . So , a golden image of Cow will be offered to Bhagavathy .

Note :

1. It was re-confirmed that , Bhagavan does not accept any amendment to the existing “Kshetra-Acharas” .
2. Before , the conclusion of Devaprasnam two Members of the Devaswom Managing Committee raised objections . Mr. M.M.Vasudevan alleged that , some of the findings and remedial measures revealed in the Devaprasnam will pull us to 200 years back just for the sake of Acharas . Prof. T.R. Harry stated that , the Girl-students in his college had asked him whether Churidar could be permitted in side the Temple .

The Lead Jyothishi , Padmanabha Sharma calmly pointed out that , the Dress Codes of Educational institutions are not suitable for Temple . While coming to the Temple for Darshan , all Bhakthas should follow the Dress Code that is prescribed for the Temple . He reiterated that , Guruvayoorappan rejects all sorts of changes to the time-proven “Kshetra-Acharas” . Also , he invited all skeptics to come to the dais to have a debate on the basis of Vedic Injunctions .

The above said , two Members ( who are Marxist Nominees in the Director Board) started yelling “Times have progressed . Churidar must be allowed inside the Temple ” .

This infuriated the Bhakthas present there . They declared in one voice ” What matters is Guruvayoorappan’s will alone . And not the wishes of Others . We do not need Bhagavan-Haters in Guruvayoor Temple , anymore ” .

As the situation became vociferous , and the mentioned Atheists were looking for an escape route , Padmanabha Sharma , the Lead Jyothishi pacified the Bhakthas , assuring them that Guruvayoorappan’s will shall prevail .

Findings ( 31 Oct. — 06 Nov. ) .


1. Bhagavan is upset over the violation of “Kshethra Acharas” , Desecration of Temple , Immoral activities inside the Temple , etc by God-haters . Possible, Bomb/Fire/Riot might cause mass killing in or outside the Temple .
2. Thanthri is Bhagavan’s Representative . What he says is to be accepted by everyone .
3. Golden Flag Pole is defective . Temple- Elephants may pull it down .
4. No entry to Non-Hindus . Only those having full faith in Deity worship and Kshethra-Acharas , shall enter the Temple.
5. No change in the Temple’s Dress Code . Churidar is unacceptable . It has already caused violence by Elephants . It’s continuation will cause death and destruction to all responsible for it .
6. Upadeva Ganesha’s Moorthy and Temple are defective . Renovation , required for His Temple .
7. Bhgagavan’s Cows were stolen and killed . Serious Go-Shapa will cause calamities .
8. Guruvayoor Temple should be treated as an important Shrine in the whole Country and any adverse thing happening to the Temple would have its fallout on the entire Nation .

Deratiled Findings

1. Bhagavan stressed the need to rectify certain structural defects found in the golden Flag Pole of the Temple . It’s foundation is damaged due to the attack of insects . Flag Pole is the abode of Bhagavan’s vehicle Garuda . It has been dislocated and tilted . If one measures from it’s footing to “veeraknadam” (upper portion) , the dislocation can be found out . if the defective Flag Pole is not replaced with a new one , the present Flag Pole will be pulled down by Temple Elephants .

2. Bhagavan wants the Temple to set up Facilities for the study of Sanskrit and Vedas . The Vedas are very important to Guruvayoor Temple . Necessary Facilities should be provided for higher education of Sanskrit .

3. Ordinary Bhaktas should not face any hurdle in worshipping Bhagavan due to restrictions made in the name of VIP visits . At present , such difficulties exist and certain Temple staff are behaving rudely with the Bhkthas . This is absolutely unacceptable . Bhagavan is always pleased by the Bhakthy of Common man .

4. Bhagavan does not want , more than one `Udayasthamana Pooja’ in a day .

5. The Building in side the Temple premises can be taller than the Temple . But it’s floor level should be lower than that of Temple . On such floor , any number of storeys can be constructed . This has no relation with the height of Flag Pole . Considering the roads around the Temple as boundary limits, this condition should be adhered to .

6. Materials once used for “Thulabharam” can be used again . However, the decayed materials should not be used .

7. The water from the “Manikkinar” ( Temple’s well ) , can be used for Thulabharam .

8. The future of Bhagavan’s presence in Guruvayoor Temple is bright . The present unpleasant issues can be resolved by “Prayrachitham” (Atonement rituals) . These remedial measures must be completed within one year .

( Note – : Some Devotees brought to the Jyothishis’ attention , criticisms in the media against the Jyothishis . But the Jyothishis preferred not to discuss it with Bhagavan . They stated ” This Devaprasnam is being conducted strictly according to the Scriptural Injunctions and associated Vedic Shaastras . We are ready to answer any doubts on this . In stead of that , if some one wants to arrest us , we are helpless . )

9. The “Suvarna-Dwajam” ( Golden Flag Pole ) is not vertical and it is in damaged condition . It’s present position too is not correct . This may cause Serious Dangers .
10. Thanthri ( Temple-Acharya ) is not issuing necessary instructions on time. He feels that, what he says will upset the concerned Authorities ; especially since , what he told in the past were ignored totally . Bhagavan is furious over this situation .
11. Some Devotees pointed out that , Udayastamana Pooja is performed for a single person only ; And therefore is it necessary to close and open the Sreekovil-Door for it ? .
12. Bhagavan replied that , Poojas are not for one Person only . More Udayasthamana Poojas and Thanthric rites are for increasing the `Deva çhaithanyam’ (aura) .
13. The “Pillaru-Thalappoly ” ( Ritualistic Offerings on a plate , by children) , being conducted by the local group , is very satisfying to Bhagavathy ( Upadevi , Durga) .
14. The Turmeric powder being offered to Bhagavathy , has less purity .
15. Bhagavathy does not need “Kunkuma-archana” .
16. In the Devawom guest house , a “Karimkaalithara” ( platform for `Karimkaali –Deity ‘ ) is to be provided .
17. A particular person from the ” Othikkan ” (Traditional Poojari) family, is continuously showing disrespect to the position of Thanthri . Bhagavan is upset over this . If this is not stopped immediately , there will be dire consequences .
18. In the previous Devawom Cow-Shelter “Kaaveedu” , some Cows were killed . In order to avoid it’s ill-effects in the new Cow-Shelter , “Kalasa Pooja” and other atonements to be performed for Bhagavathy .
19. Some “KeezhShaantis” ( Assistant Poojaris) are not maintaining the necessary personal purity, required for Poojas . This is repeated many times . This will cause calamities in the “Thidappally” ( Platform in front of Sanctum Sanctorum) itself .
20. Some Temple Staff are not performing their duties properly and are shifting it’s blame to others . They are going for other assignments that fetches better income . Also , there is serious infighting among the Staff .
21. Quoting verses from the “Kapilopadesa in Bhagavatham” , Justice Radhakrishna Menon raised doubts about the previous days revelations on rejection of Churidar . The Jyothishis re-confirmed with evidence that, Bhagavan does not like any amendment to the time-proven “Kshetra-Aachaaras” , in such unauthorized ways .
22. Change in Dress Code

( History : On 27th July, Guruvayur Devaswom had relaxed the traditional Temple Dress code to allow Women Devotees to wear Churidar inside the Temple . Earlier, women could wear only dresses such as sari, set-mundu, half-sari and skirt and blouse to the Temple. Even if women wore kurtas to the shrine, they had to wear a `mundu’ over the pyjamas. However , soon after the Marxist led agitations seeking amendment of “Kshetra Aachaaras’ ( Temple customs) , the Marxist Devaswom Board President announced his decision to allow Churidar inside the Temple. Later this matter was taken up in the Board meeting wherein the Thantri sated his objection . But, the Board flatly refused to revoke it’s public announcement and ordered the Thantri to shut up.)

In the wake of Guruvayoorappan’s objections to the changes in `Kshetra-Acharas ` , the recent change in Dress code was checked on the fifth day of `Devaprasnam’ . During the `Acharyavaranakriya’ , when a new cloth was brought , the Board Official instructed to cut it and fetch a small piece out of it . When the cloth was cut , it became ` Gana-vastra’ which according to Jyothisha is used for post-death rituals . Based on this `nimitham’ ( divine syndrome) , Jyothishis analysed further to find out Bhagavan’s will . And the following was revealed :

* Devaswam officials had issued a strict instruction to the Thanthri and all concerned to allow Churidar inside the Temple .
* Thanthri was not allowed to raise his objection . Because of this , he could not seek Bhagavan’s permission or conduct the Social Prayer necessary for seeking Bhagavan’s consent for the change of ` Aachaara `. Therefore , instead of a natural change , Dewaswam’s will was imposed on Thantri and Bhagavan . Next day, onwards Women started entering the Temple wearing Churidar which was unacceptable to Bhagavan . This resulted in the violent behavior of Temple-Elephants , Falling down of ` Thidambu'( Festival Deity) , etc . If this non-obedience is continued, it will be harmful to the Person wearing the Churidar and their families . It could result in premature deaths . Even, it could even harm the human kind as a whole .
* Guruvayoorappan wants His Bhaktas to wear simple traditional dress inside the Temple . Dresses like Churidar is `paradesi ` ( foreign) , which is unacceptable to Bhagavan.

23. Devaswom Shelters for Old and Orphan Bhakthas

Bhagavan reiterated His desire to accommodate and protect His Old and Orphan Bhakthas in a Shelter which should be constructed by Devaswom . He pointed out that , according to His instructions earlier , daily `Prasada Ooottu `( Feeding of the Bhakthas) was started for 500 Bhakthas . Now it is provided daily for 5000 Bhakthas . Likewise , the Shelter will also be a success . While this was discussed , Bhagavatha Hamsam Malliyoor Shankaran Namboothiri ( Guruvayoorappan’s legendary Bhakta) , entered the dais of Devaprasnam . Jyothishis found this as the divine omen of Bhagavan”s presence there and Bhaktavalsala’s compassion for His Devotees .

23. In near future, the cloth of a person arriving for Darshan will be caught fire in the Temple . Also, in the Temple premises , one’s wife will be killed by an Elephant or Cow .
24. Devaswom Board must consider `Krishnanaattam’ (which is very dear to Bhagavan) , as Sacred . In last two years , during Vijayadasami , the 9 days long `Krishnanaattam’ is not conducted by Devaswam Board . Devotees are offering it . Devaswam must conduct this with faith .
25. The “Koothambalam” (Auditorium for Temple Arts) is as important as the Temple . It must be cleaned daily and an Oil lamp to be lit there .
26. The continuing atonement for removing the previous Temple-Acharyas Puliyannoor Family long back , to be performed properly . It is not carried out decently now .
27. The Garland for Sreekovil , to be prepared in the Temple itself .
28. Those working inside the Temple , must use decent Language .
29. Efforts must be made to keep the Temple clean .
30. The Daily Ritual ” Olavaayana ” ( A Warrier temple-staff writes the Day’s Income and Expenses on a Palm Leaf and Reads it out to Bhagavan before the closure of Temple , every night ) , has been stopped . Instead it is issued in writing to Him , as a token gesture . Bhagavan is furious at this Cheating . Right from tonight (03 Nov) , “Olavaayana” must be resumed .
31. The existing “Achaaraas'( Rituals and Practices of the Temple) can not be debated and amended by any ` Acharya-Sabha’ ( Assembly of Vedic Acharyas and Experts) . They are to be adhered to as it is .
32. The `Guru-parambara’ relationship in the Temple, has been lost .
33. The `Thidambu’ ( Festival Moorthy) has fallen down . For that, `prayachitha’ atonement was not done properly .
34. Bhagavan is unhappy over the financial burden being imposed on His Bhakthas , by Devaswom Board’s frequent increases in the material cost of Offerings .
35. `Prasadam’ is being sold in the Shops outside the Temple.
36. There are defects in the Moorthy of Ganapathy , the Upadeva . Waste materials are stockpiled inside His temple . His displeasure will cause irritation to the Temple Elephants . Renovation of His temple needs to be done .
37. The Construction works inside the Temple premises , were carried out without Bhagavan’s consent . There are defects in those works . In matters of `Vastu’ , the opinions of more than one Expert need to be sought .
38. The relocated positions of Upadevas are not compatible with that of Flag staff .
39. There are reductions in the Poojas .
40. The Temple Pond has become impure . Many deaths have occurred therein already . It is not maintained as Sacred .
41. Another Temple Pond having the Divine presence, was filled up totally .
42. The sacred Ashoka tree near the Bhagavathy Temple was cut down . It’s atonement needs to be done .
43. The Coconuts once offered to Bhagavathy are offered to Her again and again to save cost and time . This is unacceptable to Her .
44. Sastha , the Upadeva is unhappy due to lapses in His rituals .
45. Although , the Temple Administrators and their Masters will try to block the proposed remedial measures , Bhagavan’s grace will help to complete it .
46. Guruvayoorappan is unhappy over the lapses in the ” Kshethra-Acharas” ( Temple-Customs) . As a result, Bomb/Fire/Riots might cause mass deaths inside or just outside the Temple .
47. `Deva-Chaithanyam’ ( aura) is intact on the Deity which is unique .
48. There will be sharp increase in the inflow of Devotees and Temple revenue .
49. Guruvayoor Temple should be treated as an important Shrine in the whole Country and any adverse thing happening to the Temple would have its fallout on the entire Nation .
50. Bhagavan’s money is being misused by the concerned Officials .
51. Certain Staff are involving in `Adharmic’ ( unrighteous) activities inside Temple premises .
52. Entry on Non-Hindus inside Temple , is unacceptable to Bhagavan . Devotees having firm faith in Deity worship and temple customs are the ones to enter the Temple .
53. The Thanthri ( Acharya of the temple) , is not allowed by the Devaswom Officials to perform his duties properly . Because of this , Bhagavan is unhappy and the Thantri is very sad . Thanthri’s Instructions are being ignored by the Administrators . Therefore, he is not giving anymore instructions .
54. Temple Officials are misusing the Temple wealth . Both the previous and present Officials are guilty of sinful activities . Some Staff are entering the Temple after consuming Liquor .
55. There is impurity in the `Nivedaya- items’ being offered to Bhagavan .
56. Bhagvan’s favorite , Milk and Plantain Nivedyam have been stopped .
57. In the Temple’s Gokulam , Bhagavan;’s Cows are not looked after properly . Theft and even killing of Cows have occurred . `Go-Sapa’ (Curse of Cows) exists .
58. Within a few months , one Temple Elephant will die .

Please forward this message to as many Bhakthas as possible . Let everyone pray Sree Guruvayoorappan .

Om Namo Narayanaya !!! Please protect us , O Guruvayoor Bhagavan !!!!

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