Glory of Bharat Desa

via By Sri Muralidhara Swamy published on January 24, 2009

” Bharata desa is a `pavitra’ desa (pure country). It is here that the `sapta punya nadi’ (the seven Holy rivers) flow ; the `sapta Mokshapuri’ (the seven Holy Cities) are situated. It is commonly believed that the country has derived its name, Bharata, from its great ruler Bharata. However,
the name Bharata has been born from the term `Bharatãl’ that means
`Brahma nishtãl’ (those who remain ever as the Brahman).

From time immemorial, the country has been giving birth to Jivan Muktãs . Each
type of soil is good for different types of crops – on one type of soil
grows the wheat, on another rice, on yet another potato and so on. On this soil of Bharata desa grow Mahans ! There are said to be about 217 odd nations in this world . While
other countries seem to be prosperous in worldly ways we find that it
is this country of ours, Bharata desa that is sought for peace. This is apparent from the large number of foreigners frequenting Bharat. We find them sitting in dhyana for a long period of time. The number of foreigners seeking the ashrams of our country is much more than the Indians themselves.

The birth of an *Avatara*  takes place when Dharma is at stake . The birth of Adi Sankara took place at a time when the Sanatana Dharma was shaken to its very root by the Buddhists. The Buddhists believe that the *Atma* changes from time to time. They also do not believe in the Vedas and the Shastras . Many a person had been converted to their faith. The few who stood on the faith of Sanatana Dharma were desperate. They wondered, `who would/could now save our Sanantana Dharma?‘ It was at this time that the birth of Sankara  took place. He lived only upto the age of 32.

Within this short span of life, He toured all over the country, from the Indian Ocean down south to the Himalayas in the North and won over all the others (faiths) in debates. Sankara saved Sanatana Dharma from what seemed to be a sure death. One who called the world *Maya* (illusion) worked assiduously ! Even one who calls the world real has not worked so diligently ! Sankara has written innumerable slokas beginning from Ganesha pancharatnam for children. He has composed Subrahmanya Bhujangam, Kanakadara stotram, Bhaja Govindam, etc. He has written commentaries for the Gita, for the Upanishads, etc. Even today his Presence is felt in Kaladi, his birthplace.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa‘s
birth took place at a time when Dharma had been shaken to its very root
due to the entry of foreigners who were converting the youths into
their faiths. It was at this time that Brahmo Samaj came into existence . It caters to the believers in the formless aspect of God. The founders of Brahmo Samaj thought, `By this we can retain the youth in Sanatana Dharma.’Arya Samaj also came into being during this crucial time to stop youths from moving away from our Sanatana Dharma. It was at this crucial period that Ramakrishna was born.

He sent Vivekananda to the very country which shook the very root of Vedic faith. Vivekananda spread the glory of Vedic Religion in that very same country. Today we find other Swamijis  are going abroad to spread the glory of Vedic Religion. But, the foundation stone for this had been laid by Swami Vivekananda.

Kaladi is the birthplace of Adi Sankara. Even today the `sannidhya’ (the Presence) of Sankara is found there. Ayodhya, the birthplace of Shree Rama, is filled with `sanidhya’ and so is Mathura, the birthplace of Shree Krishna. All these are only the birthplaces of Mahans and Avatars. In Tiruvannamalai too innumerable Mahans like Ramana Maharishi have lived. 

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