Full Translation of Smt Sasikala Teacher’s Speech – To awake Hindu from his deep Slumber

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A powerful lioness from the Hindu Aikya Vedi pride, Smt Sasikala Teacher, roared tremendously from the podium on the occasion of Guruji Birth Centenary Celebrations filling the Hindus with admiration and their enemies with trepidation.

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The Centenary Celebrations began on Feb 24, 2006. Hindu rallies were organised at the block level all over the country. Meetings of community and religious leaders were held with the objective of promoting social harmony. Seminars, symposia and lectures were organised to propagate the ideas and vision of Shri Guruji. The concluding ceremony of the Centenary Celebrations was organised in New Delhi on February 18, 2007.

I endeavour to present before you the kaleidoscope of rapidly moving colours shades and hues of messages and meanings that emanated from the thunderous leonine roar that reverberated on that occasion.

Ghatotkacha Nair

Distinguished guests seated on the podium, my dear fellow Hindu activists and my other sisters and brothers!

We are gathered here on the penultimate day of the Birth Centenary Celebrations, at the Taluk level, of Param Pujaneeya Guruji M.S Gowalkar the second “Sarsanghchalak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

The audience and those distinguished persons seated on the stage are not unaware of the sacrifices made by Guruji and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh for this Nation and for the Hindu society. The Birth Centenary Celebrations of Param Pujaneeya Guruji are being held at 159 Taluks.

We have come to understand this fact that when ever such large Hindu conferences take place, there are people outside the venue, who despite their hectic work schedules, cover their faces and hide their bodies but lend us their ears. These Hindus are present in spirit but not in bodies. Among those Hindus, who lend us their ears but who do not attend the conferences, there may be well-wishers and there may also be friends. There is a question that at least some of them ask us at some time or the other. The Hindus who say with pride that they are Hindus have had to face this question on several occasions. The question is none but this. “Ok, we agree when you say that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has been functioning since 1925; that the man who had the most tremendous impact on our era, Dr Hedgewarji, the karma yogi, Param Pujaneeya Guruji and tens of thousands of selfless activists have worked for Hindu solidarity and prosperity; that the Sangh had been active in Kerala since 1940. Now tell us what has been your achievement in Kerala ?”

This is the question for which we need to enlighten them with an appropriate answer.

They ask, have we been able to return at least one Member of Parliament or one Member of the Legislative Assembly. Many of us have had to face this question. It is the grossly distorted value system of the society is responsible for the very fact that such questions are put to us. People think that politics means only party politics and that the benchmark for success of party politics has to be measured by the “spoils of office” or the rewards and benefits considered by a winning political party to be its legitimate due. It is due to this preconceived and misconceived notion of the society that we are asked such a question. However, even those who ask us this question are aware of the reality that there have been drastic changes in the Hindu society of Kerala. They realize it even if they are unable to honestly admit it.

In 1921 when the Moplah Muslims, instigated by the “Secular” Gandhi’s Khilafat Agitation, were awash with a monster tide of murderous Islamic religious frenzy in Eranadu and Valluvanadu Taluks of the erstwhile Malabar District,
the Hindu who surrendered his neck,
the Hindu who abandoned his Dharma,
the Hindu who discarded his wealth,
the Hindu who when his temples were defiled, desecrated, despoiled and destroyed looked on passively hopelessly and helplessly,
the Hindu who turned and fled without even once looking at others around him …
all this is part of the savage history of Malabar Moplah Rebellion,
the shame filled history of Hindu humiliation and
the tragic story of the SECOND MALABAR HINDU GENOCIDE.

Fast forward to the time of Maaradu beach massacre, of poor Hindu fishermen by Islamic Pakistan-inspired and Communist-supported well-armed jihadis, which left 8 immediately dead and 15 mortally wounded. Not one single Hindu had fled the Maaradu beach in the wake of the pre-planned murderous assault.

If the Hindu had resolutely and with a stout heart held his ground then it is not because of any traditional strong will of the Hindu fishermen of Maaradu beach or their brute physical strength or any courage that the Hindu might have acquired as a matter of course but because of the disciplined Hindutva activity of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh which instilled Hindu consciousness in the Kerala Hindu Society filling it with vigour and verve and enabled those handful of poor Hindu fisher folks to face their armed assailants with courage and fortitude. There was an organized Hindu society standing solidly behind them.

In 1950 the famous Sabarimala Temple burned … we all know it was deliberately burnt, the people from Tiruvalla Town know the whole story. During the death dance of the Christian fundamentalists the sanctum sanctorum and the holy image of Lord Aiyappa got burned down. The average Hindu of those days cried in their temples and in their private pooja rooms and with voices choked with emotion tearfully implored Lord Aiyappa, “Please chop off the arms of those who vandalized your holy temple”. However, Lord Aiyappa not being into the mercenary hit man business, no hands were chopped off!

Lord Krishna had said in Bhagawat Gita, “Arjuna, take up the bow and fight, I will personally drive your chariot.” Lord Krishna did not say, “Don’t worry, just sit tight with holy marks on your foreheads and say your lovely melodious prayers in chaste Sanskrit with perfect cadence and intonation, I will do all the work for saving Dharma.” HE said, “Yield not to paltry faint-heartedness, shake off that unbecoming and unmanly despondency, take up your weapons and fight, and then and only then I will guide you to definite victory. … You will be forced to fight whether you wish to or not. … You have no choice but to fight.”

The Hindu forgetting the teachings of Lord Krishna, beseeched Lord Aiyappa to punish those Christian fundamentalists who burnt the holy Sabarimala Temple and nothing happened at all. But as Sri Sadanandan Master said some time back, when a “cross” appeared “mysteriously” in the Nilackal mountain forest belonging to Sabarimala Temple, the Hindu devotees did not merely pray to the Lord Aiyappa to save them, instead all the Hindu devotees went in unison and acting in concert forcefully wrenched that “cross” out of the sacred ground and threw it far away. If the devout Hindus could act with courage of conviction and strength of character then it is not the strength they allegedly acquired over passage of time, rather it is because of the disciplined Hindutva activity of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh which organized the then divided and scattered Kerala Hindu Society and instilled the sense of Hindu consciousness in them and gave them moral and physical courage to take on their implacable foes.

In Malappuram Jilla, there is no Hindu who does not know the saga of the wealthy Muslim businessman and estate owner Uneen Sahib who, out of profound reverence, sheer affection and deep devotion to the ancient rishi parampara, returned to the fold of Sanatana Dharma and proudly adopted the Hindu name Ramasimhan.

The local Muslim clergy trembled at the thought that if lay Muslims become aware of the greatness, glory and grandeur of the ancient Sanatana Dharma they will seek liberation from the tight suffocating Islamic grip and escape to the liberal, liberating and exhilarating environs of Sanatana Dharma.

Moplah Muslims armed with deadly weapons entered the house of Ramasimhan and in a dastardly act slaughtered the sleeping Ramasimhan along with his family and retainers in cold-blood. The Moplah Muslim vandals then demolished the beautiful Mattummal Sri Narasimha Moorthy Temple which was reconstructed by the intrepid Ramasimhan at the dawn of Indian independence. The terrified Hindus of the locality even feared to retrieve and give a funeral to the bodies of the slain Ramasimhan and family. We remember that Malappuram Jilla which feared a violent aftermath if they tried to retrieve the bodies of Sri Ramasimhan and his family to give them a decent funeral, remained petrified with horror.

Today we have come to know that the Hindus of that very same Malappuram Jilla have fought an arduous and protracted legal battle and retrieved the premises of the Narasimha Moorthy Temple, which was adored by the pious Ramasimhan, and the adjacent buildings and temple properties. The Malappuram Jilla is no more the place where the Hindus remained petrified with horror. Ramasimhan Trust is moving forward with reconstruction of the Mattummal Sri Narasimha Moorthy Temple and the place where that Temple once stood is now renamed Ramasimhan Nagar by the Hindus of Malappuram to keep alive the sacred memory of the Hindu martyr Ramasimhan for whom they have nothing but the deepest affection and the utmost pride. The sacred memory of Ramasimhan fills the invigorated Hindus of Malappuram Jilla with zeal and fervour. If the miniscule Hindu population of Malappuram Jilla which had once remained frozen with fear in the presence of a scene of mass murder can now outstare the adversary and move with firm steps and courageous mien it is not because that the Hindu acquired courage over a course of time but because of the disciplined Hindutva activity of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh which instilled Hindu consciousness in the Kerala Hindu Society filling it with vitality and valour.

Today the Hindu society is organized enough and united enough to face the direct challenges posed to it. But that, my sisters and brothers, is not enough. A health conscious person does not wait for a disease to strike and then achieve its cure. A health conscious person would aim at preventing a disease from attacking the body. Today we have the organized strength to face the challenges posed to our society, but that is not enough. What we need to achieve is a state of affairs wherein challenges posed to our society will be few and far. It is to this end that we must act, so time has not yet come that we can put up our feet and relax in tired indolence. We may have lots of stories of victories against anti-Hindu forces. Every village may have its tale of awakening of Hindu consciousness. Today the Hindu is not a fallen tree which any one can jump on with ease and with impunity. We must act to achieve a state of affairs wherein our enemies will think twice before posing challenges to our society. To this end we must have full awareness of the situation existing today, the challenges and pitfalls facing the Kerala Hindu society.

It is of course easy to merely describe the situation facing the Kerala Hindu of today. The Kerala Hindu has the generous liberal democratic choice of death before
the armed murderous jihadi,
the treacherous cancerous evangelical destroyers of our beloved families and
the anti-Hindu “secular” politician who will use all the provisions of our constitution, laws, government policies and government machinery to destroy us with supreme contempt and malicious neglect.

We are walking around carrying with us these ample choices to choose our demise from.
The death sentence has already been passed concerning us, Kerala Hindus.
We can be done to death violently by the savage jihadis.
We can be destroyed by the foreign inspired and sponsored “evangelical love” also known as religious conversion.
We can be throttled, choked and suffocated to death by the withering contempt and cruel neglect of the politicians, whom we unfailingly and regularly vote to the halls of authority and seats of power.

It is this awareness of the THREE MORTAL ENEMIES that the Hindu society desperately needs. It is only this awareness of the three mortal enemies that can prepare the Hindu society to create a state of affairs wherein our enemies will think twice before posing challenges to our society. We must be mindful of the extent to which our Hindu society has been entrapped and ensnared by these three enemies.

Let us start with the murderous jihadi terrorists. Islamic Fundamentalism is not a problem confronting only Kerala State. It is a problem confronting the entire world. But can a problem confronting the entire world be solved by a few Hindus here? We are aware that it cannot be so. Islamic terrorism can strike any where, be it America or Britain or Russia or Indonesia. But should Islamic terrorism exist in India? That is our question.

Is the world’s largest democracy incapable of combating Islamic terrorism? Is the country with the world’s longest written constitution incapable of combating Islamic terrorism? Yes, it is definitely capable of doing just that! Then why is this country being repeatedly ravaged by the scourge of terrorism. This is the question that is vexing us, concerned citizens, today.

If this country is being repeatedly laid low by terrorism, then it is not the capability or efficiency of the terrorists. If this country is being repeatedly laid low by terrorism, then it is because the society has lost its ability to recognize identify the supporters, collaborators, facilitators and sponsors of Islamic terrorism. More dangerous than the thieves are the conspirators to thievery. This society is unable to recognize and identify those who sponsor terrorism, those who inspire terrorism, those who provide ideological foundations for terrorism, those writers, and opinion makers who, with unfailing regularity, white wash the crimes of the terrorists. This society is unable to unmask and denude in public the hollow pretentions of social uprightness of those demonical collaborators and that is why Islamic terrorism is flourishing and growing by leaps and bounds in our land. Islamic terrorism is flourishing not because those few terrorists are in any way great. Islamic terrorism is flourishing because of these treacherous and heinous apologists for Islamic terrorism.

Let us examines some instances within the limited time we have here. The State Government Order that all male employees must attend work clad in white cotton dhoties (mundu in Malayalam) was saw its ceremonial inaugural implementation in the State Capital Trivandrum. Our Honourable Chief Minister Comrade V. S Achyutanandan was scheduled to donate the first white cotton dhoti to the veteran Malayalam film actor Jagathy Sreekumar. However this aged revolutionary-lion hero Comrade V. S Achyutanandan declined to honour Jagathy Sreekumar on the grounds that the thespian was embroiled in the Vithura sex scandal involving gang rape of a minor girl. An accused in a criminal case should not be publicly feted was the stand taken by our Chief Minister. The highly literate Keralam saluted the Chief Minister’s public display of fealty to the Constitution and reverence for law and order. We experienced much pride and joy in the knowledge that we have in our state a Chief Minister who has loyalty to the Constitution and respect for law and order!

Let us consider another instance. Recently the Venerable Kanchi Acharya Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal had visited Kerala. At that time all the government functionaries had stayed away from all the functions attended by the Venerable Kanchi Acharya. The excuse dished out in the media was that the Acharya was one of the defendants in a murder case. Some history-sheeter blurted out the Acharya’s name after a round of violent “hospitality” in a Tamil Nadu Police lockup and the Venerable Acharya instantly became a defendant in a criminal case. But a criminal case was pending before the magistracy so when the government functionaries excused themselves from the Acharya’s presence the “secular” Malayalis held their heads high in their pride at the Rule of Law being given precedence over all positions spiritual and temporal.

Soon enough we had to witness a sorry spectacle. Abdul Nasser Maudani arrested on 8 April, 1998 in connection with 1998 Coimbatore bomb blast which left 56 people burnt to death was indicted under various sections of the Indian Penal Code – spreading communal hatred, criminal conspiracy, and sedition. We see these very same self-proclaimed “secularists” going on political pilgrimage to the Coimbatore Central Jail to pay homage to this mass murderer who was declared ineligible for bail by the High Courts.

Jagathy is an accused in a
ase, so then don’t give a dhoti in a public function, Shankaracharya is an accused so, don’t share the dais with him. However conduct political pilgrimages to the Coimbatore Central Jail to have a darshan of the mass-murderer Islamic terrorist who was declared ineligible for bail by the High Court. Aah! This is the anti-Hindu “secularism” for you!

We also witnessed with deep revulsion the Kerala Assembly unanimously passing an anti-national resolution on March 16, 2006 seeking the release of terrorist Abdul Nasser Maudani, on “humanitarian” grounds. Sufiya, terrorist wife of this terrorist Maudani, also wanted in another terror case has a bevy of “secular” admirers and well wishers calling on her, offering her bouquets and making kind enquiring about her health and well being. In India “secularism” is perverted.

Each gram of tallow lost by Maudani, each hair of his esteemed Islamic terrorist self that turned white in Coimbatore Jail and each inch of girth that was lost around his corpulent Islamic waist was commented upon in threadbare detail and paeans were sung in his honour by
the ever attentive minority controlled media,
the vote seeking politicians, and
the cultural leaders and social intellectuals who are paid and kept by the CPI (M).

These anti-Hindu Nehruvian “secularists ” went to Coimbatore Jail with weighing machines to measure and record the falling weight of the Islamic terrorist. None of these alleged “secularists” had any problems interacting with the Islamic terrorists who are defendants in cases involving high treason. WHY? This is the anti-Hindu “secularism” for you!

In this land, the jihadi terrorist is an honourable face. Each youth is grappling with the question – whether to live and work in honour or become a Jihadi terrorist!

In Sreekrishnapuram is a small village near Cherpulassery Town in Palakkad District of Kerala. Outside that village, in the Paalamala forest, when an Adivasi died of extreme starvation, none of the “secularists” who stood in queues to measure the reducing waist line of the diabetic Islamic terrorist Maudani enjoying Tamil Nadu Government hospitality in Coimbatore Jail, none of the secularists who carried weighing machines to accurately record the falling weight of their beloved Islamic terrorist bothered to know the extent of poverty and deprivation faced by the Hindu Adivasis who, pushed into starvation, were disposed of their lands and livelihoods and were driven into alcoholic destitution, disease and despair.

It is these very same anti-Hindu Nehruvian “secularists” have driven this rich land and her once-proud people from plenitude to poverty.

The one-legged Islamic terrorist Madauni languishing in the Coimbatore Jail brought tears to our eyes. His loss of human rights agitated us and made us loose our sleep. In the same Coimbatore Jail, there is an accused by the name Sateesh, whose both legs are afflicted. Born in a traditional Hindu blacksmith community, he is accused of having manufactured weapons. That is the case against him. A poor man accused of making some money manufactured weapons. The Malayalee society which arranged elaborate Ayurvedic treatment for the one-legged Muslim Madauni did not bother to send even one ounce of medicine to the Sateesh who is confined to a wheel chair in the very same Coimbatore Jail. WHY? This is the anti-Hindu “secularism” for you!

Sateesh is a petty criminal, we don’t want any criminals; we want only Islamic terrorists. The market is pretty much down for petty criminals, we want only the Islamic terrorists who take human lives with out a tinge of conscience. So when we go in processions for terrorists, more and more dreaded Madaunis are created.

We know that this October was a time for humiliation for all Bharateeyas. It was on October 20th that the sanctum sanctorum of our Democracy was assaulted.

Several security guards were killed in the assault on the Indian parliament on 13 December 2001. Mohammad Afzal the sole surviving terrorist who was captured was condemned by our Supreme Court to be hanged to death on October 20.

This October 20 went by, November 20 went by. December 20 went by. January 20 went by and now February is with in reach. Can any one of you say what the condition of Mohammad Afzal is? Will Mohammad Afzal definitely be hanged or will he be consecrated either as India’s Home Minister or as Kerala’s Education Minister? We have such doubts because of our past experiences. Will we have the misfortune of seeing him in any of these positions?

Why is it that we cannot carry out a verdict of death sentence handed out by the Court? It is not the RSS, VHP or Hindu Aikya Vedi who passed death sentence on Afzal. It is the Supreme Court of India which handed out the death sentence.

On 1st December 1999 at around 10.35 AM, the class teacher of Mokeri East U.P. School in Koothuparambu near Panur in Kannur District and Vice- President of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, Kerala State, K.T. Jayakrishnan was conducting class for his 6th standard students. Suddenly, his bodyguard (provided by the state government to protect his life due to threats from communist criminals) disappeared and seven CPM activists entered the class room, shouted slogans and warned the students not to move, blocked the class room’s entrance, took sword-sticks and razors in their hands, came near Jayakrishnan Master and stabbed him several times. Jayakrishnan Master breathed his last within five minutes.

After confirming his death, the CPM men left the place in procession, walking along the public road brandishing the blood-stained weapons as if they were celebrating a victory. This most horrible murder was committed in front of students less than 11 years old. The young children of tender age were shocked as their most respected class teacher was brutally murdered in front of them. The incident created psychological problems for many children who had to undergo psychiatric counselling.

It is the Supreme Court through whose fingers, through whose elaborate procedures of law the cruel savage animals who hacked to pieces a school teacher in front of his terrified screaming primary school students, slipped through. It is the Supreme Court that passed death sentence on Mohammad Afzal. If the verdict of the Supreme Court can be accepted in one case, it should be accepted in the other case too. The Supreme Court cannot be the Court of Justice in one case and the Court of Injustice in the other case. If the verdict of the Supreme Court can be accepted in one case, why is it that we are in a position that we cannot accept the other case. Reason is the same, an inverted and perverted anti-Hindu “secularism”.

When Mohammad Afzal was sentenced to death by hanging one Chief Minister of a State leaped up and vehemently asserted that Mohammad Afzal must not be hanged. He is none other than Ghulam Nabi Azad of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. This worthy believes that he became the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir State because he is a Muslim. Of course that belief is not without an element of truth in it. This is our perverted anti-Hindu “secularism”. One cannot become the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir State unless one is a Muslim. One cannot become Chief Minister of Mizoram unless one is a Christian. One cannot become Chief Minister of Nagaland unless one is a Christian.

Why go so far? Let’s talk about Kerala. In a panchayat with a Hindu minority population if it is not reserved for Schedule Castes or Schedule tribes can a Hindu possibly become the Panchayat President? So when the Hindus become minority then they can forget all posts. However in this Kerala with 56 percent Hindu majority any one can become the Chief Minister. Ooman Chandy, A.K Anthony, C.H Mohammad Koya or any one else can become the Chief Minister; that is our anti-Hindu “secularism”.

In Andhra Pradesh where there is a much greater Hindu majority, Samuel Rajasekhara, a Christian, can become the Chief Minister. In Maharashtra where there is an even greater Hindu majority, Abdul Rehman Antulay, a Muslim, can become the Chief Minister. In Bihar any one can get to be the Chief Minister since there too the Hindu is in majority. Where there is a Hindu majority, then any thing goes. But if the Hindu turns minority then the majority community gets to corner all the benefits.

Just imagine, for the post of Vice-Chancellor for the Calicut University, they couldn’t find someone from all over this Malayalee land, instead they had to go all the way to Uttar Pradesh based Aligarh Muslim University to find a Begum for adorning the post of Vice-Chancellor. REASON: the University of Calicut lies in the Muslim-majority Malappuram-Calicut Districts. Oh! How can they possibly appoint any one other than a Muslim for University of Calicut that lies in Muslim-majority Malappuram-Calicut Districts!!! Otherwise where is “secularism”, eh? This is how the anti-Hindu Nehruvian “secularism” works.

It is this perverted secularism which made Ghulam Nabi Azad Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir State think that he is Mussalman as is Muhammad Afzal and one Mussalman must save the life of another Mussalman, so don’t hang Afzal. Besides doesn’t Quran state that a Muslim cannot be executed for the crime of killing a non-Muslim?

I am not sure whether our Government is run according to the Constitution of India or whether it is run according to the Quran or the Shariat or some thing else. However Ghulam Nabi Azad says Afzal should not be hanged. I was under the impression that Ghulam Nabi Azad is a Congress Chief Minister. If so is this the opinion of the Congress Party? We want to know if this is the considered opinion of this Ruling Party.

We must find out whether this is the opinion of the Congress Party. We all know about this Congress Party. It is a party which many of us believe in. We all know that such a disciplined political party does not exist in this vast wide world!!! If one Congress man declares that the Sun rises in the East, then even before he puts his tongue back in his mouth, ten Congressmen would hold press conferences to proclaim that the Sun rises in the West! Such is the extent of their party discipline!!! However Ghulam Nabi Azad’s ‘One Mussalman must save another Mussalman ‘thesis has not been contradicted to this date by any Congressman. So if we take it that his opinion is the same as that of the Congress Party, then we see a repetition of History.

In 1931, Sukhdev Thapar, Bhagat Singh and Shivaram Rajguru the pre-eminent freedom fighters and patriots were sentenced to death by the British Colonial Government for attacking and killing a police officer after Lala Lajpat Rai was beaten to death with lathis by the British Indian Colonial Police. The “Mahatmaji” was proceeding to London for the Second Round Table Conference as the representative of the Congress Party. People in their vast numbers begged “Mahatmaji” with tears in their eyes to please ensure the death sentences of those patriotic young ones are rescinded. It was definitely within the power of that “Mahatmaji” to ensure some thing like that. But the “secular” “Mahatmaji” said in no uncertain terms, we are advocates of non-violence. What Sukhdev, Bhagat Singh and Rajguru had committed, though barely out of their teens, was an act of atrocity. The perpetrators of atrocity must face the consequences of their atrocities, so exclaimed the self-righteous Congress Party!

As a consequence of the irrepressible attachment and insatiable lust for non-violence, the Congress Party decided that Veer Bhagat Singh and his comrades-in-arms should die for their acts of violence and that the Congress Party will not be defended them despite their being freedom-fighters. However you must also visualise another scene.

16 November 1926, the sanyasi who captured the imagination of the nation, the spiritual leader of Arya Samaj, Swami Shraddhananda, who was on his sick-bed, was attacked by a Muslim terrorist by the name Muhammad Rashid. In this Bharat, where a sanyasi is revered like God, an old ailing sanyasi was shot in his sick-bed by a Muslim terrorist Muhammad Rashid. This Muhammad Rashid too was awarded death sentence by the even-handed British Colonial Government.

The “secular” “Mahatmaji” and the Congress who decided out of their undying romance for non-violence to let the young Hindu heroes Sukhdev, Bhagat Singh and Rajguru be hanged by the Colonial Judicial System, that very same “secular” “Mahatmaji” rushed to meet the Viceroy and humbly pleaded that (the Muslim terrorist) Muhammad Rashid be viewed as a “misguided youth” who had committed an “unintended homicide” of the Sanyasi and importuned the Viceroy, on bent knees, to pardon “brother” Muhammad Rashid!!! This is the anti-Hindu “secularism” for you!

This story which refuses to remain erased despite several attempts to erase it and white wash it from the annals of Indian History tells us that History is repeating itself.

The “Mahatma” and the Congress Party valued the life of Muhammad Rashid in 1926 because he is a Muslim terrorist. Today in 2009 the Congress Party values the life of Muhammad Afzal only because he is a Muslim terrorist.

It is this terrorist-desiring, terrorist-coveting and terrorist-appeasing attitude that is the sole cause of the rise of Islamic terrorism. I have given this example to highlight the fact that Islamic terrorism is flourishing because of these treacherous collaborators.

Again the Leftists of Kerala and the so-called intellectuals who are compelled to set to tunes the hackneyed songs of the Leftists, come out with this time worn cliché, “Death sentence is outmoded and inhumane.” “Do we have the right to render capital punishment?”
Who are asking these questions?
Those Commies who adore the blood stains of mass slaughter by the minions of Mao and Stalin,
those who hacked to pieces the school teacher, K.T Jayakrishnan in front of his terrified screaming primary school students,
those who have a track record of attacking and stabbing to death in broad day light the individuals who leave their party,
those very people are now asking, “Do we have the right to kill?” “Isn’t death sentence is outmoded and inhumane?”
We have heard that Satan can quote the Bible, but now we are actually seeing it happen. We have now seen the form of the Satan. Since when has death sentence become inhumane in this country?

Was it not in this country that the two Hindu youth Nathuram Vinayak Godse and Narayan Apte were hanged 15 November, 1949 for killing Mahatma Gandhi? No one argued then that death sentence is inhumane. No Hindu came forward to defend these two Hindu youth. People thought that the two committed an unpardonable crime so let them pay for their crimes. No one came forward to defend these two Hindu youth.
Was it not in this country that two Sikh young men were hanged for the assassination of Indira Gan

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