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Dr. Kallumadathil Sukumaran Radhakrishnan, Vice-chancellor of the Sri Sankaracharya University, Kalady, Kerala is fighting a lone battle. Array of his opponents range from SFI to Mahilasanghom and from VS Achutanandan to Pinarayi Vijayan.  A person who reached the top post from humble beginnings is now annoyed and angry the way in which the Comrades try to suppress his dissenting voice. “Fascism is ingrained in Communism. Communism came into existence in different places through collective fascism.  Since I am opposing Communism and the leftists’ hypocracy, they want to destroy me.  I will not go to
vanavasam fearing the leftists’ fascist ways of behavior,” he said in an exclusive interview to Hainda Keralam correspondent Pradeep Rama Krishnan:


1.      Sir, recently you said that in Kerala ‘cultural fascism’ is prevalent among the intellectuals. Could you please explain with examples?


The moment you refuse to accept plurality of thoughts, you will be forced to admit fascist culture.  Right to dissent with the majority is the hallmark of democracy and according to communist ideology dissent has to be forcefully suppressed. The so-called leftist intellectuals never accept ones right to dissent.  For the Communists might is right. The majority of the cultural leaders of Kerala are slaves to the communist ideology and are siding the party with an eye on the several offices of profit. They find that it is profitable to be associated with the leftists to claim plum posts. Through the 5000 odd libraries in the state, they can sell their books too. That the CPM is against academic autonomy is evident from the recently passed Higher Education Bill. The party aims at snatching the administration of all the Universities of Kerala. Further, those who have a different opinion, the communist don’t like them and physically attack them to toe their line. This has become evident in many of the incidents happening in Kerala. This is not the cultural work. Since the party is centered on democratic centralism, where the majority suppresses the opinion of the minority, the majority in the CPM is having fascist mentality.


2.      Why the Communists, particularly the CPM is against you?


Perhaps because I always had the view that as an ideology Communism breeds fascism. In my book titled ‘Marxism and Advaida Vedanta’ written in the 90s, I had compared both the philosophies and had pointed out the drawbacks of Communism vis a vis the unmatched darsana of Vedanta.. Since the Marxist ideology itself is intolerant towards any different point of view, naturally the Marxists are against me.


3.      What was the role of Marxists and Muslim fundamentalists in the Shabna episode?


A minor issue was blown out of proportion and both the Marxists and the Muslim fundamentalists tried at my character assassination.  When I introduced the system that girls should come back to their hostel before 6.30 PM, some students, particularly Shabna, who is said to be a women activist, opposed it and came to discuss the issue in my chamber.  In fact, when she met me in in my chamber other members of the staff were present and I bluntly told her that discipline is important. Then from the very next day SFI, DYFI, Teachers and Non teaching staff belonging to Marxist unions joined together and for 14 days gheroed my office saying that I had molested a girl!  Since the CPM was ruling, the District Collector and Police did nothing to book the culprits. In the classic Marxist style, all sorts of allegations, abuses and threats were heaped on me demanding that I must resign. I received a threatening letters and phone calls from Muslim fundamentalist organisations that my entire family (my self, my wife and my two daughters) would be wiped out. All this was done to weaken me mentally.  This is the typical Marxist ways of behaviour. If a judgment is against them, they demand that the Judge be removed!


4.      You are accused as a proponent of Hindutva. Why? Our age old and time-tested culture is unique in so many ways. How do you view the peculiarity of Indian culture?


The leftists were provoked when I started courses on Jyothisha, Yoga, Thatchusastra (ancient science of carpentry) in the university. I am proud of the rich cultural heritage of our Motherland. The contribution of India to religion, art, literature etc is unique in so many ways.  The Marxists deliberately dub any one who is proud of our glorious ancient culture as a proponent of Hindutva. Any one who is deep rooted in Indian culture can never become a communist, because the communist ideology is limited, narrow and hollow.  The uniqueness of Hindu culture is that it embraces everything. I feel that the term ‘ahindu’ (non-Hindu) itself is against the spirit of Hindu culture. Hinduism not only accepted different thought process but also respected different ideologies. 


5.      You had translated Arun Shourie’s famous book exposing the Communist role in the quit India struggle of 1942.to Malayalam.  How do view the Marxist fellow travelers?


Translating Arun Shourie’s book was a wonderful experience. In writing that book Shourie had done a lot of research. After meticulously collecting all the details, he had documented the records properly and came out with his thesis. Shourie with proper records proved beyond doubt that the Communist betrayed the Indian national freedom movement. Obviously the Marxist Historians who are never true to history condemned him.  Marxist historians fail to understand that the evolution of history is not according to Marxist concept of dialectical materialism. These so-called Maxist historians have no sense of intellectual honesty. Even though Communism as an ideology have failed all over the globe, they still prescribe it as a panacea for all our ills ignoring that life does not flow according to the dictates of Communists. Till recently all the top leaders of Indian communist movement were from the upper caste feudal lords who were on top of the social hierarchy.  During the freedom movement, when people in large numbers started thronging to the Indian National movement, irrespective of caste, creed or color, afraid of loosing their ground and in order to preserve their hegemony over the masses, the feudal lords formed the communist party not only as a safety valve for themselves but also to sabotage the freedom movement. Still the communist leaders, particularly the Marxists, are arrogant and egoistic that like the feudal lords, they think and behave as if others are inferior to them. Any other viewpoint other than that of the party is mocked and ridiculed with an intolerant mind of a feudal lord.


6.      You had accused that the present LDF government headed by CPM wants to remove you. Why the CPM is against you?


As I have already told you, the Marxists particularly when they are in power, want to keep everything and everyone under their party’s control. Their intention is to destroy Academic autonomy so that they can Rule every University in Kerala and thereby make more and more recruits to the party.  Since I am against the communist ideology of intolerance towards other thought processes, they want to get rid of me. However, in spite of their stringent opposition I will remain as VC till my term is over.


7.      Communists all over the globe, wherever they had the opportunity to rule, ruled with an iron hand. We have before us the examples of Stalin, Mao, Cheshesque, etc. There was no place for freedom of thought, democracy, equality, etc. How do you view the Indian Marxists?


Indian Marxists are the greatest opportunists. The Capitalist Tata has now all of a sudden has become Comrade Tata. Their ideology of revolution had utterly failed. As I told you earlier world is not evolving the way Marx predicted its evolution. Indian Marxist still swear by the working class and downtrodden only to get their votes. The party and its bosses are the biggest capitalists now.


8.      Marxists describe religion as the opium of the masses. At the same time Indian Marxists, knock at the doors of Bishops and Maulavis and ridicule Hindu saints and sages. Is this not sheer opportunism?


The Marxists accept whatever is beneficial to them. In Kerala in order to get the Muslim votes, they projected Saddam Hussien as a hero; completely ignoring that Saddam eliminated not only Muslim rebels but also the Communists of Iran. During the last assembly elections they joined hands with the rabidly communal Jamat-e-Islami, National Democratic Front and the Indian National league to win the Muslim votes.


9.      In India the so-called secularists and left intellectuals dub everything that had its roots in our culture, such as Yoga, Vedas, Sanskrit, astrology, etc as primitive, communal and sideline them. How to get rid of this?


The Guru of Marxists, Karl Marx was completely ignorant of India, Hinduism and its great culture. Now all over the globe, Indian values and ancient Indian sciences are becoming very popular thanks to its utility to the modern man. Our Marxists were even against the establishment of a Sanskrit University. Marxist theoretician E M S directly opposed the very idea of such a varsity in Kerala stating that there is no need for such a varsity for a dead language. But strangely, the university is now filled with CPM members and sympathizers, who are using all the facilities available to destroy the very institution which is feeding them. In spite of opposition our ancient systems and sciences have wide acceptability because of its usefulness. When more and more people, all over the globe, start learning and understanding Sanskrit, Yoga, Ayurveda, etc no one can sideline them.  I am happy that many in the West and in India are doing wonderful service to our motherland by doing research on ancient Indian topics and thereby propagate our ideals more effectively.


10.  Even after 60 years of Independence, politicians and parties are interested only in vote banks.  Will India remain united? How to imbibe patriotism in our youth?


I am hopeful and optimistic that Indian will remain united.  In spite of difficulties and turbulence, thanks to democracy, the poor and the downtrodden of India is slowly and steadily rising. In the political front different groups who were denied power for centuries are now coming to power. This is a big change happening all over India. It is the duty of all to inculcate patriotism in our youth.


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