Evangelism & Conversion Methods

published on September 25, 2008



Missionaries employ various strategies to destroy other religions/cultures and convert people to their religion/denomination. The exact strategy deployed depends on the target population’s situation. There are 7 categories of conversion methods: 1)Pre-evangelism 2)Personal Evangelism 3)Preaching Evangelism 4)Persuasion evangelism 5)Pastoral evangelism 6)Programmed evangelism 7)Prayer Evangelism. All the methods employed come under atleast one of these categories though many come under multiple categories. Here is the listing of the prominent methods employed.


  • Alluring Children with ‘Gifts’, ‘Toys’ & Pizza
     ( 2 items )
    Toys with ‘The Message’ are given to children as gifts. A cube is very popular among teenagers. EvangeCube — It’s a cube the size of a softball made of eight interlocking blocks that flip and fold into the story of Jesus Christ on some sides and messages from Bible denouncing the native religion. This is very popular in Africa, Russia and Asia. In UK the school children are asked to stuff shoe boxes with a gift to be sent to some African nation. In US evangelicals clandestinely organise Pizza parties in schools.


  • $1 + Pray Jesus = $10 (Gospel of Wealth)
     ( 2 items )
    Majority of the world is crazy for money & wealth. People are ready to go to any extent to acquire wealth. Church is very successful is exploiting this rage by telling people to donate (called invest) to God (i.e., their Church) and pray. Church claims that God answers their prayers by returning atleast 1000% of what people offer. When people don’t get anything in return they are told that their prayers aren’t sufficient or $10+prayer will atmost get him/her a bicycle not a Rolls-Royce. This is called the “Health and Wealth” gospel in the U.S.A. – you give the church 10 percent of your gross income, and God is obligated to miraculously provide for you. This idea is big in Mormon and Pentecostal circles, and it’s making strong inroads among Baptists and “non-denominational” evangelicals. According to these preachers, if you aren’t rich and healthy, it’s because you lack faith. Uneducated, impoverished people are willing to try anything to get a good life.


  • Business/Employment evangelism
      ( 2 items )
    Many Christian employers and employers use employment to lure and many times force a non-Christian into their sect of Christianity.


  • Communication Manipulation
      ( 3 items )
    Communication is the key to evangelism. It is not what you say BUT ‘HOW YOU SAY’.
    Evangelists understand this concept better than anyone else. All the missionaries are trained in Marketing and Journalism. Marketing techniques are used to push their product (Jesus=Salvation; Other religions=Hell). Journalistic techniques are used to spin their stories, manage media and create stories about non-christian religions



  • Controlling Influential Powers/Positions
      ( 9 items )
    Evangelicals do not operate as hit-and-run operatives. Their ultimate objective is to control everything in the world. Earlier Church used to control everything including food, dressing, thinking and even sexual positions (allowed only missionary position). Evangelicals in the present day are trying to bring back their ‘good-olden-days’. To achieve this they need to hold all the powerful positions whether in Judiciary, Army, Politics or Media. Here is a collection of news articles related to this strategy


  • Creating ‘LEFT-BEHIND’ fear
      ( 2 items )
    This strategy works wonders on psychologically weak people. Evangelical Christians believe that theirs is the only true religion. They usually ask the non-christians the question of ‘What would be their fate in case Christianity is the true religion and native religion is false?’. Evangelicals then describe the fate of non-christians in terms of hell, lake of fire and blood-thirsty ‘second coming of Jesus’ etc and advise the natives to play safe. Many psychologically weak non-christians want to play safe and convert out of fear of being ‘LEFT-BEHIND’


1)Disaster Relief: “This Tsunami(disaster) is one of the greatest opportunities God has given us” says K P Yohannan, President of Gospel for Asia. Many like him do not have objection to taking advantage of hurting and suffering people are going through. In the name of disaster relief the victim’s basic needs such as food,clothing, housing, medical needs are provided with a condition that they convert to christianity.


During Tsunami Relief in India on Jan 15, 2005 a church sponsored relief van
came to the village Samanthapettai, Tamil Nadu, India but relief to the Hindu
villagers was denied because they refused to convert to Christianity. In Andhra
Pradesh, India, a plan is developing to build “Christian communities”
of 400 houses each to replace destroyed seashore villages. Victims have no choice
other than joining these ‘Communities’ as they are left pennless.


2) Satan Propaganda: Missionaries claim that the disaster stuck their region or village because God is angry with them. GOD is angry because non-christians worship devil and are under Satanic influence. Most of the victims will be psychologically weak and under manipulatable conditions because they lost their family members , property and undergoing depression. According to Southern Baptist Convention’s official guide on Evangelism: The motivation behind Southern Baptist Disaster Relief efforts can be summed up in one phrase:?A cup of cold water in Jesus? name.?


  • Education/Schools
      ( 12 items )
    Education is a major strategy proven to work wonders in many poor nations such as Africa, South America whereas it is a partial success in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Education evangelism comes in various shapes and sizes. Primary schools, Vocational training, Nurse training, Music lessons are prominent. In many regions such as Afghanistan and many Islamic countries, Education though didn’t help much in direct evangelism but helped missionaries put their foot into unreached regions and establish contacts with people. School work is an excellent mask for evangelical activities.


  • Miracles &amp; Miracle-boxes
      ( 6 items )
    “Come to church and get the miracle you need” is the slogan representing this traditional game. Presently the game of Miracles is very popular in third world countries and tribal regions. The primary condition for Vatican to anoint somebody a saint is ‘Proof of Miracles’. In poor regions a missionary asks people to write their wishes like bicycle, casette player, bullock cart on a piece of paper and put in the wish-box. A week after the Church from West with slush funds fulfils ‘those’ miracles. Intelligensia, rational and educated in west are abandoning church partly due to such cheap games.


  • Music training &amp; Programmes
      ( 1 items )
    Give me the music of a nation, and I will change the mind of that nation. said Plato.
    Almost everybody in the world appreciates some form of music. Evangelicals are very successful in ‘Music Evangelism’ wherein they lure population by offering free guitar lessons and training in western dance and music in return for conversion. High-school and college going youth are particularly vulnerable to this strategy.


  • Public Relations(PR) Campaigns


    ( 5 items )

    If there is anybody in the world who mastered the art of Public Relations (PR), it is the Western Church. They remain unscathed irrespective of the magnitude of crimes and genocides they commit. Their public relations engine works throughout the day. Due to their PR campaigns many people develop a larger than life view of missionaries and fall prey to their nefarious activities.


  • Terrorism & Militancy
      ( 8 items )
    North-East India is a living example of Church sponsored terrorism. Tribals who refused to convert to Christianity are massacred. Baptist Church of Nagaland is the command centre of terrorism in Nagalim i.e., “Nagaland for Christ”


  • Abduction/Kidnap
      ( 5 items )
    Abduction was a very popular method employed on tribes. It was Primarily employed on native tribes of Canada, America and Australia. This strategy is still used but at a much smaller scale while ensuring secrecy


  • Academic/History Rewriting
      ( 1 items )
    This strategy helps in generating a low opinion and delinking natives from their native religions, cultures and traditions. Fredrich Max Muller, Wendy Donniger, Paul Courtright, Jeffrey Kirpal etc are examples of these. Max Muller claimed that “he will write/translate Upanishads in such a way that no Hindu would ever respect them again”. Jeffrey Kirpal established an incestuous relationship between Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Vivekananda whereas Paul Courtright calls Hindu Lord Ganesha a oral-sex obsessed character.
    A normal Hindu won’t call himself a ‘proud Hindu’ after reading this literature and often becomes an object of ridicule in his society. Though many of these Scholars don’t call themselves active missionaries they successfully play part-1 of the missionary game i.e., delinking.


  • Alcoholism
      ( 1 items )
    Missionaries brought alcohol and promoted alcoholism to many tribal communities (example Polynesia/Tahiti). The leaders habituated to alcohol did everything what missionaries said losing their entire communities to christianity.


  • Brainwashing/Hypnosis 
      ( 1 items )
    Conversion is a “nice” word for Brainwashing…and any study of brainwashing has to begin with a study of Christian revivalism in eighteenth century America. Apparently, Jonathan Edwards accidentally discovered the techniques during a religious crusade in 1735 in Northampton, Massachusetts. By inducing guilt and acute apprehension and by increasing the tension, the “sinners” attending his revival meetings would break down and completely submit. Technically, what Edwards was doing was creating conditions that wipe the brain slate clean so that the mind accepts new programming. He would tell those attending, “You’re a sinner! You’re destined for hell!”


  • Charity, Bribing and Buying souls
      ( 4 items )
    Charity is the most popular technique employed currently. This provides a very secular cover and insulates from all forms of questioning. This is used primarily to place long-term missionaries. They take the form of language teachers, social workers, AIDS/HIV workers etc.


  • Child Trafficking/Orphanages
      ( 2 items )
    Though there a very few genuine Christian charity orphanages majority of the orphanages springing up today are mainly centres of indoctrination. They believe in the ‘Catch them young’ principle. Many orphanages claim that they are building the future christian workers.


  • Christian Ashrams & Sadhus 
      ( 3 items )
    Hindus have high respect for Ashrams (Hermitage) and Sadhus (Swamis). Grasping the popularity Christians have started donning saffron robes and look-alike ashrams. Many Hindus get fooled by those outward appearances and become part of these ashrams. A good example is ShantiVanam Ashram run by swindler Fr. Bede Griffiths. The place looks and feels like a Hindu ashram. Fr. Bede Griffiths wears saffron robes, sports a vermillion mark and the entire place reverberates with meditation and chanting. Behold everything they utter is Jesus and Paul.


  • Contextualization/Inculturation
      ( 20 items )
    Contextualization is the process of adoption the native culture, practices and beliefs to make the non-christians believe that they are not in a different world. It is an infiltration technique. Hindus have ‘Mangal sutra’, (a special type of chain) as part of the marriage ceremony. Not to be left behind, Christians now offer it’s equivalent ‘Yesu – Sutra’ in the marriages. Every Hindu and Buddhist ritual have copycats now.


  • Create Guilt
      ( 1 items )
    This strategy revolves around the idea of blaming the native religion as the source of major problems. In 1975-1976 missionaries failed in all their strategic attempts to convert Panare Indians of the Colorado Valley. The missionaries re-edited the Bible saying “The Panare killed Jesus Christ because they were wicked….God will burn you all, burn all the animals, burn also the earth,the heavens, absolutely everything.He will burn also the Panare themselves.”. Panare Indians fealt guilty of their ancestral crime and converted to Christianity to avoid ‘Revenge of Jesus’. This is currently being used against Muslims. Muslims are told that Islam is the source of extremism in the world and Muslims should come out of Islam to be guilt-free.


  • Denigration and Hate Spreading
      ( 10 items )
    According to Christianity every non-christian religion is a work of Satan and every non-christian worships Satan. These strategies are primarily used to motivate their fellow missionaries and to create ill-will among non-christians about their religion


  • Divide & Conquer(convert)
      ( 1 items )
    This is one of the most popular deceitful techniques employed throughout the missionary history. Differences and enimity among individuals are created or exploited in pitting one group against another. This is very popular among tribals as it is very easy to generate enimity between two clans. The British and American missionaries successfully employed this technique in India by Horizontally and vertically dividing the Indian society into Aryans and Dravidians, Dalits & non-Dalits. The “Missionary Scholars” manufactured theories (without proof) supporting these divisions with the help of some sold-out Indians.


  • Excessive children/Armies of God’s soldiers
     ( 1 items )Many Christian families produce excessive number of children to be brought up in a different fundamentalist cult like mentality.  These kids grown up in such restrictive and conditioned environment are expected to carry forward  and impose the fundamentalist mentality they are brought up in.  The pastor or father controls everything related to upbringing of the children such as even picking the nail color the kids can use.


  • Exorcism
      ( 4 items )
    Catholic church promotes the notion that the negative tendencies in the world are due to Devils(imaginary creatures). How to get rid of Devils?. Catholic church practices an occult medieval practice called Exorcism. When a comman man is in trouble, the local church clandestinely brainwashes the gullible that Devils are source for all the ills and they have the solution called ‘Exorcism’ to get rid of Satan/Devils. The common man under distress easily falls into this trap


  • Exploiting the Prisoners
     ( 1 items )
    Prisoners are usually at the mercy of jail officials. Evangelicals usually take up employment in prisons or befriend prison officials.


  • Fear of “End of World” (Acocalypse)
      ( 3 items )
    Missionaries brainwash and instill a fear that ‘end-of-the-world’ is coming. Missionaries ‘guarantee’ heaven (as if they own that dreamland) to converts and those who don’t convert are cast in the ‘Lake of Fire’. Guillible,illiterate and weak fall prey to that concept and convert. Earthquakes and recently Indian Ocean Tsunami were all marketed by missionaries as a’divine wrath and warning from GOD’ for not converting



  • Fooling people with yigal mesika magic products
     ( 1 items )
    Yigal Mesika makes products such as ‘Electric Touch’ primarily for magicians.  Christianity’s origin lies in unnatural and miracles and people, primarily in third world  are fooled with these products.  People in the developing countries such as Africa, India, Nepal etc., have never heard of these products.  Missionaries use these and fool people to think that they have supernatural powers to gain converts.


  • Free houses or agricultural land
     ( 2 items )
    Missionaries often buy souls by promising and sometimes providing free housing or agricultural land to poor. In many instances pastors cheat by luring free housing on a future data which never sees light.


      ( 3 items ) 
    The Vatican-sponsored Croatian Ustashe regime is famous for the death camp records it set during the Nazi genocides. Native tribes of Canada do not have a sympathetic ear. Wiccans, Native Americans, Natives of South America are a few examples


  • Government support
     ( 2 items )
    Many repressive states around the world force people to choose the religions they recognize. South Korea, China, Indonesia, Russia are some such countries. Earlier a converted ruler used to force the entire population to change the religion.


  • Healing
      ( 5 items )
    This is a major fraud committed on weak minds.Benny Hinn is a modern-leader in this field


  • Luring students with on campus programmes
     ( 1 items )
    Many evangelical groups such as ‘Campus Crusade’ organize sports events, study programmes, study-abroad programmes, free books etc to convert people.  Converts get special benefits as on-site coordinators, scholarships etc which are very tempting to impoverished students.


  • Marriage/Family Pressure
      ( 3 items )
    This is a very popular technique among middle-class families. In a marriage involving a non-christian bride (often against her family’s wishes), the christian family assures that they do no have any objection with girl’s religion. Within weeks of marriage the christian family declares that the girl’s religion is not acceptable to them giving the newly wed girl two options i.e., conversion to christianity or divorce. In order to save her marriage the girl often converts. Many marriage counsellors in India report a significant rise in such cases. Unable to bear the torture in many instances the girl commits suicide. Read the experiences of Sanal Edamaraku.


  • Medical/Hospital Evangelism
     ( 3 items )Evangelism in hospitals and by medical staff is a very popular mechanism in under-developed or developing countries.  Usually patients and their family  would be in a state of distress and ready to do anything to get out the hardship.  Hospital staff exploit this weakness and convert people fooling them that conversion would help them recover lost health


      ( 1 items )
    A very popular technique among sub-urban regions wherein the pastor/father gives a small amount as a loan. Ofter the native is asked to repay when he is not in a position to payback (ex: crop dumpling phase etc). The other option given to the farmer is conversion to christianity.




    ( 5 items )

    Missionaries always keep up the ante that ‘Christians around the world are persecuted because of their beliefs’. Are Christians really persecuted in India? Persecution game is played to gain sympathy, extract dollars from western sources and ward off any potential opposition to their sinster activity. Part of this process was creation of USCIRF (US Commission for Internation Religious Freedom) which is supposed to monitor persecution of christians around the world but it won’t look at the heinous crimes committed by christians. Check All India Christian Council (the nodal organisation of all christian entities). The website is titled Christian Persecution IndiaPaul Kurtz analyses the movie The Passion was made as a political weapon.