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-M.V. Raghavan

   Melathu Veettil Raghavan, popularly known as MVR is a name synonymous with the growth of CPM in Kerala, particularly in Kannur. As a teenage boy of 15 from Parassinikkadavu got attracted to the Communist movement kicked off by A K Goplan in his home district. Having attracted to the magnetic personality of AKG, Raghavn became a disciple and dedicated his life to the party. He served the party in many capacities and became MLA of the party several times. In 1986 when he propounded an alternative theory supporting Marxist party’s alliance with the Muslim League, he was expelled from the party and he formed the Communist Marxist Party (CMP) and allied with the congress led United Democratic Front (UDF), challenging the CPM leadership headed by EMS Namboodripad. Ironically, the same CPM, which opposed Raghavan, allied with the rabidly communal Muslim fundamentalist organisations to come to power. Since the formation of the new party, CPM unleashed a chain of terror to finish MVR who was ‘everything’ for the party at Kannur. CPM used all its might to prevent him from reaching the Assembly. But despite the party’s dubious methods, he became MLA and minister many times. Once during the Assembly session he was manhandled by CPM legislatures. An attempt on his life was made at Koothuparambu where he was attacked by a mob of around 2000 DYFI and SFI workers in blatant violation of Rule of law. The Police had to open fire to save his life. As a result of this incident around 100 co-operative societies in Kannur were set on fire, several offices of other political parties were attacked and last but not the least the snake park at Pappinissery was destroyed killing the entire animals and reptiles. In an exclusive interview to Haindava Keralam correspondent Pradeep Krishnan M V R said that it is high time we understood the nefarious designs of CPM and its leaders and should unitedly fight this menace.

Q  How do you rate the performance of the Achutanandan ministry?
This is the worst ever government we ever had. In 10 months the CPM has proved that the government is leaderless. While the Chief minister is having one policy his cabinet colleagues are having a different view, which the CM seldom knows! The CPM, which opposed the policies of UDF while in opposition, are now implementing the same and seeking credit. When UDF was ruling, in the guise of opposing ADB loan, every day the SFI and DYFI cadres were instigated to burn buses, destroy public property. But now the same party, which opposed ADB loans, is seeking loans without any hesitation. In 10 months of coming to power in the state, 110 farmers have committed suicide in Kerala. The CPM did nothing to redress the grievances of farmers and agriculturists who were once the party’s backbone. See the sad plight of the party. In Nandigram and in Singurur the party mercilessly killed many farmers for the sake of capitalists.Now the party not only supports Indian capitalists, they even have nexus with multi national capitalists too. The CPM cheated the very same people who gave their everything to the party. Everywhere this has been their trend. Strangely, for the CPM Suharto (Indonesia) who killed hundreds of Communists and Saddah Hussien (Iraq) who unleashed a war against communists in their own country are heroes. The leaders of CPM in India cherish the Stalinist model according to which those who criticise the CPM leaders and party must be finished.

Q. Why the CPM considers you as its enemy number one?
I was expelled from the party for my proposition that the party must have ties with Muslim League and Kerala Congress. At that time Nayanar was with us but later on he changed sides thinking that would be beneficial to him. But the same party is now having links with extremists of the Muslim group such as Jamate Islami, NDF, PDP, etc to come to power. I am fearlessly exposing their opportunistic alliances. When I was expelled I courageously fought with them and formed a new party to the utmost dislike of CPM leaders. The party’s policy of killing those who leave the party failed in my case, despite many attempts on my life. They did everything to finish me, and the CPM cruelty even spread to the snakes and other animals kept in my snake park at Parassinikadavu. The entire snake park along with the snakes and other animals were set on fire by CPM goondas. All this shows that the party is still in its Stalinist mould. Since the formation of CMP the attacks and attempts to finish us are indescribable.

Q How do you view the fight between Achutanandan and Pinarayi factions?
The fight is not based on any policy matters. It is only to share the huge wealth acquired by the party. The group war not based on any ideology, but only on sharing benefits, is heading for a close finish. The party has now become a big corporate establishment having assets worth crores of rupees. The leaders are working as agents of big capitalists. The coming to power of CPM has intensified the internal quarrels in the party. The ministers are competing with one another not to do help the people but to spend more in furnishing their bungalows. This is the dialectical materialism of the CPM! The party is now indulged in a fund raising campaign and there are no proper accounts for the collected money. The leaders are living and spending like feudal lords. Those who refuse to give donation to the party are not allowed to live peacefully. Achutanandan is shamelessly succumbing to the dictates of Pinarayi and his cohorts.

Q In the Pariyaram Medical College issue the CPM is very adamant to get the administration back in their hands. It is said that the party is having a ‘hidden agenda’ to capture the co-operative societies in the state?
Their aim is to amass the wealth of the AKG memorial hospital and medical college. In fact they once captured power by dubious means by making false identity cards and by deploying goondas when the election process was going on. During the Nayanar ministry the Medical College was taken over by an ordinance and as a result the institution became indebted by Rs.142 crores. But when we took over the administration by lawful means, the party challenged it in the High Court and the Court, both the single and the division bench ruled in our favour. As a result of our administration not only we could set off all the liabilities but made the institution one of the best medical education centers in the State. By hook or crook the party wants to capture power in this prestigious institution with an eye on its assets and to ‘teach me a lesson’. The party is devising plans to capture all the co-operative societies with a view to enlarge their base and to get control of the huge assets.

Q The CPM is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the assumption of charge by the EMS ministry in 1967. The party projects EMS as a theoretician and statesman. How do you view EMS?
EMS always took opportunistic views. During the 1964 split, he could not form a clear opinion and was dilly-dallying. Even thought he favoured the views of CPI, when he found that it would be ‘beneficial’ to remain with AKG and CPM he had no hesitation to do so. He was a crass opportunist who was conscious in projecting himself as a big leader. In his ‘History of the communist movement’ and autobiography he had projected himself to such an extent that he was everything for the party. For all the movements initiated after 1950, unashamedly EMS took the credit. He had projected himself to such an extent that the ‘history of the communist movement in Kerala’ ultimately became the history of EMS! This is absolute cheating of history. The movement initiated by P. Krishnapillai and AKG got derailed in the hands of Namboodripad. There are many incidents and events to show that since 1958, EMS was concerned only with making majority in the legislature and for this, he had no qualms in aligning with any one. He is a crass opportunist Kerala ever had.

Q The CPM has declared open war against the Judiciary. Not only the SFI and DYFI the CPM leaders are openly criticizing the courts. Paloli Muhammed kutty, the minister against whom the High Court has initiated contempt proceedings adamantly say that he would not resign. How do you view this trend?
The CPM has no belief in democracy. Any criticism is taken with an intolerant attitude. In a democracy, the three pillars viz., Judiciary, Executive and the Legislature has certain specified roles to perform. Any verdict against the party is viewed with narrow-mindedness and this is nothing but fascism. While initially Paloli aplogised to the High Court, when his request was turned down, he is taking a belligerent stand against the Judiciary. The CPM and its leaders use all the democratic forums for their benefit and if it is inconvenient to them, they attack it with the help of hooligans.

Q. You hail from Kannur, the hot bed of Communism in Kerala. How do you view the RSS/CPM clashes? What is the reason behind intermittent clashes?
The main reason for such clashes is the Marxist party’s intolerance towards its opponents. When I left the party challenging its leadership, they conspired to kill me. Recently an advocate belonging to the BJP was killed by CPM goondas. In Kannur the Stalinist model is experimented in letter and spirit. The killing of RSS/BJP workers initiated with the brutal murder of Pannyanoor Chandran, still continues ubabated. Can we ever forget the dastardly murder of Jayakrishnan master, a schoolteacher in front of his children? The only remedy to end the fight is to change the mindset of CPM leaders. They should discard the Stalinist ways of behavior, which I don’t think will ever happen.


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