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1.  Their Origin


We are very proud to belong to Bharat i.e. Hindustan / INDIA.


We also speak at length that we live in unity with diversity as INDIANS.


Is it not a self-pleasing statement?

–My answer is “Yes”.


Or is it not a self-deception? 

–My answer is “Yes”.


In reality, do we live in unity with diversity as INDIANS?

–Honestly, my answer is “NO”.


The British stepped into our country only for business for creating a market for their products, cloth etc., in exchange of our spices such as Pepper, clove, and cardamom, Muslin, Gold, precious stones, diamonds etc., but ultimately and systematically they got the reins of governing our Country and thus destroying our creativity in every field, industries, including all traditional values etc. In short, they came to exploit us in every possible way in what was left out in INDIA, i.e. Bharat after Muslim plundering one after another from 638 AD.


French, and Portuguese later followed the British’s success in their plunders.


They all did what was expected of them because they were the rulers and we were the adjectively subservient subjects.


From that time onwards, our own emasculated, indifferent and eccentric local Indian chieftains (with very few exceptions), aided by our unique brand of selfish and honourable (!) politicians made the task quite easy and simple for outsiders.


Whenever there seemed to be a semblance of defiance against foreign rule these aggressive invaders took care of that by treachery, false promises and used the army mostly created out of our own INDIANS but with their commanders to annihilate the INDIANS. Examples are plenty. One Jallianwallah bagh massacre will do.


To break the unity of Indian citizenry, with their policy of ‘Divide and Rule’, the British were also ably assisted by some of our selfish Indians to form communal / political / regional parties at their authoritative request! (Method is: You are doing it whatever I say or I will make you to do it”)


One set of such selfish political entrant was the Dravidian politicians, through ‘Justice Party’.


These selfish politicians created a bogey of regions of North and South; Hindus and Muslims; Brahmins and non-Brahmins; High caste and Low caste; Dalits & non-Dalits,  untouchables etc., etc which were just suitable to the British rule.


In Justice party, members were from high caste moneyed aristocracy, richest businessmen with non-Brahmin background, like Raja of Bubli, Raja of Panagal, Annamalai & Muthaiah Chettiar of Chettinad, L. Ramaswamy Mudaliar, and P. Thyagarajan Chettiar, Kumarasami Reddi, etc. These people were roped in by British, by doles, i.e. the decorative British titles like Rao Bahadur, OBE etc., to set them up in opposition against the influential Brahmin lawyers or others with natural Indian national leanings and feelings. 


Some Brahmin gentry and others whoever took the British bait, were also amply rewarded with titles like, Privy Council membership, Rao Bahadur etc.,


Justice party ruled for long years till 1937 and their ministers drew a monthly salary of 5555 (Rupees) – 5 (Annas) – 5 (Dambdis=pices).  A Princely amount at that time!


They never took in their ministry, any representative even from the so-named lower caste rich non-Brahmins like, Pattiveeranpatti  Soundara Pandiya Nadar or VV Ramasami Nadar.


None of Justice party bigwigs had any affinity towards any less-rich people or Tamil Language.  They even considered, as below the dignity to converse in Tamil and the language of the Governance was solely English, nothing but English and full English. 


But they also needed the services of a translator of English into Tamil and a staunch Brahmin-baiter for Public Political meetings.  So, Justice party got a ready made man – made for each other and fully qualified for this double role.


That personality was none other than Annadurai (a member of then DK = Dravida Kazhagam of Periyar and the creator & chief of later version > DMK = Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam). They happily recruited him and he also willingly joined as a mere translator and a Brahmin-baiter for their public political meetings. 


The tools like atheism were just added to the Dravidian armoury to suit the occasion.


The functionaries of Justice party were firm believers of Gods i.e. theists; deeply religious, and many had the religious symbols smeared prominently either with holy ash or vishanavaite symbols on their foreheads but only thing was that they were envious of Brahmin intellectual superiority, even if the Brahmins were not exhibiting it as cruelly depicted. That was enough for Annadurai to ignite and magnify a mole into a mammoth Mountain and take it up as the biggest issue ever, which still continues to rage even to this day for eking out a living for Dravidian parties.


Then came in Chakravarthi Rajagopalachariar (called – Rajaji) in 1937, a leading advocate by profession, a pacca Vaishnavite Brahmin by birth, and a complete disciple of Mahatma Gandhi of Congress Party as Prime Minister of Madras State.  (In those days the Chief Minister of the state was called as Prime Minister of the State) 


  • His ministry included one Munusami Pillai, of Backward / untouchable Community.
  • The temple-entry by Backward / untouchable Community which was unheard of till then, was also fruitfully accomplished in Rajaji’s regime.
  • He made suitable laws for learning in Tamil medium in Schools and made compulsory education for the Backward Community and ruled out that no authority in the State should ever stop their admission into any school.
  • He also brought in total Prohibition of Alcohol / arrack / toddy throughout the state, which was a dear-cause for Mahatma Gandhi and
  • Brought out legislation for writing-off agricultural debts for small landowners and debt relief for poor workers.
  • He made out a rule that no party functionary should ever dare to meet him in his PM chamber or to be found anywhere near the corridors of any Ministers’ offices in the Secretariat. [Can this happen in the Dravidian Rule?]


Was it not a fact?


Now comes ‘the Great Rationalist-father’ (Pakuththarivu Thanthai – Periyar) Erode V. Ramasami Naiker (EVR) of Dravida Kazhagam (DK) about whom the author had dealt in some detail in his article entitled as:



Please read it for more amplification of DK /DMK role in Tamil Nadu politics.


At that time Mohammad Ali Jinnah also demanded a separate Pakistan from the British, in the true sense, fought for it and got it later in 1947.


Our great Periyar also followed suit, to demand a Dravidasthan, comprising of states of Madras, Andhra, Kerala, and Karnataka.


He once thus commented on getting Dravidasthan, “it is just like pulling or dragging home a big Hill by hairs, if we get the Hill by chance, it is very profitable, if we lose or the hairs give-way in the middle, we don’t bother, it is after all the hairs we lose which we all know, can never pull even a big stone, let alone a hill. We really expect that this can happen”!


If we examine why he never demanded a separate Tamil Nadu or Tamilsthan, we can explain it as this—- his Justice party members were full of people like Tamil speaking Mudaliars & Chettiars from Tamil Nadu and Telugu speaking Reddiars from Andhra, Malayalam speaking Nairs of Kerala, and Kannada speaking Naikers from Karnataka.  This made him to ask for a Dravida Nadu or Composite Dravidasthan and never an independent Tamil Nadu. 


This issue of Dravida Nadu or Dravidasthan was also mercilessly jettisoned as hot brick later on about which I shall write in detail in a future article.


This was one of the many examples of their dedication to the political causes by Dravidian Parties of Tamil Nadu.


The mouthpiece of Justice Party for politics, the DK of Periyar, not only spoke ill of Hindus, and they mouthed in the most foul and gutter language about the Hindu Gods. The author finds it too indecent even to translate them into English but can give a clue to fill up this message by the reader himself.  


The reader can very well imagine any worst possible mouthing with choicest abuses in a colloquial language by a drunken lunatic, smitten or stung by a mega-sized darkest scorpion, also munching hot green fresh chilies with a big ginger piece – all together, to fill up this ugly message. This is enough to explain here as to what DK men could have spoken!


Just see their serpent-tongued dual speaking to suit the occasion.  On one breadth, they will shout from their top of the voice noticeably to demonstrate as Atheists — like this:

·         There is no God – There is no God – There is no God

·         There is no God at all

·         The inventor of God is a fool

·         The propagator of God is a scoundrel

·         The worshipper of God is a barbarian

(These are the inscriptions in the edifice erected in many places, i.e. in front of Hindu temples, holy Hindu monasteries, in the junctions of a public roads etc.)

But in another breadth, they will demand that the Hindu Gods’ Archana or holy offering of words in praise of Hindu Gods should be conducted only in Tamil and never in Samskritam.  If they are such committed Atheists, why should they bother about Archana at all, made in any place of worship for that matter, whether a temple, any mosque or a church, let alone in any damn language!

Will these DK men dare to install an edifice with the above inscriptions in front of a Mosque or a Church!

That is the uniqueness or essence of Dravidian value traditions thus betraying their true inner mind!

These Dravidians spoke ill of only Hindus and no Muslim, or no Christian subject-matter was ever discussed or touched upon at all at any time and they never dare to attack them even in their wildest dreams, for, they know what will happen to them as consequences. But whatever they did or do to Hindus even to this day is really dastardly and unpardonable. 

They will argue that Samskritam, a complete language (Samyak Kritham) should be done away with, but they won’t dare to talk anything about Arabic Language for Islam, which is also used for their worship.

Even in those times of 1930s and 1940s, people knew their double standard, just tolerated and watched them only as fun, but they never imagined or realised that these Dravidian parties were sowing the bad seeds into the minds of people for later contamination of Tamilian politics. It is all there to see in Tamil Nadu for the past 40 years now.

In 1942, when Mahatma Gandhi launched Quit-India movement, Mahatma emphatically gave a clarion call and exhorted the Indians; “This is the final agitation for our Independence of our Bharat Mata. Hereafter there is no more struggle or agitation.  Do or die now! —- You British! Get out of our Indian soil once for all. Get lost!” 

That time Annadurai in his snuffy nosed sonorous voice spoke and wrote thus: “ my dear brother Tamilians, Gandhi is a lunatic.  He needs British medicines for cure. When the British leave, modern science also will go with them, no more cars, no more buses, no railways, no telecommunications, no more airplanes.  Only thing you can do is to go round the (Ala & Arasu) Trees for worship and supplicate to your Gods in utter desperation for heavenly assistance.  We are incapable of making even a pin at any time.  Do you understand, my dear brother?”

When he found the success of Quit India movement of Mahatma Gandhi gaining ground, Annadurai in the Salem Conference of the party, had completed the process of passing a resolution with a pleading to the British which read as follows: “even if you have to leave Indian soil, just don’t get out of Madras Presidency and please rule (us) Madras from your England for which we shall be ever grateful”

Do you have any other solitary example of sedition or a shameful self-declaration of Slavery in a Documented form?  If there is one kindly enlighten me.

You will never have another example in the entire universe, I am very positive.

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