Disrespect for Natural Law

via Harynambiar's Comment on Sacred Snake Grove burnt News Piece published on January 25, 2008

Government of India came into being on August 15, 1947. The Government of Kerala came into being on November 1, 1956 (?) The community has occupied these pieces of land where facilities for worship have been in place for several generations. The fact that these places of worship have been in existence during the currency of various governments and that their status has never been questioned before, is a de facto recognition of the community ownership of the property.

In another instance, I read of a young police sub inspector questioning the legitimacy or validity of certain procedure in Sabarimala. It is none of his or his employer’s business. In a third instance, a government minister is said to have tried to influence the decision of a temple management to allow the entry of a popular playback singer. A temple is not a country club where a talented player may be invited to play his game. It is a very private place, which represents a lot of fundamental value systems to the adherents of the faith. There are rules to follow in order for a person to enter the premises. These rules apparently include that such a person must be an adherent of the Hindu faith. If the government claims to be secular, it has no business to interfere in people’s religious rights. In a forth instance, I read in these columns about the manner in which a “Shiva Lingam,” found in Malapuram District was treated. Lord Shiva has been worshipped ever since the beginning of Indian civilization. Such worship predated to a time, long before the ndronovo-Sintashta-Petrovka-Arkaim (Haplogroup M17 or Hg R1a1) people ever invaded India. When one notices the remains of an ancient temple or an ancient installation of Lord Shiva, in the proximity of a Church or a Mosque, one should not disregard the fact that a temple could have existed in that premises and it would have predated a Church or a Mosque. Indian temples are not a recent phenomenon. Most of them have been in existence for centuries, long before St. Thomas landed in Kerala and Malik bin Deenar built the first Mosque.

In the social evolution of mankind, numerous ideas, customs, practices and procedures have come and gone. When people respect and follow certain customs for centuries, such customs are deemed to have the sanction of natural law People cannot go to the courts and obtain fresh authentication of those practices and post such notices on the premises to satisfy an athiest government officials. Government officials are not only showing absolute ignorance of social laws, but also playing with fire destroying such facilities. Such behavior on the part of government officials is a display of the erosion of social values. The Minister, who is also a lawyer seem to know this. I read his explanation, that he has merely wrote a recommendation letter. Mr. Minister, even a recommendtion letter is out of place here.

The Indian civilization, religion and culture have been treated with utmost disrespect and brutaly suppressed by successive foreign invaders and ignorant leaders who indirectly promoted athiesm and irreligiousness, in the name of secularism, These ignorant people consider denying and questioning ideas and procedures relating to Hindu religion to showpiece their enlightenment. Even the practices and procedures, which the British colonial government chose to respect have been questioned by these elected officials. The Waqf Board owns millions of acres of land and thousands of properties. Why these overzealous officials don’t go and challenge such ownership? These are other examples of the anti Hindu attitude of the Congress-Communist-DMK-JD(U), RJD-Muslim axis of evil.

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