Dimensional Blackout and Modification of Atheists

published on November 2, 2014


Scientific facts are unlike belief systems. Facts don’t require or depend upon the strength of our faiths about them.

Our ideas about the facts also need not be accurate and even incorrect.

But scientific facts and verified truths cannot be denied by sheer lack of faith or inadequate understandings.

A scientific truth rests on its being proven objectively.

Atheists reject the belief in non-existence of deities based on lack of provable evidences.

They argue that the burden of proving the existence of deities rests with the believers of deities and not disbelievers.

Stenger in his ‘God and the burden of proof’, places the onus of proving the existence of deities to lie with Theists which is the central argument of Analytic defense of Atheism.

This is an age old basic stand of antiquity –

‘a friend of Diagoras tried to convince him of the existence of the gods, by pointing out how many votive pictures tell about people being saved from storms at sea by “dint of vows to the gods”, to which Diagoras replied that “there are nowhere any pictures of those who have been shipwrecked and drowned at sea.”

And Cicero goes on to give another example, where Diagoras was on a ship in hard weather, and the crew thought that they had brought it on themselves by taking this ungodly man on board. He then wondered if the other boats out in the same storm also had a Diagoras on board ? (Cicero, De Natura Deorum)

But faith can be based on unscientific ideas.

As much like a believer can believe without factual data, an atheist can believe despite facts.

Contrarily, evident facts may not be factual.

God or deities may not be visible or evident- but that cannot be a strong basis of evident non-existence.

That the sun rises on east and sets in the west is an evident fact but rational deduction on such a basis would force to conclude a factual error- that sun in fact actually circles the earth.

A similar error can be made about Hidden Reality of Quantum Planes and Mechanics of our Physical world.

Modern Atheist revivalists like Christopher Hitchens actually remind the sophistry of Diogoras who gave witty and thought provoking critique in Public meetings around ancient Greece.

The emerging findings and facts of New Physics assert that our three dimensional Reality as invalid and incomplete without hidden further dimensions and Parallel planes and multiverses- but this doesn’t lead to any admission by modern atheists of any Occult and Invisible Reality.

In a remarkable state of denial of hidden dimensions to reality- they assert in continuing with a three dimensional Reality.

That denial of Dimensions is argued as rational- much like evident rise and set of the sun in circles in the sky around earth, for they argue that these Dimensions and strange reality of New physics is all confined to papers and are mere ideas.

The findings of New Physics they believe remain just there- under our feet at a sub-atomic microscopic world and in the heads as paper ideas.

To draw conclusions extending the exotic principles of Quantum realms and New Physics at such a microscopic realm of Reality where Laws of Classical physics break down or seen violated, according to them is not sustainable- those conclusions about physical reality do not apply to the everyday world of our reality at the macrocosmic level.

This is a very audacious claim that has no back up of provable experiments.

We can understand how absurd this reason works- much like evident fact of sun going around the earth logic.

This argument that New Physics and its exotic principles of physical laws and reality, do not impact or have any implications for macro-reality contains a scientific hypothesis-

it is an assertion that these newly discovered laws of physics must remain confined or restricted at a microcosmic reality as separate from a macrocosmic reality-

Put simply there is a water tight compartment separating the physical Reality from the microcosmic level from the macro-cosmic level.

Where is the proof for this?

Has any experiment been done to show that New physics’ findings cannot extend at macrocosmic level?

The onus of proof that they do not apply or extend to macrocosmic reality rests with whom?

If a ‘belief’ in a deity is the onus of such a believer, then what about a belief that Laws of physics are in suspension at macro world reality?

New physics has proved many of its most exotic and mind bending ideas with solid experiments.

What Atheists like Richard Dawkins claim is that these laws that violate classical physical laws do not extend, or impact, or have any relevance to the Classical physics and its laws that hold good still at macrocosmic level.

Still, this is like admitting possibility of an Atomic God but not in what such atoms can build as visible objects at our macrocosmic level as objects.

The ground they stand has slipped away, but somehow this doesn’t matter that its no longer solid at the foundation. Doesn’t it still appear to remain solid as we stand here?

What this Dimensional Denial at macro-level needs is just a few jolts by fresh findings by New Physics that such sub atomic level laws of new physics do indeed hold true at the macrocosmic level?

Sensing this thin ice they stand some atheists has promptly begun modifying in anticipation of fresh upsets of their belief system of Atheism.

They have worked out the implications of the crumbling of conventional Reality by fresh upsetting findings by New Physics.

They clearly see that this dimensional Denial would be the first to crumble when any physicist shows through an experiment that the few at least of the 9 additional dimensions posited to exist at Quantum realms- impact and interact with our macro world reality.

They know the dikes wont hold when Consciousness is getting more and more imperative as factored conducting experiments in New Physics.

Accordingly atheists like Sam Harris have broken ranks with this Denial of the Mystical and Occult aspects of our Reality.

Sam Harris champions instead a strange breed of Atheism- Spiritual Atheism!

The new avatar of atheism doesn’t deny Consciousness or its extension to other planes of our physical reality.

It just denies the God idea and theology.

It doesn’t reject Spiritual reality.

The term Spiritual Atheism may sound like a bad joke.

Not so much because of the spiritual but more so of the word atheism that suggests a faith system.

Harris seriously explains why Atheists – “should not call ourselves anything. We should go under the radar—for the rest of our lives.

And while there, we should be decent, honest people, who destroy bad ideas wherever we find them”.[28

In other words, this reaction of Atheism is not so much against Theism but against Theology- organized Religion as a world force.

He describes why they are such ‘bad ideas’ and frankly we cannot agree more given the global turmoil.

Harris’s basic message is that the time has come to freely question the idea of religious faith.27]p. 13–15 Harris consistently criticizes Islam, Christianity, and Judaism which he says tend to be monolithic and ready to harm others only for their religion. He feels that the survival of civilization is in danger because of a taboo against questioning religious beliefs, and that this taboo impedes progress toward more enlightened approaches to spirituality and ethics.

As fellow atheist icon Christopher Hitchens describes Sam Harris – “Jewish warrior against theocracy and bigotry of all stripes “.

What is remarkable about New Atheism therefore are two main things-

First, it acknowledges the fact that New Physics and scientific advancements will make Dimensional Denial difficult and even impossible for atheism.

Harris modifies and takes atheism to next level, stressing need for atheistic outlook necessary to combat Religious extremist world forces.

Secondly, the New atheists must accommodate the Spiritual and not club Religion with it in this existential struggle for future of human civilization.

There is difference between religion and spirituality- he notes and must be made.

In the The End of faith : Religion Terror and the future of Reason (2004) Sam Harris spells this out lucidly- “ The difference is unmistakable- Buddha, Shankara, Padmasambhava, Nagarjuna, Longchenpa, and countless others down to the present have no equivalents in the West.

In spiritual terms, we appear to have been standing on the shoulders of dwarfs”.

As a New Atheist, Sam Harris has no quarrel with direct perceptual and experiential spiritual Reality- and he explains how even as an atheist the Spiritual is all about Consciousness- “While the philosophy of Advaita, and Ramana’s own words, may tend to support a metaphysical reading of teachings of this kind, their validity is not metaphysical.

Rather, it is experiential.

The whole of Advaita reduces to a series of very simple and testable assertions: Consciousness is the prior condition of every experience; the self or ego is an illusory appearance within it; look closely for what you are calling “I,” and the feeling of being a separate self will disappear; what remains, as a matter of experience, is a field of consciousness—free, undivided, and intrinsically uncontaminated by its ever-changing contents”.

Its amusing not just Scientists are turning Mystic Occultists-but even Atheists are turning spiritual!


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