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via Synonymous published on August 17, 2006





Expertise of Vatican in the dubious arts of deception and manipulation has never been in suspect. Appearing to run with the hare but hunting with the hounds has been the unique contribution of ace propagandists from Vatican to the world of manipulative mass communication. There are many reasons to believe that Hitler was hand in gloves with the Pope during the holocaust days and his master media manipulator Goebbels was deputed from Vatican. The terrible tradition continued and Vatican always succeeded in saving the Church from storms of controversies and gospels of truth. In recent times, very few people would have realised their trick when a Church sponsored ‘Da Vinci Code’ almost saved the Church from complete devastation at the hands of a little noticed ‘Gospel of Judas’. But with the well researched confirmation of ‘Gospel of Judas’ by the National Geographic team (, Christianity stands completely exposed. Now the Church is nothing but a fortress without foundation and poor Jesus hangs completely naked in the cross of truth.


Cunning Church at its Best


There may be very few children who have not heard the bed-time story of the wicked wolf and poor goat. For those who have not heard, here is the crux.  â€œOnce upon a time a ravenous wolf happened by the house of a goat and her seven kids. The wicked wolf knocked on the door and begged the kids to open it. Disobeying their mother’s instructions, the kids opened the door. Snarling with glee, the wolf devoured the kids one by one, smacking his lips and licking his chops all the while…….”  Over many generations, the wicked wolf had remained the most cursed and no one ever had any sympathies for it. But how will you feel if it gets revealed that it was the mother goat which had actually sent the wolf to its own house because she thought it is quite a burden to bring up so many kids? Who is the real villain? The wolf or the goat? Our poor Christian brethren are in a similar situation. Millions believed in the story of a wicked Judas betraying a saintly Jesus and the son of god opting for crucifixion taking along with him all the sins of humanity till then. What a great deed, until the accidental discovery of ‘Gospel of Judas’ in early 1940s changed all that. The story of bible stood upside down. Judas, who hanged himself with guilt, proved to be the real Christ and Jesus a cheeky villain.


But Vatican was determined not to let it happen easily. The Goebbels knew that the ‘Gospel of Judas’ would get authenticated sooner or later. The best option in front of them was to kick up a more eye-catching (but weak in substance) controversy so that the fatal gospel would pass as a down rated hurricane. The ‘brilliant’ idea of ‘Da Vinci Code’ was thus born. Dan Brown is a typical church grown guinea pig and the mantle of generating the hurricane fell on him. The stamp of Vatican and the evil church can be easily identified on Dan Brown and other producers of the movie for anyone who is willing to spend some time. The book was launched almost at the same time the article authenticating ‘Gopsel of Judas’ came up in National Geographic. Catholic Church all over the world took extra efforts in kicking up the controversy regarding the Code in no time. Both the movie and book was promoted by the church by organizing protests and demonstrations against it. Side by side they arranged seminars and study classes to get the poor laity convinced about the falsehood of the Code. The whole operation remains a classic case study of marketing a grenade to spoil the chances of a nuclear bomb. And only Vatican could have done it.     


Kerala Angle to Operation Code


Kerala always had a special place in Vatican’s scheme of things for South Asia. Almost all the ‘shepherds’ spearheading evangelisation in various parts of the Indian sub-continent are Keralites. In Kerala itself, the stranglehold of Christianity on vital fields like education, health and industry is overwhelming. Hundreds of denominations of Christians are working overtime for reaching their harvesting targets by 2025 AD. Their original target was 2000 AD, but major institutions like Sabarimala, Attukal and Guruvayoor which are attracting devotees from outside the state stood in the way. Then there were the competing forces of Islam that was also targeting the same crowd with much more attractive Arabian carrots. Attempt by a combined might of Rahman, John and Peter in trapping the wayward Sabarimala tantri and thereby spoil the name of Sabarimala during the ensuing season is only symbolic of the deadly combination of ant-Hindu forces operating in Kerala. Actress Jayamala with her Christian husband also contributed to it in a significant way.       


There were many Hindus who were overjoyed when DC Books published a translation of ‘Da Vinci Code’ immediately after its release in India. One Gopikrishnan was also roped in the translation effort to give credence to the exercise. Again it missed the innocent vision of Kerala Hindus that the immediate release by DC Books was only a part of the larger game plan of deflecting attention from the much more devastating Gospel of Judas. Vatican had planned the full drama in minute details well ahead. DC and Jeevan vied with one another to keep the issue alive for almost a month so that the Gospel revelation could pass unnoticed. The strong majority of Christians in the media also did their part in ensuring that no major news items about the Gospel came up for attention in any of the newspapers or TV channels. As usual, the couple of dump Hindu channels missed the news completely. And those who noticed it remained ‘secular’ to take it up.     


Among our own saints in the immediate past, only Chattampi Swamigal could foresee the coming mechanisations of the Christian brotherhood in the landscape of Kerala. His literary attempt of ‘Christumathachetanam’ under a pseudo name during those days shows his desperate attempt to highlight the impending catastrophe to the Kerala Hindus. As usual we never bothered and never took it seriously. But we cannot afford to do that anymore. It is time to act before we reach a point of no-return. One of the best options in front of us is to give as much publicity as possible for the National Geographic expose’ on ‘Gospel of Judas’. We should go in for a translation of the complete article (or an interpretation of it) in all the Indian languages and issue thousands of copies free of cost to all the vulnerable sections of the society. Nobody in his senses will opt for converting to a religion whose messiah has betrayed the trust of humanity for generations. The simple fact that Judas is holier than Jesus is enough to put off the aggressive evangelists from pursuing with their hidden agenda in India. Offence is indeed the best form of defence and it is time that Hindus started practising it.





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