Balvyas’s Sivapurana Discourse, Enlightened Devotees

published on April 17, 2007

‘Moksha can be attained only through powers of Siva, Vishnu’

KOCHI: On the 25th year celebrations of Ram Temple in Mattanchery, Kirorimal Aggarwal, the president of Aggarwal Samaj in Kochi, thought of inviting a most admired guest.

The arrival of Srikanth Sarma, (Balvyas) for reciting and delivering discourses on the ‘
Sivapurana’ became an enlightening event for the devotees.

Through his discourses on Sivapurana, he elucidated his concept of Lord Siva. After conducting 903 programmes on Bhagavad Gita in India and abroad, Balvyas came to Kerala for the programme which started on April 13.

Explaining the 24000 slokas of the Purana, he said that there is no difference between Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu. “
No one can attain Moksha (liberation) from worldly affairs without the help of the powers of Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu. Lord Siva reminds us about death and thereby the need for being pure mentally and physically,” he said.

He considers devotion as cleansing of one’
s soul. “ If god enters us it is Bhakthi (devotion). If we enter god it means Moksha (liberation),” said Balvyas.

According to him, finding the god in ourselves, that is, making ourselves the abode of the god is more important than going to temples.

Srikanth Sarma was born in Jhunjhuna district of Rajasthan on April 17 1960. He started reciting verses from the age of 13. Son of Parameswari Devi and Sawarmal Nadiwala thus came to be known as ‘

Balvyas has special interest in the promotion of well being of cows. With this purpose, he established 70 ‘
Goshalas’ in Rajasthan, Uthar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh and other states.

He maintains 600 cows in his native village in Rajasthan. For finding financial assistance for this venture he founded ‘
The Bagavad Gita Yagya Samithi’.

The fund generated through the programmes conducted by the Samithi on Bhagavad Gita all over the country will be used in order to protect the cows in the ‘

He urges the people not to make marriage a ‘
business’. He has provided financial assistance for the marriage of 500 girls all over the country.

He has also provided assistance in the functioning of two schools in Badowra village of Bhabhuva district in Rajasthan. For the fulfilment of such works, he has established Srikanth Foundation in Kolkata.

His programme in Kochi will end on April 19 after the 25th year celebrations of the temple which was established on Akshaya Thritheeya Day in the year 1982.

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