Avatara Trayam

via IISH communication team published on September 14, 2006


You might have heard about avatharas. The avathara means, celestial body which comes down for giving light to the world. There are ten avatharas for Mahavishnu, known as dasavatara. In Bhagavath Geetha Lord Krishna has clearly indicated that whenever dharma degrades and adharma triumphs, the dharma will be reinstated by me (the divine power). It means the system will adjust itself in such a way that the dharma never perishes and adharma will never take the position of dharma. I.e. The effect of change from dharma to adharma will be nullified, and the dharma will triumph always. This will happened in each and every individual, family, society and nation

You know that our motherland, India has so many specialties. One among them is that India is known as deva bhoomi and karma- punya- jnaana- yajna- thyaga-bhoomi. When god sent his son or prophet to other countries that too only once, the same divine power himself/itself came to Bharata varsha directly. That too ten times. It is said that still he/it has to spend here through one more avatara.

Those ten avataras are coincided with the yugarambha or yuga avasaana. But in between the almighty divine power is continuously coming to this land in different forms as avataras. For any divine avatara, the ultimate aim is lokaa samasthaa sukhino bhavanthu. Let all the world be happy ! For the avataras, there are no barriers on religion, language, age, sex, country, or other factors. The avatara ‘works’ for all through everone in all countries, at all times. That is the reason for calling them the avataras.

Bharata is now fortunate to have AVATARA TRAYAM. Three avataras, are living in India now giving darsan to one and all, doing the best service of the mankind everywhere in the world, without converting them even to their own religion. These avataras are Sri. Satya Sai Baba known very well to each and everyone in the world as Bhagavan and swamy. Matha Amruthanandamayee Devi, known to everyone as Amma and Sri. Sri. Ravisankar, known world over as Guruji. You can see an ocean of people with them. From world over they come (men and women) without any restrictions and take the blessings. The mission oriented workers serve people with their guidance, wherever they are. They know Nara seva is the Narayana seva. Their soft touch spreads the place where earthquake hits, Tsunami hits, Hurricane and many other natural calamity hit. They do everything for supplying drinking water for the poor, food, medicine, education, values to millions. They are successfully implementing the projects, where even the UNO agencies and many Government agencies failed. They integrate science and spirituality. They bring together people from world over. Instead of contradicting they do everything for complementing. They make hospitals, academic institutes, orphanages, homes, AIDS centers, Old age homes, and service centers, world over and echo the glorious Veda mantra of Sarve bhavanthu sukhina:…….Saha naa vavatu… and so on.

You can see people from almost all countries in Puttaparthy, in Vallikkavu, in Bangalore asram. Millions assembled in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium during the 50th Birth anniversary of Amma, Millions assembled for the Silver Jubilee of Art of Living and 50th Birth anniversary of Sri. Guruji. Millions assemble every year for the Birth day of Swamy ! Rarest incidents in the world map of great men! In all these places people from the developed countries sit with the people from developing countries. The male –female difference is not existing. Rich – poor, literate – illiterate, scholar – pauper, leader – follower, Indian – non Indian, ….difference never exist. Nothing is a barrier for you to come together here. That is what we say in India, everyone is equal in front of the divine power. Everyone is equal in front of these avatara trayam also. That applied message you can see in front of your own eyes ! You can see only in India. India is still alive because it is the spiritual capital of the world. The avatara trayam give the messages of the glorious life, from that spiritual capital to all Hindus, Christians and Muslims..

All these avatara trayam give the same message given by our Rishies, thousands of years ago. They bless everyone, they serve everyone. They live for everyone. As our forefathers lived for everyone. Their message was ayam matha pruthvi putroham pruthivyaa… krunvantho viswamaaryam.. this earth is my mother and I am the son of the mother earth…… make this world a glorious place of scholars. Avataras are in India again for reinstating and reestablishing the dharma of this punya-karma-jnana-bhoomi of Bharat. Let us work in their mission to serve the people, directly or indirectly. Let us learn how to do the selfless service, without expecting any garlands, bouquet, padmasree, or any other awards,……..!

Thyaagenaike amruthathwamaanasu: through sacrifice only we can attain immortality.



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