Athmano Mokshartham, Jagath Hithayacha

published on January 2, 2013

The historic time has arrived again. The golden opportunity to project the greatest icon of modern day Hinduism- Swami Vievekananda – and his ideals in to the limelight. January 12th 2013, is Swami Vivekanada’s 150th birth anniversary. From the perception of an ordinary man, there is nothing special about this. And even for ordinary fans of Swamiji, they might wonder what is so special about the 150th birth anniversary, compared to 148th or 149th ? Their doubts are genuine. Why people give special importance to centuries and half centuries in a Cricket match ? All these are only in minds. People give special attention to certain mile stones though every step we took to reach there are equally important. Special occasions like this are taken as opportunities to gather around certain ideas and celebrate. The important about that mindset is that, if it can be channelized to the right direction, it can become instrumental in generating lots of positive energy. It automatically mobilizes thousands of people, without having to be initiated by a centralized organization. A popular personality like Swami Vivekananda can motivate people especially Indians living anywhere on the globe. And that motivation is totally towards constructive activities. Not like motivations provided by Che Guevara! It make them contemplate on the great ideals, Swamiji has imparted. It makes them introspect and check their balance sheets vis a vis thier growth as Indians. So it is very important for India and especially Hindus to become aware of this day and make use of the great potential and scope it offers in the way of national reconstruction.

Just an example. There were reports in social and national media about a hate speech done by a legislator of MIM party in Hyderabad on Dec 24th. Even videos of the controversial speech is available now. In that, the guy in question appears to openly challenge the governments, law of the land, constitution and even mighty Hindu society of 1 billion people. He raises threats of elimination etc. Level headed people only feel pity to such elements. But it gives out a clear message that, even when aggressors are becoming more aggressive, the Hindu Lion still refuses to wake up and roar. That can become a costly mistake if it continues unchecked. Now when we assemble around the birthday celebrations of the most popular Hindu on our planet and contemplate on his ideals, we will automatically find answers to such elements. We will hear the right answers from venues where people assemble to contemplate on Swamiji. Such is the power of the personality of Swami Vivekananda. Even after 110 years of his departure he lives among us, inspires us, strengthens us, much more than many examples who live among us.

Each and every Indian who has an ounce of patriotism in him/her should come forward and join hands with others to create an atmosphere of patriotism, service and spirituality in the next one year time. Media should be filled with the reports of wonderful projects, small and big, undertaken by the youth of this country. Just by reading those reports alone every Indian should be made to repeat the holy name of Swami Vivekananda atleast 150 times in the next one year. It doesn’t mean that we should wait for such rare occasions to launch social service projects. It only means that we need to work extra to take leverage of the atmosphere when there is a spiritual tide. When many are in the mood of social service and patriotism, it will multiply result for even the smallest of our efforts.

So gear up and jump in to the field of Karma!

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