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published on November 16, 2010

The recent shouts at the AICC meet against the RSS and its parivar organizations accusing the latter of terrorism which Sonia’s Congress, as it claimed, is all set to root out appeared very queer! The Congress party’s determination to “forcefully” resist attempts to abuse religion for political gains too is admirable. It is necessary that any party committed to secular ideals and principles of peace the kind Mahatma Gandhi envisioned should swear to eliminate terrorist and fanatical activities. But the question, how much the present Indian National Congress is qualified to champion the cause of secularism, peace and justice looms large. It has definitely to go through the many acid tests to prove its credentials as a secular, just and peace loving organization.

Sonia’s tirade against the demolition of the disputed structure called Babri Masjid on December 6, 1992 which she said was a “shameful criminal act” whose authors “must be brought to justice” also raises many brows. The demolishers, whoever they might be and of whichever religion the structures they demolished, as opined by Mrs. Gandhi must be by all means brought to book; it is a necessity to keep alive India’s secular tradition. However she is fortunate in that the history of India is all Greek to her so that being unaware of the historical fact that the first demolisher at Ayodhya was the Mughal invader, Babur and not the RSS boys, she is not bound to book the late Mughal emperor. Had she been aware of Indian history one could also hope that she would certainly have accused Babur of fanaticism. But she doesn’t know the history of the nation she drives through her errands. She knows it only from 1992 onwards. Poor Sonia! It is not her fault that she accused the RSS of Babri structure demolition. She is also correct that the Ram janmabhumi-Babri Masjid title suit in “no way condones” the demolition of the Babri structure. Yes it does not and it cannot because the said case pertained only to the dispute regarding the ownership of the place and not to the demolition of the disputed structure. How could a court dealing with one case verdict on something else that does not come within the issues to be judged? Or does Sonia expect of Indian judiciary to verdict on one for the other. Poor Sonia! She doesn’t know that the court cannot condone or admonish those who took part in the demolition of the Babri structure (which comes under an entirely separate criminal case) in a judgment on the suite filed claiming the ownership of the Janmasthan and that both are separate cases the court is to deal separately. But could it not also be taken that the court finding and the consequent verdict that what existed underneath the Babri structure was a Hindu temple indicates clearly that the Babri structure, if continued to exist was liable to be demolished. It was only this demolition that the forces of Indian history carried out. After all what is the force Mrs. Sonia is going to bring to justice? The forces which carried out the natural justice of a land and its traditions? Sonia should come to know that the tradition of India is not an imported one the kind she hails from. Lord Ram is the Rashtrapurusha of India and Ramayana represents its long drawn tradition. Naturally anybody or anything running in contrast to these can only be taken as traitor or an act of treason. It was this treason Bubur the Mughal did centuries ago and it was the symbol of this treason the forces of Indian history swept away in 1992. None and nothing can stand the sweeping forces of a nation’s cultural tradition. This is what the demolition of the Babri structure tells. What could one do except sympathizing with those totally ignorant of and indifferent to a nation’s cultural heartbeats.

Now let us come to the background of the accusers. Are they free from the kind of the accusation they leveled against the RSS? The present Congress leader who had her debut into the Indian public life with a bunch of lies, as the Veteran parliamentarian Dr. Subrahmanian Swami has accused time and again, about her nativity and educational qualification herself is typical of her party’s double dealings and bad manners. The Luciana born lady claimed herself as an Obrassano native. Though did not go beyond High School she falsely claimed herself as an English Diploma holder from University of Cambridge. Antonio Maino became Sonia. The real story is entirely different! Born in penury – her father a mason and mother a share cropper – native of Luciana, Antonio Maino studied in a Catholic nun run seminary-school called Maria Ausiliatrice in Giaveno. Having learnt some English in a teaching shop called Lennox School at the town of Cambridge she became a waitress in the Varsity restaurant where the scion of India’s ‘Delhi Pundit’ family came into her contact. When this ‘handsome Pundit’ took to his study in London the poor Antonio too to eke out a more lucrative earning went there and got a job with an outfit run by a Lahore based Pakistani with an ISI functionary profile. Obviously as could be expected this earned her enough money even to loan to young ‘Pundit’, Rajiv Gandhi who was spendthrift beyond his limits. Everything had its finale in Rajiv marrying Antonio much to the Soviet interests.

Available evidences and circumstances pointed many times to the dangers Mrs. Sonia, her family and friends in Italy posed to the issue of India’s national security. After her marriage with Rajiv the Maino’s became beneficiaries of the commissions and kickbacks of every Indo-Soviet trade deal and defence purchase. The Swiss magazine, Schweitzer Illustrate (November 1991 issue) Rajiv Gandhi had about $ 2 billion in his Swiss bank accounts, which Sonia inherited upon his assassination. Mainos’ money making business did not stop there. When the Soviet Union fell they turned to other pastures and had colluded with anti-Indian and terrorist forces including the LITTE (‘Tamil Tigers’) Maino’s mother Poala Predebon Maino and Ottavio Quattrocchi became the main dealers with the LITTE, the former for laundering money and the latter for selling weapons to earn commissions. Obviously as one could understand it was to conceal the Mainos’ connection with the LTTE and the Rajiv Gandhi murder which would have pointed to the involvement of many unexpected ones that Antonio Maino alias Sonia Gandhi pardoned the LITTE. Why that she pardoned the assassins of her husband rather than insisting to find out the real culprits and punishing them? Would it have exposed more about the Mainos including Sonia? Dr. Subramanian Swamy asks further:

Is it not significant that the political career of Sonia Gandhi advances concomitantly with a series of assassinations and apparently accidental deaths? How did Sanjay’s plane nosedive to a crash and yet the fuselage not exploded? There was no fuel! Why was there no inquiry conducted? Is it not a fact that Indira Gandhi died because of loss of blood from the wounds and not directly due to a bullet impacting her head or heart? Then is it not strange that Sonia had insisted that the bleeding Indira be driven to the Lohia hospital – in the opposite direction to AIIMS , which had a contingency protocol set up for precisely such an event? And after reaching Lohia hospital, did not Sonia change her mind and demand that they all drive to AIIMS thus losing 24 valuable minutes? … The same kind of mystery surrounds the sudden deaths of Sonia’s other political roadblocks such as Rajesh Pilot, Jitendra Prasad and Madhavrao Scindia… (See the article ‘Do You Know Your Sonia?’ By Dr Subramanian Swamy)

If this was how Sonia reached the top of Indian politics she also appears to have been associated with appropriations too. The recent allegations of the BJP President Nitin Gadkari regarding the involvement of Sonia’ next generation in the spectrum scam is not surprising since such involvement is nothing new to the Sonia group. Let Sten Lindstrom, the Swedish Police officer who was the principal investigator in the Bofors-India howitzer cases speak:

By making my work difficult at every twist and turn, by hiding what I was looking for, by offering me irrelevant information and continuing … to pretend to look for the culprit, the Bofors story continues to tell itself. For example, pressure from India resulted in the closing down of an investigation by the Swedish prosecutor. Pressure from India also led to the Swedish National Audit Bureau sending a blanked out version of its inquiry to India. All the relevant parts containing the critical payment details were blacked out.

I had the full report and it was unreal to see politicians’ claim that no payments had been made on the basis of an incomplete report. There were other problems. When a team of senior executives from Bofors traveled to India to testify before the Joint Parliamentary Committee, they were prevented from doing so. Instead they met a small group of officials to whom they did not hand over any names. We were told this was because even if the Swedes had given the names, no one would have believed them. I know this did not make sense to a lot of people, but for a police officer this meant that my worst fears were true, Quattrocchi and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

Sonia must be questioned… I said earlier that the truth would come out one day … Ottavio Quattrocchi, the Italian middle man who negotiated the political pay off … must be interrogated. Sonia Gandhi must be questioned.

Sten Lindstrom insisted on inquiring the role of Mrs. Sonia and her links with Quattrocchi in the Bofors commission case. He concludes: “Sonia Gandhi must be questioned. I know what I am saying”. But it is a fact that the culprits being at the helm of affairs can’t be netted in and booked. But the assassins and appropriators could at least abstain from cheap tirades against others to save own face. The pot had better avoid calling the kettle black.  

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